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1Adams Hall (Adam)
2Adams Hall Virtual Tour
3Aero Engineering Lab (AEL)
4Agricultural & Life Sciences (ALS)
5Apiary Complex (Bees) (ApBB)
6Arnold Dining Center (ArnD)
7Arnold Dining Center (ARNOLD)
8Asian and Pacific Cultural Center (APCC)
9Austin Hall (Aust)
10Autzen House (AuHs)
11Avery Lodge (AvLg)
12Avery Lodge Virtual Tour (AvLg)
13Azalea House (AzHs)
14Azalea House Virtual Tour (AzHs)
15Ballard Extension Hall (BalE)
16Batcheller Hall (Bat)
17Bates Hall (Bate)
18Bell Tower Virtual Tour (Bell)
19Benton Annex (BnAn)
20Benton Hall (Bent)
21Benton Hall Virtual Tour (Bent)
22Beth Ray Center for Academic Support (BRC)
23Bexell Hall (Bexl)
24Black Cultural Center (BlKc)
25Bloss Hall (Blss)
26Bloss Hall Virtual Tour (Blss)
27Burt Hall (Burt)
28Buxton Hall (Buxt)
29Buxton Hall Virtual Tour (Buxt)
30Callahan Hall (Cal)
31Campus Entrance Station (CES)
32Carrie Halsell Residence Hall (Hal)
33Cascade Hall (Casc)
34Cauthorn Hall (Cau)
35Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez (CCCC)
36CH2M HILL Alumni Center (CHAC)
37Child Care Center (CCC)
38Clark Laboratory (Clkl)
39Classroom Building (CB)
40Cooperative House Quad Virtual Tour (ChQ)
41Cordley Hall (Cord)
42Covell Hall (Covl)
43Crop Science Building (Crps)
44Custodial Services (Cust)
45Dawes House (Dgeo)
46Dearborn Hall (Dear)
47Dixon Lodge (DxLg)
48Dixon Recreation Center (DxRC)
49Dryden Hall (Dryd)
50Energy Center (EC)
51Environmental Health & Saftey Annex (EHSA)
52EPA Environmental Research Lab (ERL)
53Facilities Services Shops - 1 (FSSH1)
54Facilities Services Shops - 2 (FSSH2)
55Facilities Services Shops - 3 (FSSH3)
56Facilities Services Shops - 4 (FSSH4)
57Facilities Services Shops - 5 (FSSH5)
58Facilities Services Shops - 6 (FSSH6)
59Facilities Services Shops - 7 (FSSH7)
60Fairbanks Annex (FbAn)
61Fairbanks Hall (Fair)
62Farm Services (FmSv)
63Feed (Feed)
64Finley Hall (Finl)
65Forest Science Lab (FSL)
66Gilbert Hall (Gilb)
67Gilbert Hall Addition (GbAn)
68Gilfillan Auditorium (Wlkn)
69Gilkey Hall (Gilk)
70Gill Coliseum (Gill)
71Gilmore Annex (GmAn)
72Gilmore Hall (Gilm)
73Gladys Valley Gymnastics Center (GVGC)
74Gleeson Hall (Glsn)
75Goss Stadium (Goss)
76Graf Hall (Graf)
77Greenhouse, East (EGrn)
78Greenhouse, West (Wgrn)
79Hallie Ford Center (HFC)
80Hawley Hall (Haw)
81Heating Plant (Heat)
82Heckart Lodge (HkLg)
83Hilton Garden Inn (HGI)
84Hinsdale Wave Research Lab (HWRL)
85Hogg Animal Metabolism Lab (HAML)
86Horticulture Crops Research Lab (HCRL)
87Housing Central Office Virtual Tour (HC)
88Hovland Hall (Hov)
89International Living Learning Center (ILLC)
90Joyce Collin Furman Hall (Furm)
91Kearney Hall (KEar)
92Kelley Engineering Center (KEC)
93Kerr Administration Building (KAd)
94Kidder Hall (Kidd)
95Laboratory Animal Resource Center (LAR)
96Langton Hall (Lang)
97LaSells Stewart Center (LSC)
98Linus Pauling Science Center (LPSC)
99Lorenz Soccer Field (LSF)
100Magruder Hall (Magr)
101Marketplace West Dining Center (WsDn)
102McAlexander Fieldhouse (McAF)
103McNary Dining Center (McDN)
104McNary Hall (McNy)
105Memorial Union (MU)
106Merrit Truax Indoor Practice Facility (IndP)
107Merryfield Hall (Mfd)
108Milam Hall (Mlm)
109Milne Computer Center (MCC)
110Moreland Hall (More)
111Motor Pool (MoPl)
112Nash Hall (Nash)
113National Forage Seed Research Center (NFSRC)
114Native American Longhouse Eena Haws (NALh)
115Naval ROTC Armory (Navy)
116New Student Residence (NSR)
117North-Central Route Point A
118North-Central Route Point B
119North-Central Route Point C
120Nypro Building (Npro)
121Oak Creek Building (OCB)
122Ocean Administration Building (OAB)
123Ocean Observing Center (OOC)
124Oceanography Complex (OS)
125Oceanography Staging (OcSB)
126Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility (OATF)
127Open Parking (Open)
128Orchard Court Apartments (OrCC)
129Oregon State Campanille (Bell Tower) (Bell)
130OSU Beaver Store (OSU Beaver)
131OSU Foundation Center (Fund)
132Outdoor Recreation Maintenance Pavilion (ORMP)
133Owen Hall (Owen)
134Oxford House (OxHS)
135Parking Structure 1 (PS1)
136Patrick Wayne Valley Stadium (PWVS)
137Peavy Hall (Pvy)
138Pharmacy Building (Phar)
139Plageman Student Health Center (PSHC)
140Pole Building (Pole)
141Poling Hall (Pol)
142Poultry House G (PBHG)
143Pride Center (Pride)
144Property Services (PrSb)
145Rabbit Research Lab A (RRLA)
146Radiation Center (RC)
147Reed Lodge (RdLg)
148Reser Stadium (Resr)
149Residential Quad Virtual Tour (ResQ)
150Richardson Hall (Rich)
151Rogers Hall (Rog)
152Route Transfer Point
153Sackett Hall (Sack)
154Seed Lab (SL)
155Shepard Hall (Shep)
156Snell Hall (Snel)
157Softball Complex (SC)
158South-Central Route Point A
159South-Central Route Point B
160South-Central Route Point C
161SPC addition (Basketball)
162Sports Performance Center (SPC)
163Stock Judging Pavilion (SPav)
164Strand Agriculture Hall (StAg)
165Student Experience Center (SEC)
166Student Sustainability Center (SSCr)
167Sunflower House (SH)
168Team Oregon (TOB)
169Tennis Courts (TPav)
170The GEM (GEM)
171UHDS Maintenance Center (HDMC)
172University Plaza (UP)
173Valley Football Center (VFbC)
174Valley Library (VLiB)
175Veterinary Dairy Barn (VtBn)
176Veterinary Research Lab (VRL)
177Waldo Hall (Wald)
178Weatherford Hall (Wfd)
179Weniger Hall (Wngr)
180West Hall (West)
181Wiegand Hall (Wgnd)
182Wilkinson Hall (Wlkn)
183Wilson Hall (Wil)
184Withycombe Hall (With)
185Women's Building (WB)

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