Bemidji State University Campus Map

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1A.C. Clark Library (L)
2Alumni Arch
3Alumni House
4American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)
5Bangsberg Fine Arts Complex (BG)
6Baseball Field
7Bensen Hall (BE)
8Birch Hall (BH)
9Bridgeman Hall (BN)
10Campus Garden
11Cedar Apartments
12Central Receiving
13Chet Anderson Stadium
14David Park House (DPH)
15Decker Hall (DH)
16Deputy Hall (D)
17Gillett Recreation Fitness Center (GC)
18Glas Scholars House
19H.T. Peters Aquatic Biology Lab (AQ)
20Hagg-Sauer Hall (HS)
21Heating Plant
22Honors House
23John Gilas Fieldhouse (FH)
24Linden Hall (LH)
25Lower Hobson Memorial Union (HMU)
26Memorial Hall (M)
27Newman Center
28Oak Hall (OH)
29Outdoor Program Center (OPC)
30Physical Education Complex (PE)
31Pine Hall (PH)
32Practice Fields
33Sattgast Hall of Science (S)
34Softball Field
35Switch Gear Building
36Tamarack Hall (TK)
37Upper Hobson Memorial Union (HMU)
38Walnut Hall (WH)

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