Hampton University Campus Map

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1Academy Building
2Administration Building
3Armstrong Hall
4Armstrong Slater
5Armstrong Stadium
6Bemis Lab
7Booker T. Washington Memorial
8Center for Planetary & Atmospheric Science
9Central Warehouse
10Clark Hall
11Computer Center
12Continuing Education Center & Bookstore
13Convocation Center
14Davidson Hall
15Dupont Hall
16Emancipation Oak
17Eva C. Mitchell Hall
18George P. Phenix Hall
19Gladys Franklin White Hall
20Graduate Physics Research Center
21Grounds Facility Building
22Hampton Harbor Apartments
23Hampton Harbor Shops & University Cleaners
24Hampton National Cemetery
25Hampton University Cemetery
26Harbour Centre
27Harkness Hall
28Hattie McGrew Towers & Conference Center
29Health Services & Campus Safety
30Holly Tree Inn - CEC
31Huntington Memorial Museum
32James Hall
33Jerome Holland Hall
34Katherine House
35Kelsey Hall
36Kennedy Hall
37L. Douglas Wilder Hall
38Lincoln & Armstrong Shrine
39Mansion House
40Marine Point / Sailboat Dock
41Marine Science Building
42Martin L. King & Ethel Buckman Hall
43Memorial Church
45Moorings Hall
46Moton Hall
47Multipurpose Building
48Neilson-Screen Tennis Stadium
49New Dining Facility
50Ogden Hall
51Olin Engineering Building
52Pierce Hall
53Research Two Building
54School of Pharmacy Annex
55Science & Technology Building
56Scripps Howard School of Journalism & Communications
57Softball Stadium
58Steam Plant
59Stone Manor Building
60Strawberry Banks
61Student Center
62Thurgood Marshall Hall
63Trustee House
64Turner Hall
65Twitchell Hall
66Virginia-Cleveland Hall
67W. Frank Fountain Research Center
68W.E.B. Dubois Hall
69Wendell Holmes, Jr. Hall
70Whipple Barn Building
71Wigwam Building
72William Freeman & Flemmie Kittrell Hall
73William R & Norma B. Harvey Library
74Winona Hall

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