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1Adorjan Hall (HUB) (078)
2Allied Health Professions Building (AHP) (209)
3Anderson Hall (090)
4Auxiliary Hospitality House
5Bannister House (131)
6Baseball Field
7Bellarmine House of Studies
8Beracha Hall (BBH) (193)
9Billiken Sports Center
10Biomedical Engineering Building (125)
11Boileau Hall (088)
12Brouster Hall (BRH) (130)
13Brown Hall (091)
14Busch Student Center (022)
15Caroline Building (201)
16Carriage House (098)
17Cartier Hall (050)
18Casa de Salud (230)
19Center for Global Citizenship (006)
20Chaifetz Arena (100)
21Chan Hall (092)
22Clemens Hall (014)
23Cook Hall (CKH) (129)
24Davis-Shaughenessy Hall (DSH) (008)
25de Greeff Park
26DeMattias Hall (063)
27Des Peres Hall (010)
28Doctor's Office Building (204)
29Doisy Hall (205)
30Doisy Research Center (210)
31Donnelly Hall
32Dreiling-Marshall Hall (200)
33Drummond Hall (316)
34Drury Rally Plaza
35DuBourg Hall (DBG) (002)
36Eagleton Hall (094)
37Earhart Hall (180)
38Ellen Clark Sculpture Park
39Event Services Building
40Everest Education Union (308)
41Fitzgerald Hall (FTZ) (033)
42Flats at 374
43Fox-Clark Hall (095)
44Fusz Hall (FZH) (037)
45Grand Forest Apartments
46Grand Forest Pool House
47Grandview Apartments
48Griesedieck Hall (GRH) (015)
49Grounds Medical Center Operations (231)
50Gunn Hall (096)
51Hermann Stadium (038)
52Hickory East Parking Garage (220)
53Hickory West Parking Garage (221)
54Hotel Ignacio (941)
55Huh Hall (097)
56Il Monastero Banquet Center (188)
57Jesuit Hall
58Laclede Garage (046)
59Laclede House A (168)
60Laclede House B (169)
61Laclede House C (170)
62Laclede Restaurant - Diablitos (060)
63Law Clinic Annex (056)
64Learning Resources Center (LRC) (206)
65Lecture Halls (LEC) (018)
66Lewis Annex (099)
67Life Care Center
68Lipic Clock Tower Plaza
69Lipic Cloister Walk
70Litteken Hall (LKH) (124)
71Locust Lofts 3327 (182)
72Locust Lofts 3331 (183)
73Macelwane Hall (MWH) (019)
74Manresa Center (939)
75Manresa Center Caretaker House (349)
76Manresa Center Chapel (351)
77Manresa Center Convent (350)
78Marchetti Tower East (035)
79Marchetti Tower West (036)
80Marguerite Hall (012)
81May Hall
82McDonnell Douglas Hall (MDD) (072)
83McGannon Hall (MCG) (025)
84Medical Center Stadium
85Monsanto Hall (MSH) (021)
86Monteleone Hall (217)
87Morrissey Hall (MOR) (027)
88Museum of Contemporary Religious Art
89O'Brien Hall (044)
90O'Donnell Hall (305)
91O'Neil Hall (ONL) (005)
92Olive Compton Garage (065)
93Olive Office Building (074)
94Oliver Hall (OLV) (017)
95Parish (345)
96Pediatric Research Institute
97Pius XII Memorial Library (PML) (013)
98Practice Pavilion (199)
99Pruellage Hall (077)
100Queen's Daughters Hall (032)
101Reinert Hall (RNT) (031)
102Ritter Hall (RTH) (023)
103ROTC Building (064)
104Saint Francis Xavier College Church (001)
105Saint Louis University Cancer Center
106Saint Louis University Museum of Art (045)
107Salus Center (SLS) (325)
108Samuel Cupples House (009)
109School of Nursing Building (SON) (207)
110Schwitalla Hall (202)
111Scott Hall (391)
112Searls Hall (187)
113Shannon Hall (SHA) (020)
114Simon Recreation Center (028)
115Spring Hall
116SSM Health Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital
117SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital
118SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital - South Campus
119SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital - West Pavilion
120Student Village Apartments
121Tegeler Hall (TGH) (024)
122Verhaegen Hall (003)
123Walsh Hall (016)
124Water Tower Inn
125Wolf Hall
126Wool Center (189)
127Wuller Hall (WUH) (034)
128Xavier Hall (XVH) (011)
129Xavier Hall Annex (XVA) (043)
130Young Hall (328)

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