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1100 Church Street South
2100 Tower Parkway
332-36 Edgewood Avenue
4Allwin Hall, 31 Hillhouse Ave
5Anlyan Center, 300 Cedar St
6Arnold Hall 304 Elm St.
7Bass Center, 266 Whitney Ave
8Bass Library, 110 Wall St
9Battell Chapel, 400 College St
10Becton Center, 15 Prospect St
11Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, 121 Wall St
12Bellamy Hall
13Berkeley College, 205 Elm St
14Betts House, 393 Prospect St
15Bingham Hall, 300 College St
16Boardman Building, 330 Cedar St
17Boyer Center, 295 Congress Ave
18Brady Memorial Laboratory, 310 Cedar St
19Branford College, 74 High St
20Calhoun College, 189 Elm St
21Central Power Plant
22Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Building, 275 Prospect St
23Class of 1954 Environmental Science Center, 21 Sachem St
24Clinic Building, 789 Howard Ave
25Collection of Musical Instruments, 15 Hillhouse Ave
26College Place, 37-55 College St
27Commons, 168 Grove St
28Congress Place, 301 Cedar St
29Connecticut Hall, 1017 Chapel St
30Coxe Cage
31Cullman - Heyman Tennis Center
32Curtis Hall
33Dana Clinic Building, 789 Howard Ave
34Davenport College, 248 York St
35Davies Auditorium (Becton Center), 15 Prospect St
36Divinity School A1/2
37Dow Hall, 370 Temple St
38Dunham Laboratory, 10 Hillhouse Ave
39Durfee Hall, 198 Elm St
40Dwight Hall and Chapel, 67 High St
41E.P. Evans Hall, 165 Whitney Ave
42Ezra Stiles College, 302 York St
43Farnam Hall, 380 College St
44Farnam Memorial Building, 310 Cedar St
45Fisher Hall
46Fitkin Memorial Pavilion, 789 Howard Ave
47Founders Hall, 135 Prospect St
48Gibbs Laboratories, 260 Whitney Ave
49Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
50Greeley Memorial Laboratory, 370 Prospect St
51Green Hall, 1156 Chapel St
52Greenberg Conference Center, 391 Prospect St
53Hall of Graduate Studies, 320 York St
54Harkness Hall (Central Campus), 100 Wall St
55Harkness Memorial Auditorium (Sterling Hall of Medicine), 333 Cedar St
56Harkness Memorial Hall (Medical Center), 367 Cedar St
57Harkness Tower, 74 High St
58Harris Building, 230 South Frontage Rd
59Helen Hadley Hall, 420 Temple St
60Hendrie Hall, 165 Elm St
61Hope Memorial Building, 315 Cedar St
62Horchow Hall, 55 Hillhouse Ave
63Hunter Building, 15 York St
64Hunter Radiation Therapy Center
65Ingalls Rink, 73 Sachem St
66Institute of Sacred Music
67Institution for Social and Policy Studies, 77 Prospect St
68International Center for Yale Students and Scholars, 421 Temple St
69Jonathan Edwards College, 68 High St
70Kenney Center & Jensen Plaza
71Kirtland Hall, 2 Hillhouse Ave
72Kline Biology Tower, 219 Prospect St
73Kline Chemistry Laboratory, 255 Prospect St
74Kline Geology Laboratory, 210 Whitney Ave
75Kroon Hall, 195 Prospect St
76Laboratory for Medicine and Pediatrics, 15 York St
77Laboratory for Surgery, Obstetrics, and Gynecology, 375 Congress Ave
78Laboratory of Epidemiology and Public Health, 60 College St
79Lanman Center 70 Tower Pkwy
80Lanman-Wright Hall, 206 Elm St
81Lauder Hall, 310 Cedar St
82Law School
83Lawrance Hall, 358 College St
84Leet Oliver Memorial Hall, 12 Hillhouse Ave
85Leigh Hall, 435 College St
86Leitner Observatory and Planetarium, 355 Prospect St
87Linsly-Chittenden Hall, 63 High St
88Lippard Laboratory for Clinical Investigation, 15 York St
89Loria Center, 190 York St
90Luce Hall, 34 Hillhouse Ave
91Magnetic Resonance Center, 789 Howard Ave
92Malone Center, 55 Prospect St
93Marquand Chapel (Sterling Divinity Quadrangle), 409 Prospect St
94Marsh Hall, 360 Prospect St
95Mason Laboratory, 9 Hillhouse Ave
96McClellan Hall, 1037 Chapel St
97Morse College, 304 York St
98Morse Recital Hall (Sprague Hall), 470 College St
99Music Library
100Nathan Smith Building, 333 Cedar St
101New Haven and State Affairs Office, 433 Temple St
102Off Broadway Theater
103Osborn Memorial Laboratories, 165 Prospect St
104P.E.T. Center, 801 Howard Ave
105Payne Whitney Gymnasium, 70 Tower Pkwy
106Peabody Museum of Natural History, 170 Whitney Ave
107Phelps Hall, 344 College St
108Pierson College, 261 Park St
109Pierson-Sage Garage
110President's House, 43 Hillhouse Ave
111Primary Care Center, 789 Howard Ave
112Ray Tompkins House, 20 Tower Pkwy
113Reese Stadium
114Rose Alumni House, 232 York St
115Rose Center, 101 Ashmun St
116Rosenfeld Hall, 109-111 Grove St
117Rosenkranz Hall, 115 Prospect St
118Rudolph Hall, 180 York St
119Sage Hall, 205 Prospect St
120Saybrook College, 242 Elm St
121School of Architecture
122School of Art
123School of Drama
124School of Engineering & Applied Science
125School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
126School of Management
127School of Medicine
128School of Music
129School of Nursing
130School of Public Health
131Sculpture Garden
132Sheffield-Sterling-Strathcona Hall, 1 Prospect St
133Silliman College, 505 College St
134Sloane Physics Laboratory, 217 Prospect St
135Smilow Cancer Hospital North Pavilion, 35 Park St
136Smilow Cancer Hospital West Pavilion, 1 Park St
137Smilow Cancer Hospital, 35 Park Street
138Sprague Memorial Hall, 470 College St
139Steinbach Hall, 52 Hillhouse Ave
140Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, 225 Prospect St
141Sterling Divinity Quadrangle, 409 Prospect St
142Sterling Hall of Medicine, 333 Cedar St
143Sterling Law Building, 127 Wall St
144Sterling Memorial Library, 120 High St
145Stoeckel Hall, 469 College St
146Street Hall (Yale University Art Gallery), 1071 Chapel St
147Student Financial Services
148T.M. Evans Hall, 56 Hillhouse Ave
149Timothy Dwight College, 345 Temple St
150Tompkins East, 789 Howard Ave
151Tompkins Memorial Pavilion, 789 Howard Ave
152Trumbull College, 241 Elm St
153Undergraduate Admissions, 38 Hillhouse Ave
154University Theatre, 222 York St
155Vanderbilt Hall, 1035 Chapel St
156Visitor Center, 149 Elm St
157Warner House, 1 Hillhouse Ave
158Watson Center, 60 Sachem St
159Watson Hall, 51 Prospect St
160Welch Hall, 330 College St
161Whitney Grove Square, 2 Whitney Ave
162Whitney Humanities Center, 53 Wall St
163William Wirt Winchester Building
164Winchester Building, 25 York St
165Woodbridge Hall, 105 Wall St
166Woolsey Hall, 500 College St
167Wright Laboratory West, 268 Whitney Ave
168Wright Laboratory, 272 Whitney Ave
169Yale - New Haven Psychiatric Hospital
170Yale Armory
171Yale Bookstore, 77 Broadway
172Yale Bowl, 81 Central Ave
173Yale Cabaret, 217 Park St
174Yale Center for British Art, 1080 Chapel St
175Yale Farm, 345 Edwards St
176Yale Health Center, 55 Lock St
177Yale New Haven Breast Disease Center, 35 Park St
178Yale New Haven Children's Hospital, 1 Park St
179Yale New Haven Hospital, 20 York St
180Yale Physicians Building, 800 Howard Ave (YPB)
181Yale Press, 302 Temple St
182Yale Repertory Theatre, 1120 Chapel St
183Yale University Art Gallery, 1111 Chapel St
184Yale West Campus K/O

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