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1Anatomy Chemistry Building
2Andrew Mutch Building
3Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
4Annenberg Public Policy Center
5Annenberg School for Communication
6Biomedical Research Building 2/3
7Blanche P. Levy Park
8Blockley Hall
11Carolyn Lynch Laboratory
12Carriage House
13Caster Building
14Charles Addams Fine Arts Hall
15Chemistry Laboratories - 1958 Wing
16Chemistry Laboratories - 1973 Wing
17Chemistry Laboratories - Cret Wing
18Chestnut Hall
19Civic House
20Class of 1920 Commons
21Class of 1949 Bridge
22Clinical Research Building
23Cohen Hall - Claudia
24College Hall
25Colonial Penn Center
26Cupp Pavilion
27David Rittenhouse Laboratory
28Dietrich Graduate Library
29Divinity Site - Main Chapel
31Du Bois College House - W.E.B.
32Duhring Wing
33Dunning Coaches' Center - James D.
34Edison Building
35Evans Building
36Fagin Hall - Claire M.
37Fels Institute of Government
38Fisher - Bennett Hall
39Fisher Fine Arts Library
40Franklin Building
41Franklin Building Annex
42Franklin Field
43Fresh Grocer
44Gittis Hall
45Glenolden Research Laboratory
46Goddard Laboratories
47Goldie Paley Memorial Bridge
48Golkin Hall
49Graduate Research Wing of the Moore School
50Graduate School of Education Building
51Greenfield Intercultural Center
52Gregory College House - Class of 1925
53Harnwell College House
54Harrison College House
55Hayden Hall
56Highline Park
57Hill College House
58Hill Pavilion - Vernon and Shirley
59Hill Square
60Hillel at Steinhardt Hall
61Hilton Inn at Penn
62Hollenback Annex
63Hollenback Center
64Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
65Houston Hall
66Huntsman Hall - Jon M.
67Hutchinson Gymnasium
68Ice Rink - Class of 1923 Arena
69Institute of Contemporary Art
70International House
71Iron Gate Theatre
72Irvine Auditorium
73Jaffe History of Art Building - Elliot and Roslyn
74John Morgan Building
75Johnson Pavilion - Robert Wood
76Kaskey Park
77Katz Center for Advanced Judaic Studies - Herbert D.
78Kelly Writers House
79Kings Court / English College House
80Laboratory for Research on the Structure of Matter
81Lauder-Fischer Hall
82Leidy Laboratories of Biology
83Levine Hall - Melvin and Claire - Weiss Tech House
84Levy Center for Oral Health Research
85Levy Tennis Pavilion - The Robert P.
86Locust House
87Mabel Pew Myrin Pavilion
88Mayer Residence Hall (Stouffer College House)
89McNeil Building
90McNeil Center for Early American Studies
91Medical Office Building
92Medical Science Research Laboratory
93Meiklejohn Stadium - Murphy Field
94Meyerson Hall
95Module 7 Utility Building
96Moore School Building
97Morgan Building
98Morris Arboretum
99Museum Academic Wing
100Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
101Music Building
102New Bolton Center School of Veterinary Medicine
104Parent Infant Center
105Parking Garage - 268 S. 38th Street
106Parking Garage - 3201 Walnut Street
107Parking Garage - 3700 Civic Center Boulevard
108Parking Garage - 3801 Filbert Street
109Parking Garage - Chestnut 34
110Parking Garage - Cira Centre South
111Parking Garage - Penn Museum
112Parking Garage - Penn Tower
113Parking Garage - Walnut 38
114Parking Garage - Walnut 40
115Penn Center for Rehabilitation and Care
116Penn Children's Center
117Penn Dental at the Schattner Center
118Penn Dental Center at University City
119Penn Libraries Research Annex (LIBRA)
120Penn Park
121Penn Park Parking Lot
122Penn Tower
123Penn Transit Maintenance
124Penn Transit Operations Center
125Penn Transplant House
126Penn Vet Working Dog Center
127Perelman Center For Advanced Medicine
128Philadelphia Heart Institute
129Platt Student Performing Arts House
130Pottruck Health and Fitness Center - David
131President's House
132Public Safety
133Ralston House
134Richards Medical Research Laboratories
135Ringe Squash Courts
136Rodin College House
137Rosenthal Building - The Gladys Hall
139Ryan Veterinary Hospital
140Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander School
141Sansom Place East
142Sansom Place West
143Schattner Center - The Robert
144Scheie Eye Institute
145Sheraton University City
146Silverman Hall
147Singh Center for Nanotechnology - Krishna P.
148Skirkanich Hall
149Smilow Center for Translational Research
150Solomon Labs of Experimental Psychology - Richard L.
151Spruce House
152St. Leonard's Complex
153Steinberg Conference Center
154Steinberg Hall - Dietrich Hall
155Stellar - Chance Laboratories
156Stemmler Hall - Edward J.
157Stewart Field
158Stiteler Hall
159Stouffer College House
160Student Health Service
161Sweeten Alumni House - E. Craig Sweeten
162Tanenbaum Hall - Nicole E.
163The Arch
164The Cinema
165The Hub
166The Left Bank
167The Quadrangle
168The Radian
169Towne Building
170Translational Research Laboratory
171Vagelos Laboratories of the IAST - Roy and Diana
172Van Pelt Library - Charles Patterson
173Van Pelt Manor (Gregory College House)
174Vance Hall
175Veterinary Medicine Old Quadrangle
176Weave Bridge
177Webster Manor
178Weightman Hall
179Weiss Pavilion - George A.
180Wharton School
181Williams Hall
182Wistar Institute
183Wright / Saunders Building

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