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1Advanced Technology Laboratory (ATL)
2Agricultural Biotechnology Laboratory (ABL)
3Alan T. Busby Suites (BSRH)
4Albert Gurdon Gulley Hall (GUL)
5Alumni Center (ALUM)
6Alumni Residence Halls (ARH)
7Andre Schenker Lecture Hall (SCHN)
8Anna M. Snow Residence Hall (SSRH)
9Architectural and Engineering Services (AES)
10Art Building (ARTB)
11Art Ceramic Studio (ACS)
12Art Printshop (APS)
13Arthur B. Bronwell Building (BRON)
14Arthur L. Lorentzon Stables (LOR)
15Athletics Facilities Building (AFB)
16Augustus Storrs Hall (STRS)
17Avian Research Facility (ARF)
18Basketball Development Center (BDC)
19Batting and Pitching Facility (BAT)
20Benjamin Franklin Koons Hall (KNS)
21Bio Science Complex (BSC)
22Biology / Physics Building (BPB)
23Brien McMahon Residence Hall (MRH)
24Building (B1)
25Building (B2)
26Building (B3)
27Building (B4)
28Building (B4A)
29Building (B5)
30Burton Family Football Complex (BFFC)
31Carolyn Ladd Widmer Wing (WIDM)
32Cattle Resources Unit (CRU)
33Central Utility Plant (CUP)
34Central Warehouse (WARE)
35Charles B. Gentry Building (GENT)
36Charles Lewis Beach Hall (BCH)
37Charles Raymond Brock Hall
38Charter Oak Apartments (COA)
39Chemistry Building (CHM)
40CLAS Academic Service Center (CASC)
41Commissary Warehouse (CMWH)
42Connecticut Commons Residence Halls (CCRH)
43Connecticut Softball Stadium (CSS)
44Cordial Storrs House (CSRH)
45Dairy Bar (DB)
46Dairy Barn (BARN)
47David C. Phillips Communication Sciences Building (PCSB)
48Design Media & Design (DMD)
49Drama - Music Building (DRMU)
50Edward V. Gant Science Complex (GANT)
51Edwina Whitney Residence Hall (WRH)
52Elizabeth Hicks Residence Hall (EHRH)
53Elmer S. Watson Hall
54Engineering II (E2)
55Environmental Health & Safety Department (EHSD)
56Environmental Health and Safety / Hazardous Waste Facility (HWF)
57Facilities Operations and Locksmith Services (FOLS)
58Family Studies Building (FSB)
59Farm and Event Services (FES)
60Fine Arts Complex (FAC)
61Floriculture Greenhouse (FG)
62Frances E. Osborne Kellogg Dairy Center (KEL)
63Francis L. Castleman Building (CAST)
64George C. White Building (WITE)
65George H. Hollister Hall
66George J. Sherman Family Sports Complex (SFSC)
67George Safford Torrey Life Sciences Bldg. (TLS)
68Gordon W. Tasker Admissions Building (TSK)
69Grange East Residence Hall (GERH)
70Harriet S. Jorgensen Theatre (HJT)
71Harry A. Gampel Pavilion (GAMP)
72Harry Grant Manchester Hall (MAN)
73Harry L. Garrigus Suites (GSRH)
74Henry Ruthven Monteith Building (MONT)
75Hilda May Williams Student Health Services (WSH)
76Hilltop Apartment Complex (HAC)
77Hilltop Residence Halls (HRH)
78Historic Poultry Houses (HPH)
79Homer Babbidge Library (HBL)
80Horse Unit I (HU1)
81Horse Unit II (HU2)
82Horsebarn Hill Arena (HHA)
83Horsebarn Hill Sciences Complex (HHSC)
84Hugh S. Greer Field House (GRE)
85Human Development and Family Relations Building (HDB)
86Husky Village (HV)
87Information Technologies Engineering Building (ITE)
88Institute of Materials Science (IMS)
89Israel Putnam Refectory (PR)
90J. Louis von der Mehden Recital Hall (VDM)
91J. O. Christian Field (JOCF)
92J. Ray Ryan Building (JRB)
93J. Robert Donnelly Husky Heritage Sports Museum (HSM)
94Jacobson Barn (JB)
95Jaime Homero Arjona Building (ARJ)
96John Buckley Residence Hall (BRH)
97John J. Budds Building (BUD)
98John W. Rowe Center for Undergraduate Education (ROWE)
99Jorgensen Center for the Performing Arts (JORG)
100Joseph J. Morrone Stadium (MRNS)
101Joseph Wright Alsop Hall
102L. Richard Belden Hall
103Lakeside Building (LAKE)
104Lancaster Hall
105Landscaping Services (LAND)
106Laurel Hall (LH)
107Lester E. Shippee Residence Hall (SPRH)
108Lewis B. Rome Commons (ROME)
109Livestock Unit I (LU1)
110Livestock Unit II (LU2)
111Lodewick Visitors Center (LVC)
112Louisa J. Rosebrooks Residence Hall (RSRH)
113M. Estella Sprague Residence Hall (SRH)
114Main Accumulation Area / Environmental Health and Safety (MAA)
115Mansfield Apartments (MA)
116Marcus Holcomb Residence Hall (MHRH)
117Mark Edward Freitas Ice Forum (FIF)
118Mark R. Shenkman Training Center (STC)
119Math - Science Building (MSB)
120Merle S. Klinck Building (KLIN)
121Merlin D. Bishop Center (BISH)
122Mink Barn (MB)
123Motor Pool (MP)
124Museum of Natural History (MNH)
125Music Building (MUSB)
126Music Library (MLIB)
127Nafe Katter Theatre (NKT)
128Nathan Hale Inn & Conference Center (INN)
129Nathan L. Whetten Graduate Center (WGC)
130Nellie Louise Wilson Residence Hall (WSRH)
131North Campus Residence Halls (NCRH)
132North Parking Garage (NPRK)
133Northwest Residence Halls (NWRH)
134Northwood Apartments (NWA)
135Oak Hall (OAK)
136Old Central Warehouse (OCW)
137Pharmacy / Biology Building (PBB)
138Philip E. Austin Building (AUST)
139Physics Building (PB)
140Planetarium (PLA)
141Poultry Unit (PU)
142President's Residence, Oak Hill (PRES)
143Psychology Research Building (PRB)
144Public Safety Complex, Police / Fire Departments (PSC)
145Ratcliffe Hicks Building and Arena (RHBA)
146Roger A. Gelfenbien Towers Dining Hall (GTDH)
147Rosebrooks Barn (RB)
148Rosebrooks House (RH)
149Roy E. Jones Building (JONS)
150School of Business (BUSN)
151South Campus Chiller Plant (CHIL)
152South Campus Residence Halls (SCRH)
153South Parking Garage (SPRK)
154Student Recreation Facility (SRF)
155Student Union (SU)
156Sylvie Blake House (SBRH)
157Tennis Courts (TC)
158The Daily Campus (DC)
159Thomas J. Dodd Research Center (DODD)
160Towers Residence Halls (TRH)
161UConn Co-op (COOP)
162United Technologies Engineering Building (UTEB)
163University of Connecticut Foundation (FND)
164Walter Childs Wood Hall (WOOD)
165Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF)
166West Campus Residence Halls (WCRH)
167Weston A. Bousfield Psychology Building (BOUS)
168Whitney House (WHIT)
169Wilbur Cross Building (WCB)
170Wilbur O. Atwater Laboratory (ATWR)
171Wilfred B. Young Building (YNG)
172Willard C. Eddy Hall
173William Benton Museum of Art (WBMA)
174William H. Hall Building (HALL)
175William Shakespeare Hall
176Willis Nichols Hawley Armory (HAWL)
177Wolff-Zackin Natatorium (WZN)

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