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1(AGRON) Agronomy Hall
2(AMES HI) Ames High School
3(ARMORY) Armory
4(ASLC) Hansen Agricultural Student Learning Center
5(ATANSFF) Atanasoff Hall
6(BDSHR) Beardshear Hall
7(BESSEY) Bessey Hall
8(BEYER) Beyer Hall
9(BLACK) Black Engineering
10(BRL) Biorenewables Research Laboratory
11(CARVER) Carver Hall
12(CATT) Catt Hall
13(COM BDG) Communications Building
14(COOVER) Coover Hall
15(CURTISS) Curtiss Hall
16(DAIRY F) Dairy Farm
17(DAVID) Davidson Hall
18(DESIGN) College of Design
19(DURHAM) Durham Center
20(E HALL) East Hall
21(ELINGS) Elings Hall
22(ENRL SC) Enrollment Services Center
23(FARM BU) Iowa Farm Bureau Pavillon
24(FOOD SC) Food Science Building
25(FORKER) Barbara Forker Building
26(FRILEY) Friley Residence Hall
27(GERDIN) Gerdin Business Building
28(GILMAN) Gilman Hall
29(HACH) Hach Hall
30(HAMILTN) Hamilton Hall
31(HEADY) Heady Hall
32(HELSER) Helser Residence Hall
33(HIXSON) Hixson-Lied Student Success Center
34(HNSB) Human Nutritional Science Building
35(HOOVER) Hoover Hall
36(HORSE B) Horse Barn
37(HORT) Horticulture Hall
38(HOWE) Howe Hall
39(I ED II) Industrial Educaton Building II
40(ICE FAC) Ice Arena
41(INSECT) Insectary and Greenhouse
42(JISCHKE) Jischke Honors Building
43(KILDEE) Kildee Hall
44(KING PV) King Pavillon
45(L A) Landscape Architecture
46(L MECH) Laboratory of Mechanics
47(LAGOMAR) Lagomarcino Hall
48(LEBARON) LeBaron Hall
49(LIBRARY) Parks Library
50(LIED) Lied Recreation Athletic Facility
51(LLOYD) Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center
52(MACKAY) MacKay Hall
53(MARSTON) Marston Hall
54(MARTIN) Martin Residence Hall
55(MEATS L) Meats Laboratory
56(MEM UN/MU) Memorial Union
57(MOL-BIO) Molecular Biology Building
58(MORRILL) Morrill Hall
59(MUSIC) Music Hall
60(MWL COM) Maple-Willow-Larch Commons
61(NSRIC) National Swine Residence and Information Center
62(PALMER) Palmer Building
63(PEARSON) Pearson Hall
64(PHYSICS A) Physics Hall Addition
65(PHYSICS) Physics Hall
66(ROBERTS) Roberts Residence Hall
67(ROSS H) Ross Hall
68(SCHEMAN) Scheman Building
69(SCI 2) Science Hall II
70(SCIENCE) Science Hall
71(SEED) Seed Science Building
72(SLOSS HOUSE) Margaret Sloss Women's Center
73(SNED H) Snedecor Hall
74(SPED H) Spedding Hall
75(ST GYM) State Gymnasium
76(SUKUP) Sukup Hall
77(SWEENEY) Sweeney Hall
78(TOWN) Town Engineering Building
79(TROXEL) Troxel Hall
80(VET MED) Veterinary Medicine Building
81(VMFS) Vet Med Field Services
82(WILHELM) Wilhelm Hall
83(ZAFFRNO) Zaffarano Physics Addition
84Administrative Services Building
85Advanced Machinery Systems Laboratory
86Agronomy Greenhouse
87Alumni Center
88Ames Intermodal Facility
89Ames Lab Construction Storage
90Ames Lab Maintenance Shops
91Ames Lab Mechanical Maintenance
92Ames Lab Paint and Air Conditioning
93Ames Lab Warehouse
94Applied Science 1
95Applied Science 2
96Applied Science 3
97Barton Residence Hall
98Bergstrom Football Complex
99Bergstrom Indoor Training Facility
100Birch Residence Hall
101Buchanan Residence Hall
103Crop Genome Informatics Laboratory
104East Parking Deck
105Eaton Residence Hall
106Environmental Health and Safety Services Building
107Extension 4-H Building
108Extension Information Technology
109Family Resource Center
110Farm House
111Firemanship Training
112Fisher Theatre
113Forestry Greenhouse
114Frederiksen Court 11
115Frederiksen Court 12
116Frederiksen Court 13
117Frederiksen Court 21
118Frederiksen Court 22
119Frederiksen Court 23
120Frederiksen Court 24
121Frederiksen Court 31
122Frederiksen Court 32
123Frederiksen Court 33
124Frederiksen Court 34
125Frederiksen Court 35
126Frederiksen Court 36
127Frederiksen Court 41
128Frederiksen Court 42
129Frederiksen Court 43
130Frederiksen Court 51
131Frederiksen Court 52
132Frederiksen Court 53
133Frederiksen Court 61
134Frederiksen Court 62
135Frederiksen Court 63
136Frederiksen Court 71
137Frederiksen Court 72
138Frederiksen Court 73
139Frederiksen Court 74
140Frederiksen Court 81
141Frederiksen Court 82
142Frederiksen Court 83
143Frederiksen Court Community Center
144Freeman Residence Hall
145General Services Building
146Genetics Chick Isolation
147Genetics Laboratory
148Hilton Coliseum
150Jack Trice Stadium
151Jacobson Athletic Building
152Knapp-Storms Dining Complex
154Larch Residence Hall
155Library Storage Facility
156Linden Residence Hall
157Livestock Infectious Disease Isolaition Facility
158Lyon Residence Hall
159Maple Residence
160Metals Developing Building
161National Laboratory for Agriculture and the Environment
162North Chilled Waterplant
163Nuclear Engineering laboratory
164Oak-Elm Residence Hall
165Office and Laboratory Building
166Olsen Building
167Plant Pathology Greenhouse
168Power Plant
169Printing and Publications Building
170Reactor Warehouse
171Reiman Gardens Conservatory
172Reiman Gardens Hunziker House
173Reiman Gardens Mahlstede Center
174Reiman Maintenance Building
175Research Park 1
176Research Park 2
177Research Park 3
178Research Park 4
179Research Park 5
180Research Park 6
181Research Park 7
182Roy J. Carver Co-Lab
183Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory
184Schilletter-University Vilage Community Center
185South Campus Storage Facility
186Spangler Geotechnical Laboratory
187State Avenue Office Building
188State Avenue Warehouse
189Stephens Auditorium
190Student Services
191Technical and Administrative Services Facility
192Theilen Student Health Center
193Transit Hub
194Transportation Services
195Union Drive Community Center
196University Child Care Center at Veterinary Medicine
197University Surplus and Storage Facility
198USDA Greenhouse
199Veenker Clubhouse
200Veenker Maintenance Shed
201Veenker Performance Center
202Vet Med Performance Evaluation Facility
203Vet Med Power Plant
204Visitor Information Booth
205VMRI 01
206VMRI 02
207VMRI 03
208VMRI 04
209VMRI 05
210VMRI 06
211VMRI 07
212VMRI 08
213VMRI 12
214VMRI 16
215VMRI 29
216VMRI 35
217VMRI 37
218VMRI 40
219VMRI 46
220Wallace Residence Hall
221Wallace-Wilson Commons
222Waste Chemical Handling
223Welch Residence Hall
224Willow Residence Hall
225Wilson Residence Hall

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