Eastern Washington University Campus Map

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1Anna Maria Apartments (AMS)
2Aquatics Building (AQT)
3Art Building (ART)
4Brewster Hall (DBH, BRW)
5Cadet Hall (CAD)
6Central Stores (CES)
7Cheney Hall (CHN)
8Cheney Normal School Heritage Center (ORS)
9Chissus Field (CBF)
10Communications Building (CMC)
11Computing and Engineering Building (CEB)
12Dressler Hall (DRE)
13Dryden Hall (DRY)
14EWU Children's Center (ECC)
15Governor Martin Alumni House (GOV)
16Hargreaves Hall (HAR)
17Holter House (HOL)
18Huston Hall (HUS)
19Indian Education Center (IEC)
20Isle Hall (ISL)
21JFK Library (JFK)
22Jim Thorpe Fieldhouse (JTF)
23Kingston Hall (KGS)
24Louise Anderson Hall (LAH)
25Martin Hall (MAR)
26Modular Building Complex (MBC)
27Monroe Hall (MON)
28Morrison Hall (MOR)
29Music Building (MUS)
30P.E. Activities PHASE (PEA)
31P.E. Classroom Building (PEC)
32Patterson Hall (PAT)
33Pearce Hall (PRC)
34Pence Union Building (PUB)
35Plant Utilities (PLU)
36Playfield 1 (PF1)
37Playfield 2 (PF2)
38Playfield 3 (PF3)
39Radio - TV Building (RTV)
40Red Barn (RDB)
41Robert Reid Lab School (RRL)
42Roos Field (RSF, WWF)
43Rozell Plant (ROZ)
44Science Building (SCI)
45Senior Hall (SNR)
46Showalter Hall (SHW)
48Special Events Pavilion / Reese Court (PAV)
49Streeter Hall (STR)
50Student Family Housing (THA)
51Student Health Center
52Surbeck Services (SUR)
53Surplus / Receiving Building (SSB)
54Sutton Hall (SUT)
55Sutton Hall (Tawanka Commons) (TAW)
56Tennis Courts (TNC)
57University Campus Mall
58University House (PRH)
59University Recreation Center (URC)
60University Theatre (THE)
61Visitor Center (VIS)
62WA State Digital Archives (ARC)
63WA State Patrol Crime Lab (WSP)
64Williamson Hall (WLM)

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