Bradley University Campus Map

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1Academic Advising
2Baker Hall (BAK)
3Bookstore (BKS)
4Bradley Hall (BR)
5Burgess Hall (BUR)
6Campustown (CPT)
7Caterpillar Global Communications Center (CGCC)
8Comstock Hall (COM)
9Constance Hall (CON)
10Continuing Education Building (CED)
11Cullom-Davis Library (LIB)
12Dingeldine Music Center (DMC)
13Dozer Park
14Duryea Parking Deck
15Garrett Center (GRC)
16Geisert Hall (GEI)
17Harper and Wyckoff Halls (HAR/WYC)
18Hartmann Center for the Performing Arts (HCA)
19Hayden-Clark Alumni Center (HCAC)
20Heitz Hall (HEI)
21Heuser Art Center (HEU)
22Holmes Hall (HOL)
23Jobst Hall (JOB)
24Kaufman Building (KAU)
25Macmillan Hall (MAC)
26Main Street Parking Deck (MPD)
27Markin Family Student Recreation Center (MAR)
28Michel Student Center (STC)
29Morgan Hall (MOR)
30Olin Hall of Science (OLH)
31Peoria Civic Center
32Peoria NEXT Innovation Center (PNIC)
33Renaissance Coliseum (REN)
34Shea Stadium (SHE)
35Sisson Hall (SIS)
36Swords Hall (SWH)
37University Hall (UNI)
38Visitors Center (VIS)
39Westlake Hall (WES)
40Williams Hall (WIL)

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