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13-D Arts Studio Building
2Advanced Engineering / Research Laboratory
3Agricultural Heritage Park
4Agricultural Heritage Park (Dairy Barn)
5Agricultural Heritage Park (Herdsman House)
6Agricultural Heritage Park (Pavilion)
7Agricultural Heritage Park (Red Barn)
8Alabama Forensics Lab
9ALFA Agricultural Building
10Allison Laboratory
11Alumni Center
12Andrews Forestry Sciences Laboratory
13Athletic Complex
14Aubie Residence Hall
15Auburn Arena
16Band Practice Field
17Bartlett Lameness Arena
18Beard Handball Courts
19Beard-Eaves-Memorial Coliseum
20Biggin Hall
21Biological Research Facility
22Boyd Residence Hall
23Broun Hall
24Broun Residence Hall
25Burton Hall
26C.D.V. (103 Hemlock Dr.)
27C.D.V. (Laundry)
28C.D.V. (Office)
29C.D.V. (Shop)
30Cary Hall
31Cater Hall Honors College
32Chapel (University)
33Chemistry Building
34Children, Youth & Families Center
35Chilled Water Plant 1
36Chilled Water Plant 2
37Chilled Water Plant 3
38College of Agriculture
39College of Architecture
40College of Education
41College of Veterinary Medicine
42Comer Hall
43Corley Building
44Davis Arboretum (Pavilion)
45Davis Hall
46Dawson Building
47Design and Construction
48District Energy Plant
49Dobbs Residence Hall
50Donald E. Davis Arboretum
51Dowdell Residence Hall
52Dowell Residence Hall
53Draughon Library
54Draughon Village Extension
55Dudley Hall & Commons
56Duncan Hall
57Dunn Residence Hall
58Dunstan Hall
59Eagle Residence Hall
60Early Learning Center
61Engineering Shops
62Environmental Health & Safety Building
63Extension Hall
64Facilities Management Complex
65Fahbe Laboratory
66Fisheries Annex
67Food Service Building
68Forest Products Laboratory
69Forestry and Wildlife Sciences Building
70Foy Hall
71Funchess Hall
72Gilmer-Turnham / State Laboratory
73Glenn Residence Hall
74Goodwin Hall
75Gorrie Center
76Graves Amphitheatre
77Graves Cottage
78Graves Residence Hall
79Greene Hall
80Haley Center / College of Education
81Harbert Center
82Hargis Hall / Graduate School
83Harper Residence Hall
84Hoerlein Small Animal Hospital
85Hollifield Residence Hall
86Hot Water Plant 1
87Hot Water Plant 2
88Hotel / Dixon Conference Center
89Hutsell - Rosen Track
90Hutsell Track (Old)
91Indoor Practice Facility
92Information Technology Building
93Ingram Hall
94Intramural Field House
95Intramural Playing Fields
96Jordan - Hare Stadium (Pat Dye Field)
97Keller Residence Hall
98Knapp Residence Hall
99L Building
100Lambert - Powell Meats Laboratory
101Lane Residence Hall
102Langdon Hall & Annex
103Leah Science Center
104Leischuck Residence Hall
105Lowder Hall / College of Business
106Lupton Residence Hall
107M Residence Hall
108Magnolia Residence Hall
109Marriage & Family Therapy Center
110Martin Aquatic Center
111Martin Hall
112McAdory Hall
113McWhorter Center
114Medical Clinic
115Mell Hall
116Miller Hall / School of Nursing
117Moore Softball Complex
118Museum of Fine Art
119Nichols Center
120Oak Residence Hall
121Overton - Rudd Center
122Owen Residence Hall
123Parker Hall
124Parking Deck (Campus Green)
125Parking Deck (Draughon Library)
126Parking Deck (South Quad)
127Parking Services
128Paterson Greenhouses
129Peet Theatre
130Petrie Hall
131Physiology Building
132Plainsman Park (Samford Stadium / Hitchcock Field)
133Plainsman Park (Strength & Rehabilitation Center)
134Plainsman Residence Hall
135Plant Science Research Center
136Poultry Science Building
137President's Home
138Property Services Building
139Public Safety & Security Building
140Quad Center
141Ramsay Hall
142Raptor Rehabilitation Center
143Research Park
144Ross Hall
145Rouse Life Sciences Building
146Samford Hall
147Sasnett Residence Hall
148Satellite Uplink Facility
149School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
150Science Center Laboratory Building
151Sciences Center Auditorium Building
152Sciences Center Classroom Building / College of Sciences and Mathematics
153Scott - Ritchey Research Center
154Sewell Residence Hall
155Shelby Center / Samuel Ginn College of Engineering
156Smith Hall (M.W.)
157Smith Hall (O.D.)
158Soccer and Track Facility
159Soccer Complex
160Solar House
161Spidle Hall / College of Human Sciences
162State Diagnostics Laboratory
163Student Activities Center
164Student Activity Pavillon
165Student Center
166Student Tennis Courts
167Swingle Hall
168Talon Residence Hall
169Teague Residence Hall
170Telecommunications & ETV
171Terrell Dining Hall
172Textile Engineering Building
173Thach Hall
174Tichenor Hall / College of Liberal Arts
175Tiger Residence Hall
176Toomer Residence Hall
177Toomer's Corner
178Upchurch Hall
179USDA Research Laboratory
180USDA Soil Dynamics Laboratory
181Vaughan Large Animal Hospital
182Village View Dining Facility
183Walker Building / Harrison School of Pharmacy
184Wallace Hall
185Ware Diagnostic Imaging Center
186Watson Field House
187Wiggins Hall
188Willow Residence Hall
189Wilmore Laboratories
190Wilson Arena
191Wilson Beef Teaching Laboratory

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