Marquette University Campus Map

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116th Street Parking Structure
21700 Building
3707 Building (SV)
4Abbottsford Hall
5Al McGuire Center
6Alumni Memorial Union
7Campus Town
8Campus Town Apartments
9Carpenter Tower
10Carpenter Tower Hall
11Chapel of the Holy Family
12Church of the Gesu
13Cobeen Hall
14Coughlin Hall (CO)
15Cramer Hall (CM)
16Cudahy Hall (CU)
17David A. Straz Jr. Tower
18David A. Straz Jr. Tower Hall (ST)
19David Straz Hall (College of Business Administration) (DS)
20Dr. E.J. O'brien Jesuit Residence
21Eckstein Hall (Law School) (EK)
22Eckstein Hall Parking 1
23Eckstein Hall Parking 2
24Emory Clark Hall (College of Nursing) (EC)
25Engineering Hall (DL)
26Frenn Building
27Gesu Parish Center
28Gilman Building
29Graduate School of Management
30Grounds Maintenance Facility
31Haggerty Hall and Olin Engineering Center (EN)
32Haggerty Museum of Art
33Helfaer Tennis Stadium and Recreation Center (RC)
34Helfaer Theatre
35Holthusen Hall (Graduate School) (HH)
36Humphrey Hall
37Johnston Hall (College of Communication) (JH)
38Klingler College of Arts and Sciences
39Krueger Child Care Center
40Lalumiere Language Hall (LL)
41Law Library
42Marquette Gymnasium (GM)
43Marquette Hall (MH)
44Marquette University Medical Clinic
45Marquette University Police Department
46Mashuda Hall
47McCabe Hall
48McCormick Hall
49Memorial Library
50Milwaukee Blood Center
51O'Donnell Hall
52Raynor Library (RL)
53Rec Plex
54School of Dentistry (SD)
55Schroeder Complex (SC)
56Schroeder Hall
57Sensenbrenner Hall (SE)
58Service Building
59Shimek Memorial Track and Field Facility
60St. Joan of Arc Chapel
61Todd Wehr Chemistry Building (TW)
62Union Sports Annex
63University Information and Visitors Center
64Valley Fields
65Varsity Theatre (VT)
66Weasler Auditorium
67Wehr Life Science Building (LS)
68Wells Street Parking Structure
69William Wehr Physics Building (WW)
70Zilber Hall

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