United States Naval Academy Campus Map

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11st Wing (Bancroft Hall)
22nd Wing (Bancroft Hall)
33rd Wing (Bancroft Hall)
44th Wing (Bancroft Hall)
55th Wing (Bancroft Hall)
66th Wing (Bancroft Hall)
77th Wing (Bancroft Hall)
88th Wing (Bancroft Hall)
10Alischer Hall
11Alumni Hall
12Athletic Hall of Fame
13Bancroft Hall
14Bishop Stadium
17Chauvenet Hall
18Class of 1951 Gallery Ships
20Dahlgren Hall
21Dewey Field
22Drydock Restaurant
23Foot Bridge
24Football Locker Room
25Forrest Sherman Field
27Gift Shop
28Halligan Hall
29Halsey Field House
30Hendrix Oceanography Lab
31Herndon Monument
32Hill Bridge
33Hubbard Hall
34Ice Rink
35Information Center
36Ingram Field
37Interactive Exhibits
38King Hall
39Lawrence Field
40Leahy Hall
41Lejeune Physical Education Center
42Luce Hall
43Macdonough Hall
44Mahan Hall
45Maury Hall
46Memorial Hall
47Mexican Monument
48Michelson Hall
50Naval Academy
51Naval Academy Athletic Association
52Naval Academy Cemetery
53Naval Medical Clinic
54Nimitz Library
56Officers & Faculty Club
57Olympic-Size Pool
58Pedestrian Gate
59Preble Hall
60Radford Terrace
61Recreational Facilities
62Refreshment Galley
63Ricketts Hall
64Rickover Hall
65Rickover Terrace
66RIP Miller Field
67Robert Crown Sailing Center
68Sampson Hall
69Santee Basin
70Stribling Walk
71Tecumseh Court
72Tennis Courts
73The Armel - Leftwich Visitor Center
74The Chapel
75The Crypt of John Paul Jones
76U.S. Naval Academy Museum
77Vandergrift Building
78Varsity Athletic Training Complex
79W.H.G. Fitzgerald Clubhouse
81Ward Hall
82Wrestling Arena

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