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1(ABE) Agricultural And Biological Engineering
2(ADDL) Animal Disease Diagnostic Lab
3(ADM) Agricultural Innovation Center
4(AERO) Aerospace Science Laboratory
5(AGAD) Agricultural Administration Building
6(AHF) Animal Holding Facility
7(ALEX) John And Anna Margaret Ross Alexander Field
8(AQUA) Boilermaker Aquatic Center
9(AR) Armory
10(ARMS) Armstrong (Neil) Hall Of Engineering
11(ASB) Airport Service Building (Shop Services)
12(ASTL) Animal Sciences Teaching Laboratory
13(BCC) Black Cultural Center
14(BCHM) Biochemistry Building
15(BIND) Bindley (William E.) Bioscience Center
16(BRK) Birck Nanotechnology Center
17(BRNG) Beering (Steven C.) Hall Of Liberal Arts And Education
18(BRWN) Brown (Herbert C.) Laboratory Of Chemistry
19(BSG) Building Services And Grounds
20(CARY) Cary (Franklin Levering) Quadrangle
21(CHAF) Chaffee Hall
22(CIVL) Civil Engineering Building
23(CL50) Class Of 1950 Lecture Hall
24(COMP) Composites Laboratory
25(DANL) Daniel (William H.) Turfgrass Center
26(DAUC) Dauch (Dick And Sandy) Alumni Center
27(DLR) Hall For Discovery And Learning Research
28(DMNT) DeMent (Clayton W.) Fire Station
29(DOYL) Doyle (Leo Philip) Laboratory
30(DUHM) Duhme (Ophelia) Residence Hall
31(DYE) Pete Dye Clubhouse
32(EE) Electrical Engineering Building
33(EEL) Entomology Environmental Laboratory
34(EHSA) Equine Health Sciences Annex
35(EHSB) Equine Health Sciences Building
36(ELLT) Elliott (Edward C.) Hall Of Music
37(ENAD) Engineering Administration Building
38(ERHT) Earhart (Amelia) Residence Hall
39(EXPT) Exponent
40(FOOD) Food Stores Building
41(FOPN) Flight Operations Building
42(FORD) Ford (Fred And Mary) Dining Court
43(FORS) Forestry Building
44(FPRD) Forest Products Building
45(FREH) Freehafer (Lytle J.) Hall Of Administrative Services
46(FRNY) Forney Hall Of Chemical Engineering
47(FST) First Street Towers
48(FWLR) Fowler (Harriet O. And James M., Jr.) Memorial House
49(GCMB) Golf Course Maintenance Barn
50(GMF) Grounds Maintenance Facility
51(GRIS) Grissom Hall
52(GSMB) Golf Storage Maintenance Building
53(HAAS) Haas (Felix) Hall
54(HANS) Hansen (Arthur G.) Life Sciences Research Building
55(HARR) Harrison (Benjamin) Residence Hall
56(HAWK) Hawkins (George A.) Hall
57(HEAV) Heavilon Hall
58(HERL) Herrick Laboratories
59(HGR4) Hangar 4
60(HGR5) Hangar 5
61(HGR6) Hangar 6
62(HGRH) Horticulture Greenhouses
63(HIKS) Hicks (John W.) Undergraduate Library
64(HILL) Hillenbrand Residence Hall
65(HLTP) Hilltop Apartments
66(HMMT) Hazardous Materials Management Trailer
67(HNLY) Bill And Sally Hanley Hall
68(HOCK) Wayne T. And Mary T. Hockmeyer Hall Of Structural Biology
69(HORT) Horticulture Building
70(HOVD) Hovde (Frederick L.) Hall Of Administration
71(HPN) Heating And Power Plant-North
72(IAF) Intercollegiate Athletic Facility
73(JNSN) Johnson (Helen R.) Hall Of Nursing
74(KCTR) Krannert Center For Executive Education And Research
75(KNOY) Knoy (Maurice G.) Hall Of Technology
76(KRAN) Krannert Building
77(LAMB) Lambert (Ward L.) Fieldhouse And Gymnasium
78(LCC) Latino Cultural Center (600 Russell St.)
79(LILY) Lilly Hall Of Life Sciences
80(LMSB) Laboratory Materials Storage Building
81(LMST) Laboratory Materials Storage Trailer
82(LSA) Life Science Animal Building
83(LSPS) Life Science Plant And Soils Laboratory
84(LSR) Life Science Ranges (Greenhouse And Service Building)
85(LWSN) Lawson (Richard And Patricia) Computer Science Building
86(LYNN) Lynn (Charles J.) Hall Of Veterinary Medicine
87(MACK) Mackey (Guy J.) Arena
88(MANN) Mann (Gerald D. And Edna E.) Hall
89(MATH) Mathematical Sciences Building
90(MCUT) McCutcheon (John T.) Residence Hall
91(ME) Mechanical Engineering Building
92(MGL) Michael Golden Engineering Laboratories And Shops
93(MJIS) Martin C. Jischke Hall Of Biomedical Engineering
94(MMDC) Materials Management And Distribution Center
95(MMS1) Materials Management Storage Building
96(MOLL) Mollenkopf Athletic Center
97(MRDH) Meredith (Virginia C.) Residence Hall
98(MRGN) Morgan (Burton D.) Center For Entrepreneurship
99(MRRT) Marriott Hall
100(MSEE) Materials And Electrical Engineering Building
101(MTHW) Matthews (Mary L.) Hall
102(NISW) Niswonger Aviation Technology Building
103(NLSN) Phillip E. Nelson Hall Of Food Science
104(NUCL) Nuclear Engineering Building
105(OLMN) Ollman (Melvin L.) Golfcart Barn
106(OWEN) Owen (Richard) Residence Hall
107(PAO) Pao (Yue-Kong) Hall Of Visual And Performing Arts
108(PFEN) Pfendler Hall (David C.) Of Agriculture
109(PFSB) Physical Facilities Service Building
110(PGG) Parking Garage, Grant Street
111(PGM) Parking Garage, Marsteller Street
112(PGMD) Parking Garage, McCutcheon Drive
113(PGNW) Parking Garage, Northwestern Avenue
114(PGNW) Visitor Information Center And Parking Services)
115(PGU) Parking Garage, University Street
116(PGW) Parking Garage, Wood Street
117(PHYS) Physics Building
118(PJIS) Patty Jischke Early Care And Education Center
119(PMU) Purdue Memorial Union
120(PMUC) Purdue Memorial Union Club
121(POAN) Poultry Science Annex
122(POTR) Potter (A. A.) Engineering Center
123(POUL) Poultry Science Building
124(PRCE) Peirce Hall
125(PRSV) Printing Services Facility
126(PSYC) Psychological Sciences Building
127(PUSH) Purdue University Student Health Center
128(PVAB) Purdue Village Administration Building
129(PVCC) Purdue Village Community Center
130(PVIL) Purdue Village
131(PVP) Purdue Village Preschool
132(PWF) Purdue West, Building
133(RAIL) American Railway Building
134(RAWL) Rawls (Jerry S.) Hall
135(REC) Recitation Building
136(RHPH) Heine (Robert E.) Pharmacy Building
137(RSC) Recreational Sports Center
138(SC) Stanley Coulter Hall
139(SCCA-E) South Campus Courts, Buildings A-E
140(SCHL) Schleman (Helen B.) Hall Of Student Services
141(SCHO) Global Policy Research Institute (Schowe House)
142(SCHW) Dennis J. And Mary Lou Schwartz Tennis Center
143(SCPA) Slayter Center Of Performing Arts
144(SHLY) Shealy (Frances M.) Residence Hall
145(SHRV) Shreve (Eleanor B.) Residence Hall
146(SIML) Holleman-Niswonger Simulator Center
147(SMLY) Smalley (John C.) Center For Housing And Food
148(SMTH) Smith Hall
149(SOCC) Soccer Complex
150(SOIL) Soil Erosion Laboratory, National
151(SPUR) Spurgeon (Tom) Golf Training Center
152(SSOF) State Street Office Facility
153(STDM) Ross-Ade Stadium
154(STEW) Stewart Center
155(STON) Stone (Winthrop E.) Hall
156(TARK) Tarkington (Newton Booth) Residence Hall
157(TEL) Telecommunications Building
158(TERM) Terminal Building
159(TERY) Terry (Oliver P.) Memorial House
160(TH1-6) Tee-Hangars 1 Through 6
161(TREC) Turf Recreation Exercise Center
162(TSWF) Transportation Service Wash Facility
163(UNIV) University Hall
164(UPOB) Utility Plant Office Building
165(UPOF) Utility Plant Office Facility
166(UPSB) Utility Plant Storage Building
167(VA1) Veterinary Animal Isolation Building 1
168(VA2) Veterinary Animal Isolation Building 2
169(VAWT) Vawter (Everett B.) Residence Hall
170(VCPR) Veterinary Center For Paralysis Research
171(VIC) Visitor Information Center
172(VLAB) Veterinary Laboratory Animal Building
173(VMIF) Veterinary Medicine Isolation Facility
174(VOIN) Voinoff (Samuel) Golf Pavilion
175(VPRB) Veterinary Pathobiology Research Building
176(VPTH) Veterinary Pathology Building
177(WADE) Wade (Walter W.) Utility Plant
178(WARN) Warren (Martha E. And Eugene K.) Residence Hall
179(WDCT) Wiley Dining Court
180(WEST) Westwood (President's Home)
181(WGLR) Women's Golf Locker Room
182(WILY) Wiley (Harvey W.) Residence Hall
183(WOOD) Wood Residence Hall
184(WSLR) Whistler (Roy L.) Hall Of Agricultural Research
185(WTHR) Wetherill (Richard Benbridge) Laboratory Of Chemistry
186(YONG) Young (Ernest C.) Hall
187(ZL1) Combustion Research Laboratory
188(ZL2) Gas Dynamics Research Laboratory
189(ZL3) High Pressure Research Laboratory
190(ZL4) Propulsion Research Laboratory
191(ZL5) Turbomachinery Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
192Car / Van Rentals & Charter Bus

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