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1Acorn Alley
2Administrative Services Building (ASB)
3Airport (AIR)
4Allerton Apartments (SFA)
5Allyn Hall (ARX)
6Art Annex (ARX)
7Art Building (ART)
8Beall Hall (BEA)
9Beck Family Gardens (BG)
10Bowman Hall (BOW)
11Business Administration Building (BSA)
12Cartwright Hall (CWH)
13Centennial Court A (CCA)
14Centennial Court B (CCB)
15Centennial Court C (CCC)
16Centennial Court D (CCD)
17Centennial Court E (CCE)
18Centennial Court F (CCF)
19Centennial Research Park (CRP)
20Ceramics Laboratory (CRL)
21Child Development Center (CDC)
22Clark Hall (CLK)
23Cunningham Hall (CHH)
24DeWeese Health Center (DHC)
25Dix Stadium (DIX)
26Dunbar Hall (DUN)
27East Campus Chilled Water Plant
28Eastway Center (EWC)
29Engagement with Color
30Engleman Hall (ENG)
31Eye to Eye
32Fallen Students Memorial
33Field House (FLD)
34Fletcher Hall (FLR)
35Foundation and Development (FDB)
36Franklin Hall (FRH)
37Golf Course and Club House (CBH)
38Gym Annex (ANX)
39Harbourt Hall (HAR)
40Heer Hall (HRH)
41Henderson Hall (HDN)
43Ice Arena (ICA)
44Ice Arena Lot
45Johnson Hall (JHN)
46Kent Center for the Performing Arts (CPA)
47Kent Hall (KTH)
48Kent Pavers
49Kent State Hotel and Conference Center
50Kent State University Museum Visitor Lot
51Kent Student Center (STC)
53Koonce Hall (KOO)
54Korb Hall (KOR)
55KSU Arch
56Lake Hall (LKO)
57Leebrick Hall (LEE)
58Leppo Garden
59Library (LIB)
60Lilac Lane
61Lincoln Building (LNB)
62Liquid Crystals Materials Science Building (LCM)
63Lowry Hall (LRH)
64Manchester Hall (MAN)
65Mathematics and Computer Science Building (MSB)
66May 4 Memorial
67McDowell Hall (MCD)
68McGilvrey Hall (MCG)
69Memorial Athletic and Convocation Center (MAC)
70Merrill Hall (MLH)
71Moulton Hall (MOU)
72Murphy-Mellis Field (MMF)
73Nixson Hall (NXH)
74Observatory (OBS)
75Olson Hall (OLS)
76Prentice Hall
77Recreational Center Parking Lot
78Ritchie Hall (ORH)
79Rockwell Hall
80Satterfield Hall (SFH)
81Schoonover Stadium (VBF)
82Schwartz Center (MSC)
83Science Research Building (SRB)
84Smith Hall (SMH)
85Solar Totem
86Spiral Growth
87Starsphere 2010
88Stewart Hall (STH)
89Stockdale Building (STB)
90Stopher Hall (STO)
91Student Center Visitor Lot
92Student Recreation and Wellness Center (SRC)
93Taylor Hall (TLH)
94Terrace Hall Annex (TER)
95The Kent Four
96The Light That Can Be Heard
97The Limits of Spoken Language - Congeries
98The Witnesses
99Tri-Towers Complex
100Twin Towers Center (BEA)
101University Facilities Management (UFM)
102Van Campen Hall (VNC)
103Van Deusen Hall (VDN)
104Verder Hall (VER)
105Victory Bell
106Walking Together
107White Hall (WTH)
108Williams Hall (WMH)
109Williamson Alumni Center (WAC)
110WKSU - FM Broadcast Center (KBC)
111Women's Center (GST)
112Wright Hall (WRT)

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