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1Admin (College of Education)
2Admin (College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex A)
3Admin (College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex B)
4Admin (Ken Blanchard College of Business)
5Administration (College of Arts and Sciences)
6Administration (College of Theology)
7Alumni (Wallace)
8Antelope Reception Center (ARC)
10Assessment (Fleming)
11Athletic Department (Kaibab)
12Baseball Concession Stand/Press Box
13Baseball Field
14Boiler (Facilities Management)
16Camelback Hall
17Campus Operations (Student Union)
18Canyon Cafe (Media Arts Complex)
19Canyon Hall - Student Housing
20Career Services (Camelback Hall)
21Center for Learning & Advancement (Ken Blanchard College of Business)
22Chaparral Hall
23Chick-fil-A (Thunder Alley/Thunderground)
24Chiller Room (Facilities Management)
25Classes 1 & 2 (Saguaro Hall)
26Classroom (College of Education)
27Classroom Building (opening Jan. 2014)
28Classrooms (College of Arts and Sciences)
29Classrooms (College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex A)
30Classrooms (College of Theology)
31Classrooms (Fleming)
32Classrooms (Ken Blanchard College of Business)
33Classrooms (Media Arts Complex)
34COFAP Dance Studios (Saguaro Hall)
35College of Arts and Sciences
36College of Doctoral Studies (Fleming)
37College of Education
38College of Fine Arts and Production (Media Arts Complex)
39College of Fine Arts and Production Office
40College of Fine Arts and Production/Music
41College of Nursing and Health Care Professions - Offices
42College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex A
43College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex B
44College of Theology
45Commuter Lounge (Media Arts Complex)
46Convenience Store (Chaparral Hall)
47Digital Design
48Ethington Memorial Theatre
49Event Services
50Executive Offices (opening Jan. 2014)
51Exercise Science (Chaparral Hall)
52Facilities Landscaping
53Facilities Management
54Facilities Management - Admin
55Facilities Management - Warehouse
56Fitness Center (Chaparral Hall)
58GCU Lounge
59Ground Enrollment Center (Kaibab)
60Health Center (Prescott Hall)
61Hegel Hall - Student Housing
62Honors Institute (Ken Blanchard College of Business)
63Human Resources
64International Students Office (Media Arts Complex)
65Intramural Field
66IT Support (Camelback Hall)
67K12 Outreach Initiative
68Kachina Hall - Executive Offices
70Ken Blanchard College of Business
71Lecture Hall (College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex A)
72Lecture Hall (Ken Blanchard College of Business)
73Library (interim) - Moving to the Student Union in Fall 2013
74Mail & Copy Center
75Mariposa Lawn
77Media Arts Complex
78Mein Bowl (Thunder Alley/Thunderground)
79N-Lecture Halls
80North Rim Apartments - Student Housing
82Online Education Offices (Wallace)
83Parking Garage
84Prescott Hall
85Public Safety (Camelback Hall)
87Ray - Executive Offices
88Recreation Center
89Recreational Pools
90Residence Life (Prescott Hall)
91ROTC Office (Saguaro Hall)
92S-Antelope Gymnasium
93Saguaro Hall
94Sand Volleyball
95SDS (Camelback Hall)
96Security Booths
97Sedona Hall - Student Housing
98Smithey-Parker - Executive Offices
99Soccer Field
100Softball Field
101Spiritual Life (Prescott Hall)
102Starbucks (Student Union)
103Student Computer Center
104Student Dining (Student Union)
105Student Engagement (Prescott Hall)
106Student Housing (Camelback Hall)
107Student Housing (Chaparral Hall)
108Student Housing (Prescott Hall)
109Student Housing (Saguaro Hall)
110Student Tech Support (Kaibab)
111Student Union
112Subway (Thunder Alley/Thunderground)
113Team Shop
114Tell Science Classrooms (College of Nursing and Health Care Professions Complex B)
115Thunder Alley/Thunderground
116Tim Salmon Baseball Clubhouse
117Track and Field
118Veteran's Lounge (Media Arts Complex)

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