Vincennes University Campus Map

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1Art Department Annex (ADA)
2Auto Body Building (ABB)
3Automotive Technology Building (ATB)
4Center for Art and Design
5Clock Tower (CT)
6Community Services / Zella Young Hall (YB)
7Construction Technology Building (CTB)
8Extended Studies, Distance Education, Military Education (ES)
9Francis Vigo Residence Hall (VH)
10George Rogers Clark Residence Hall (CH)
11Governors Hall (GVH)
12Greenhouse 1 GR/1
13Health Occupation Building (HO)
14Henry & Francois Vanderburgh Hall (VRH)
15Homeland Security Building (HSB)
16Indiana Center for Applied Tech (ICAT)
17Isaac K. Becke's Student Union (BSU)
18John Deere / Diesel Technology Bldg. (JD)
19John Morris Residence Hall (MH)
20Louie O. Dayson Foundation & Alumni CTR (DC)
21Mailroom / Imaging Center (MRIC)
22Maria Creek Chapel (MCC)
23Marie Elizabeth Godare Residence Hall (GH)
24McCormick Science Center (MSC)
25Phillip M. Summers Center (PMSC)
26Physical Ed. Complex & Aquatic Center (PEC)
27Physical Plant (PP)
28Physical Plant Storage Facility (PPS)
29Ray C. Beless Gymnasium (RBG)
30Recreation Sports Facility (RSF)
31Red Skelton Performing Arts Center (RSPAC)
32Robert E. Green Activities Center (GA)
33Security & Information Building (SIB)
34Shake Learning Resource Center (LRC)
35Shircliff Humanities Center (SHC)
36Steam Plant (SP)
37Storage Building (ST)
38Technology Building (TB)
39Tecumseh Dining Center (TDC)
40Track House (TH)
41VU Hospitality House (VUHH)
42Walter A. Davis Hall (DH)
43Wathen Business Building (BB)
44Welding Tech (WT)
45Welsh Administration Building (WAB)
46William Henry Harrison Residence Hall (HH)

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