University of Kansas Campus Map

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1Adams Alumni Center (AAC)
2Allen Fieldhouse (AL)
3Allen Fieldhouse Parking Garage
4Anderson Family Football Complex (AFFC)
5Anderson Family Strength & Conditioning Center (AFC)
6Anschutz Library (ANSL)
7Anschutz Sports Pavillon (ANSP)
8Art & Design Building (A&D)
9Baehr Audio-Reader Center (BAHR)
10Bailey Hall (BA)
11Bales Organ Recital Hall (BRH)
12Battenfeld Scholarship Hall (BATT)
13Blake Hall (BL)
14Booth Family Hall of Athletics (BF)
15Bridwell Botany Research Lab (BRID)
16Broadcasting Hall (KPR)
17Budig Hall (BUD)
18Burge Union (BURU)
19Burt Hall (BURT)
20Carruth-O'Leary Hall (C-O)
21Chamney House (CHAM)
22Chancellor's Residence (CR)
23Computer Services Facility (COMP)
24Continuing Education Building (CONT)
25Corbin Residence Hall (COR)
26Crawford Community Center (CRAW)
27Danforth Chapel (DANF)
28David A. Amber Student Recreation Fitness Center (SRFC)
29Dennis E. Rieger Scholarship Hall (RIEG)
30Dole Human Development Center (DHDC)
31Douthart Scholarship Hall (DOUT)
32Dyche Hall / Natural History Museum (DYCH)
33Eaton Hall (EATN)
34Ekdahl Dining Commons (EKD)
35Ellsworth Residence Hall (ELLS)
36Facilities Operations (FOB)
37FO Construction & Landscape (FOCL)
38FO Vehicle Maintenance / Motor Pool (FOV)
39FO Warehouse & Offices (FOW)
40Foley Hall (FOLEY)
41Fraser Hall (FR)
42Gertrude Sellards Pearson Residence Hall (GSP)
43Grace Pearson Scholarship Hall (GPH)
44Green Hall (GRN)
45Hall Center for Humanities (HALL)
46Hambleton Hall (HAM)
47Hashinger Residence Hall (HASH)
48Haworth Hall / Stewart Children's Center (HAW)
49Higuchi Hall (HIGU)
50Hilltop Child Development Center (HILTP)
51Horejisi Family Athletics Center (HORE)
52Housing Maintenance Warehouse (HMS)
53International House (IH)
54Jayhawker Towers Apartments (JAYT)
55Joseph R. Pearson Hall (JRP)
56K.K. Alumni Scholarship Hall (KKAH)
57Kansan Union (U)
58Krehbiel Scholarship Hall (KREH)
59KU Endowment Association Bulding (KUEA)
60Kurata Thermodynamics Laboratories (KTL)
61Learned Hall (LEA)
62Lewis Residence Hall (LEW)
63Library Annex (LIBX)
64Lied Center (LIED)
65Life Sciences Research Laboratories (LSRL)
66Lindley Hall (LIN)
67Lippincott Hall (LIPP)
68Malott Hall (MAL)
69Margaret Amini Scholarship Hall (MAH)
70Marvin Hall (MAR)
71Marvin Studios (MARS)
72Max Kade Center (KADE)
73McCollum Labratories (MCL)
74McCollum Residence Hall (MCH)
75Memorial Companile (CAMP)
76Military Science Building (MS)
77Miller Scholarship Hall (MILL)
78Mississippi Street Parking Garage
79Moore Hall (MOOR)
80Multidisciplinary Research Building (MRB)
81Murphy Hall / Crafton-Preyer Theatre (MUR)
82Nichols Hall (NIC)
83Nunemaker Center (NUN)
84Oldfather Studios (OLDF)
85Oliver Residence Hall (OLV)
86Parker Hall / Kansas Geoligcal Survey (PAR)
87Parrott Athletic Center (PARR)
88Pearson Scholarship Hall (PEAR)
89Pharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratories (PCL)
90Public Safety Building (PSB)
91Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics (DOLEI)
92Robinson Health & Physical Education Center (ROB)
93Sabitini Multicultural Resource Center (SMRC)
94Sellards Scholarship Hall (SELL)
95Shaffer-Hollad Strength Center (S-H)
96Simons Biosciences Research Laboratories (SBIO)
97Smissman Research Laboratories (SMSS)
98Smith Hall (SMI)
99Snow Hall (SNOW)
100Spahr Engineering Library (SPHR)
101Spencer Museum od Art (SMA)
102Spenser Research Library (SRL)
103Spooner Hall (SPHR)
104Sprague Apartments (SPRG)
105Stadium Memorial / Kivisto Field (MEMS)
106Stauffer-Flint Hall (ST-F)
107Stephenson Scholarship Hall (STEP)
108Stouffer Place Apartments (STOU)
109Strong Hall (ST)
110Structural Biology Center (SBC)
111Sudler Annex (SUDX)
112Summerfield Hall (SUM)
113Sunflower Apartments (SUNF)
114Templin Residence Hall (TEMP)
115Twente Hall (TWE)
116University Press Offices (UPKS)
117University Press Warehouse (UPW)
118Visitor Center (KUVC)
119Wagnon Student Athlete Center (WSAC)
120Wakarusa Research Facility (WAKA)
121Watkins Home (WATH)
122Watkins Memorial Health Center / Student Health Services (WMHC)
123Watkins Scholarship Hall (WATK)
124Watson Library (WATS)
125Wescoe Hall (WES)
126Wesley Building / Universit Relations (WESL)
127Youngberg Hall / Center for Research Inc. (YOUN)

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