Coppin State University Campus Map

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1Administrative Services (AS)
2Auxiliary Gym (AG)
3Campus Square (Quad)
4Classrooms / Labs & Fitness Center (CF)
5Coppin Center Plaza (CC)
6Daley Residence Hall (DA)
7Dedmond Residence Hall (DE)
8Early Childshood Demo Suite (ECDS)
9Elevator Stair Tower (ES)
10Frances Murphy Research (FM)
11Grace Hills Jacobs (GJ)
12Health & Human Services Building (HHSB)
13J. Millard Tawes Center (JT)
14James Weldon Johnson Aufitorium (JJ)
15Loading Dock (LD)
16Miles Connor Administration (MC)
17Parlett Moore Library (PM)
18Percy Julian Science (College of of Business Renov) (PJ)
19Physical Education Complex (PEC)
20Satelite Central Utility Plant (SCUP)
21Satellite Central Utility Plant (SCUP)
22Science & Technology Center (Under Construction) (STC)
23Softball Field (SF)
24Sports Arena (SA)
25Swimming Pool (SP)
26Talon Center (TC)
27Tennis Courts (TC)
28Track / Soccer Field (TF)

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