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1711 Desmet Apartments (DE1)
2Alliance Residence Hall (AL)
3Bishop White Seminary (Diocesan) (BW)
4Boone Avenue Retail Center (Bookstore / Dining / Parking) (BARC)
5Burch Apartments (BU)
6Business Services Center (BSC)
7Campion Residence Hall (CA)
8Cardinal Bea House (Jesuit Community) (BEA)
9Cataldo Hall (Dining / Assembly) (CAT)
10Chardin Residence Hall
11College Hall (Arts & Sciences) (CG)
12Community Action / Service Learning (CCASL)
13COPS Logan (Public Safety) (COP)
14Corkery Apartments (CO)
15Coughlin Hall (Bernard J.) (BJC)
16Crimont Residence Hall (CR)
17Crosby House, Bing (BCH)
18Crosby Student Center (CC)
19Cushing Residence Hall (CU)
20Debate House (DH)
21DeSmet Residence Hall (DE)
22Dillon Residence Hall (DI)
23Dooley Residence Hall (DO)
24Dussault Apartments (DU)
25E Boone (Boone Apartments)
26E Boone (Catholic Studies)
27E Boone (Student Support Services)
28E Boone (UMEC Unity House)
29E Boone (Women's and Environmental Studies)
30E Sharp (Center for American Indian Studies)
31E Sharp (Counseling Center)
32E Sharp (English Annex)
33E Sharp - Huetter Mansion
34E Sharp - Ritter Apartments
35E Sinto - Lamplighter Apartments
36FaberHouse (718 E. Sharp) (FH)
37Foley Center (Library) (FC)
38Goller Residence Hall (GO)
39Health Center (Campus Services / Housing) (HC)
40Hemmingson Center (HEMM)
41Herak Center (Engineering) (HK)
42Hopkins House (Honors) (HO)
43Hughes hall (Science) (HU)
44Human Physiology (HP)
45Jepson Center (Business) (JC)
46Jesuit House & Chapel (JH)
47Journalism / Broadcast Studies (JB)
48Jundt Art Center & Museum (JU)
49Kennedy Apartments (Zag Shop) (KE)
50Knights of Columbus (KC)
51Law School (LS)
52Legacy Hall (LH)
53Lincoln Residence Hall (LI)
54Madonna Residence Hall (MA)
55Magnuson Theatre (Performing Arts) (MT)
56Marian Residence Hall (MH)
57Martin Centre (Fitness) (MC)
58Mater Dei (MD)
59McCarthey Athletic Center (MAC)
60Music Annex (MX)
61Music Annex II (MXII)
62Music Building (Monaghan Mansion) (MB)
63N Dakota (CLC - Christial Life)
64N Pearl - Warehouse
65PACCAR (Applied Science) (PC)
66Patterson Baseball Complex (PATT)
67Plant Fleet / Grounds (PMG)
68Plant Maintenance Shop (PMN)
69Plant Receiving / Warehouse 1 (PW1)
70Plant Receiving / Warehouse 2 (PW2)
71Plant Services (PS)
72Rebmann Hall (Philosophy) (RB)
73Robinson House (English / Religious studies) (RO)
74Roncalli Residence Hall (RN)
75Rosauer Center (Education) (RC)
76Schoenberg Center (International Programs) (SC)
77Sharp 511 E. (Modern Language) (SA1)
78Sharp Apartments / Sharp House (SAH)
79Sinto Apartments (ST)
80St. Aloysius Church / O Mallay Hall (SAL)
81St. Aloysius Rectory (SAR)
82St. Catherine / St. Monica Residence Hall (CM)
83St. Gregory Choral Hall (SG)
84Stevens Center (Tennis & Golf) (STG)
85Student Wellness Center (SW)
86Study Abroad (SA)
87Theatre / Dance Studios (TD)
88Tilford Center (Professional Studies) (TC)
89Twohy Residence Hall (TW)
90Unity House - UMEC (Multicultural Education) (UN)
91Vachon Art Studio (VA)
92Welch Residence Hall / Campus Security (WE)

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