University of St. Thomas Campus Map

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12057 Portland Avenue
22085/87 Grand Avenue (SJV Grand)
32091 Grand Avenue
42093 Grand Avenue
52097 Grand Avenue
62103 Grand Avenue
72109 Grand Avenue
82117 Grand Avenue
92130 Summit Avenue
102134 Summit Avenue
112140 Summit Avenue
122143 Grand Avenue
132144 Summit Avenue
142150 Summit Avenue
152151 Grand Avenue
162154 Summit Avenue
172156 Summit Avenue
182159 Grand Avenue
192163 Grand Avenue
202166 Summit Avenue
212167 Grand Avenue
222170 Summit Avenue
232171 Grand Avenue
242174 Summit Avenue
252175 Grand Avenue
2630 South Finn Street
2732 South Finn Street
2844 N. Cleveland Avenue
29Admissions Office
30Alumni and Constituent Relations (ACR)
31Anderson Athletic and Recreation Center Complex (ARC)
32Anderson Student Center
33Aquinas Hall (AQU)
34Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library (IRL)
35Binz Refectory (BIN)
36Brady Educational Center (BEC)
37Brady Hall (BRA)
38Byrne Residence (BYR)
39Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas (CHA)
40Child Development Center (CDC)
41Cretin Hall (CRE)
42Development Office (DEV)
43Dowling Hall (DOW)
44Faculty Residence (FCR)
45Flynn Residence (FRH)
46Grace Hall (GRA)
47Greenhouse (GRH)
48Ireland Hall (IRE)
49John Paul II Hall (JP2)
50John R. Roach Center for the Liberal Arts (JRC)
51Koch Commons (KOC)
52Loras Hall (LOR)
53McCarthy Gymnasium (MCG)
54McNeely Hall (MCH)
55Morrison Hall (MOR)
56Murray-Herrick Campus Center (MHC)
57North Athletic Fields (NAF)
58O'Shaugnessy Educational Center (OEC)
59O'Shaugnessy Science Hall (OSS)
60O'Shaugnessy Stadium (STA)
61O'Shaugnessy-Frey Library Center (LIB)
62Owens Science Hall (OWS)
63Parking Services (19G)
64Physical Plant (PHP)
65Public Safety
66School of Divinity, St. Paul Seminary (SOD)
67Seminary Residence, St. Paul Seminary (SEM)
68Service Center (SER)
69Sitzmann Hall (55S)
70South Athletic Fields (SAF)
71St. John Vianney Seminary (SJV)
72St. Marys Chapel, St. Paul Seminary (SMC)
73Summit Classroom Building (SCB)

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