University of Missouri-St Louis Campus Map

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1Anheuser - Busch Ecology and Conservation Complex (ABE)
2Arts Administration Building (AAB)
3Bellerive Hall (BRH)
4Benton Hall (BH)
5Blanche M. Touhill Performing Arts Center (PAC)
6Boiler Gargage / Surplus Property (BG)
7Campus Police Building (CPB)
8Child Development Center
9Clark Hall (CH)
10College Buisness Administration Building
11E. Desmond Lee Technology & Learning Center
12Education Administration Building (EAB)
13ELS Language Centers - St. Louis
14Express Scripts Hall (ESH)
15Fine Arts Building (FAB)
16Gallery 210
17J. C. Penney Building / Conference Center (JCP)
18Kathy J. Weinman Children's Advocacy Centre and Center for Trauma Recovery (KWC)
19Lucas Hall (LH)
20Mansion Hills Condos (MHC)
21Marillac Hall / Optometry Clinic (MH)
22Mark Twain / Athletic & Fitness Center (MT)
23Math & Science Education Central (TLC)
24Millennium Student Center (MSC)
25Millennium Student Center Garage North (MGN)
26Millennium Student Center Garage South (MGS)
27Music Building (MB)
28Nursing Administration Building (NAB)
29Oak Hall (OAK)
30Pierre Laclede Honors College (HC)
31Provincial House (PH)
32Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC)
33Regional Center for Education & Work (RCEW)
34Research Building (RB)
35Richard D. Schwartz Observatory (RSO)
36Sassin Building (SAS)
37Science Learning Building (SLB)
38Sculpture and Ceramics Annex (SCA)
39Seton Center Hall (SC)
40Social Sciences & Business Building / Tower (SSB)
41South Campus Classroom Building (SCCB)
42South Campus Computer Building (SCB)
43South Campus Garage (SCG)
44St. Louis Mercantile Library (SLML)
45Stadler Hall (SH)
46Student Services
47Thomas Jefferson Library (TJL)
48UMSL Postal Service (PS)
49University Meadows Apartments (UMA)
50Villa Building (VB)
51Ward E. Barnes Building (WEB)
52West Drive Garage South (WDGS)
53William L. Clay Center for Nanoscience (CNS)
54Woods Hall (WH)

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