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11021 East Huron Building
21027 East Huron Building
31327 Geddes Avenue
4202 South Thayer Building
5300 N Ingalls Building
6305 W Liberty
7306 S State
8523 S. Division St. Building
9555 South Forest Building
10A. G. Ruthven Museums Building (Natural History Museum)
11Aerospace Engineering Lab Plasma Research
12Alice Lloyd Hall
13Alumni Center
14Alumni Memorial Hall
15Anderson East Quadrangle
16Angell Hall
17Angell Hall Auditoriums
18Angell James B Hall And Tisch Hall
19Arbor Lakes 1
20Argus Building I
21Argus Building II
22Argus Building III, 416 S. Fourth Street
23Art & Architecture Building
24Bahna Wrestling Center
25Baits Vera I Eaton House
26Baits Vera I Lee House
27Barbour Betsy House
28Bentley Alvin M & Arvella D Historical Library
29Beyster Bob And Betty Building
30Biomedical Science Research Building
31Blanche Anderson Moore Hall
32Bonisteel Interdisciplinary Research Building
33Boyer Building
34Bradford House
35Brehm Tower
36Brown George Granger Memorial Laboratories
37Buhl Lawrence D Research Center For Human Genetics
38Buhr Building
39Burnham House
40Bursley Hall
41Bursley Joseph A & Marguerite K Hall
42Burton Memorial Tower
43Business Admin Executive Dorm
44Business Administration
45C. S. Mott Children's Hospital
46Campus Safety Services Building
47Cancer Center
48Canham Donald B Natatorium
49Center for the Education of Women
50Central Campus Rec Bldg Bell Margaret Pool
51Central Campus Recreation Building
52Central Power Plant
53Charles R. Walgreen, Jr. Drama Center
54Chemistry & Dow Willard H Laboratory
55Chemistry Building
56Chrysler Center
57Chrysler Center Continuing Engineering Education
58Church St Parking Structure
59Clarence Cook Little Building
60Clements William L Library
62College Of Pharmacy Building
63Cook Martha Building
64Cook William W Legal Research Library
65Cooley Building
66Cooley Mortimer E Building
67Couzens Hall
68Crisler Arena
69Crisler Center
70Dana Building (School of Natural Resources & Environment)
71Dana Samuel Trask Building
72Dance Building
73David M. Dennison Building
74Dental Bldg And W K Kellogg Foundation Institute
75Dental Building
76Detroit Observatory
77Diag - Central Campus
78Diag - North Campus
79Dow Herbert H Building
80Duderstadt Center
81Duderstadt James And Anne Center
82Earl V. Moore Building
83East Hall
84East Quadrangle
85Edward Henry Kraus Natural Science Building
86Elbel Field
87Elbel Field Locker Building
88Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building
89Electronic Education and Resources Building (Business School)
90Engineering Research Building 1
91Engineering Research Building 2
92Environmental & Water Resources Engineering Building
93Executive Education
94Fisher Ray Baseball Stadium
95Fleming Robben W & Aldyth Administration Building
96Fletcher Hall
97Ford Gerald R Library
98Francis Thomas Jr Public Health
99Francois-Xavier Bagnoud Building
100Frankel Samuel And Jean Cardiovascular Center
101G. G. Brown Laboratory
102Gerstacker Carl A Building
103Glenn E. Schembechler Hall
104Golf Clubhouse
105Gorguze Family Laboratory (formerly EPB)
106Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, North
107Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library, South
108Hartwig Marie Dorothy Administration Building
109Hatcher Harlan H South Graduate Library
110Haven Hall
111Health Management Research
112Health Service
113Henderson Mary Bartron House
114Henry Vaughan Building, School of Public Health I
115Hill Auditorium
116Hillel (Mandell L Berman Center)
117Horace H. Rackham, School of Graduate Studies
118Hutchins Hall
119Indoor Track Building
120Industrial and Operations Engineering Building
121Ingalls Mall
122Institute for Social Research
123Institute Of Continuing Legal Education
124International Center
125Intramural Building
126Intramural Sports Building
127Joan and Sanford Weill Hall
128Junge Family Champions Center & Mortenson Plaza
129Keen Clifford P Arena
130Kellogg Eye Center
131Kellogg W K Eye Center
132Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
133Kinesiology Bldg
134Kinesiology Building
135Kraus Edward Henry Building
136Kresge Business Admin Library
137Kresge Library
138Lane Hall
139Law Library
140Lawyers Club And Munger Charles T Residences
141Lay Walter E Automotive Engineering Laboratory
142Learning Resource Center, Taubman Medical Library
143Life Sciences Institute Building
144Lipsey Stanford Student Publications Building
145Literature Science And The Arts
146Literature, Science, and the Arts Building
147Little Clarence Cook Science Bld
148Lorch Hall
149Lsa Administration Annex
150Lurie Ann And Robert H Tower
151Lurie Biomedical Engineering Building
152Lurie Engineering Center
153Lurie Robert H Engineering Ctr
154Madison Building
155Margaret Bell Pool, Central Campus Recreation Building
156Markley Mary Butler Hall
157Mary Markley Hall
158Mason Hall
159Matthaei Botanical Gardens
161Medical Science Research, Building III
162Medical Science Unit I
163Medical Science Unit II
164Medical Science, Building I
165Medical Science, Building II
166Medical Sciences Research Bldg I
167Medical Sciences Research Bldg II
168Medical Sciences Research Bldg III
169Mendelssohn Theatre
170Michigan League
171Michigan Memorial Phoenix Project Laboratory
172Michigan Stadium
173Michigan Stadium North Plaza Bldg A
174Michigan Stadium North Plaza Bldg B
175Michigan Union
176Mitchell Field Building
177Modern Languages Building
178Molecular & Behavioral Neuroscience Institute
179Monroe County Health Department
180Moore Earl V Bldg
181Mosher Eliza M Hall & Jordan Myra B Hall
182Mosher Jordan Hall
183Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Building
184Neuroscience Hospital Unit 1
185Neuroscience Hospital Unit 2
186Newberry Hall
187Newberry Helen H Residence
188News Service Building
189Nichols Arboretum Residence
190North Campus Administrative Complex
191North Campus Facilities Services Building
192North Campus Housing Service Bld
193North Campus Recreation Building
194North Campus Research Complex Building 100
195North Hall
196North Ingalls Building
197North Quad
198North Quadrangle Residential And Academic Complex
199Northwood Community Center
200Northwood I Apts 453
201Northwood II Apts 462
202Northwood III Apts 501
203Northwood IV Apts 602
204Northwood V Apartments
205Nuclear Engineering Laboratories
206Observatory Lodge
207Oh Laurel Harper Seeley Hall
208Palmer Commons
209Palmer Field
210Perry Building
211Phoenix Memorial Laboratory
212Physical Properties Building
213Pierpont Commons
214Pierpont Wilbur K Commons
215Pound Madelon House
216Power Center For Performing Arts
217Power Center for the Performing Arts
218Public Policy Annex
219Rackham Horace H School Of Graduate Studies
220Randall Harrison M Laboratory
221Randall Laboratory
222Regents Plaza
223Residential College Auditorium, East Quadrangle
224Revelli William D Band Rehearsal Hall
225Ross School of Business Building
226Ross Stephen M Academic Center
227Schembechler Glenn E Hall
228School Of Education
229School of Education Building
230School Of Information North
231School of Nursing (North Ingalls Building)
232School Of Nursing Building
233School of Social Work Building
234Shapiro Harold T And Vivian B Library
235Shapiro Undergraduate Library
236Simpson Thomas H Memorial Inst Medical Research
237South Hall
238South Quadrangle
239Space Research Building
240Space Research Laboratory
241Stamps Auditorium
242Stearns Frederick Building
243Stephen M. Ross Academic Center
244Stockwell Hall
245Stockwell Madelon Louisa Hall
246Strauss East Quadrangle
247Student Activities
248Tappan Hall
249Taubman A Alfred Biomedical Science Research Bldg
250Taubman A Alfred Health Sciences Library
251The Law Quad
252Thomas Francis, Jr Building, School of Public Health II
253Tisch Hall
254Tisch Preston Robert Tennis Bld
255Towsley Center For Continuing Medical Education
256Towsley Childrens House
257Track & Tennis Building
258Transportation Services Building
259Trotter William Monroe House
260U-M Transportation Research Inst
261Undergraduate Science Building
262University Hospital
263University Hospitals
264University of Michigan Museum of Art (Alumni Memorial Hall)
265University Towers
266Varsity Drive Building
267Vaughan Henry Frieze Public Health Building
268Vaughan Victor C House
269Veterans Administration Hospital
270Wallace Mike And Mary House
271Walter E. Lay Automotive Lab
272Wave Field
273Weidenbach John P Hall
274Weill Joan & Sanford Hall
275West Hall (WH)
276West Quadrangle
277William D. Revelli Hall
278Wilson Center
279Wolverine Tower
280Women's Hospital
281Wyly Hall
282Wyly Sam Hall
283Yost Ice Arena

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