Southern Illinois University Carbondale Campus Map

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1Abbot Hall
2Abe Martin Field
3Agriculture Building
4Allen Hall
5Allyn Building
6Altgeld Hall
7Anthony Hall
8Arena SIU
9Bailey Hall
10Baldwin Hall
11Beimfohr Hall
12Boomer Hall
13Bowyer Hall
14Brown Hall
15CASA Building
16Center of Environmental Health
17Coal Research Center
18Colyer Hall
19Communications Building
20Crawford Hall
21Davies Hall
22Design Barracks
23Dorothy Morris Kumakura Garden
24Doyle Hall (Old Baptist Foundation)
25Engineering Building
26Evergreen Terrace
27Faner Hall
28Felts Hall
29Fulkerson Hall
30Grinnell Hall
31Kaplan Hall
32Kellogg Hall
33Kesnar Hall
34Lawson Hall
35Lentz Hall
36Lesar Law Building
37Life Science II
38Life Science III
39Lindergren Hall
40Lingle Hall
41Mae Smith Hall
42Materals Tech Center
43McAndrew Stadium
44Miles Hall
45Morris Library
47Neely Hall
48Northwest Annex
49Parkinson Laboratory
50Pierce Hall
51Power Plant
52Public Policy Institute
53Pulliam Hall
54Quigley Hall
55Rainbow's End
56Rehn Hall
57Safety Center
58Salter Hall
59Saluki Stadium
60Schneider Hall
61Scott Hall
62Shryock Auditorium
63Shuman Hall
64SIU Arena
65Smith Hall
66Softball Field
67Southern Hills
68Steagall Hall
69Stehr Field
70Stein Hall
71Student Center
72Student Health Services
73Student Recreation Center
74Student Services Building
75Thalman Hall
76Trueblood Hall
77University Hall
78University Press
79Wakeland Hall
80Wall & Grand Apartments
81Warren Hall
82Washington Square
83Wham Education Building
84Wheeler Hall
85Women, Gender and Secuality Studies
86Woody Hall
87Wright Hall

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