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11100 Kinnear Rd (KI)
2115 W Lane Ave
3121 W Lane Ave
41212-1218 Kinnear Rd
51224 Kinnear Rd (KR)
61245 Kinnear Rd
7127 W Lane Ave
81275 Kinnear Rd
91314 Kinnear Rd
101315 Kinnear Rd (MB)
11141 E 15th Ave
121836 High St.
1318th Avenue Library (SE)
141900 Kenny Rd. (KE)
151929 Kenny Rd.
162030 Kenny Rd.
17209 W. 18th Avenue (EA)
182470 North Star Rd
19265 W 11th Ave
202941 Kenny Rd.
2133 W. 11th Ave
22395 W. 12th Ave
2345 W 11th Ave
2453 W. 11th Ave
25600-640,670,680 Ackerman Road (AK)
26650 Ackerman Rd
27660 Ackerman
28760 Kinnear Rd
29770 Kinnear Rd (L)
30807 Kinnear Rd (KA)
31930 Kinnear Rd
32960 Kinnear Rd
33Adventure Recreation Center (AR)
34Aeronautical and Astronautical Research Laboratory
35Agricultural Administration Building (AA)
36Agricultural Engineering Building (AE)
37Agronomy Field Greenhouse
38Agronomy Turf Research Building
39Airport Drive
40Animal Science Building (AS)
41Archer House
42Aronoff Laboratory (AL)
43Arps Hall (AP)
44Athletics Training Center (golf)
45Atwell Hall (AH)
46Baker Hall (East & West)
47Baker Systems Engineering (BE)
48Barrett House
49Bevis Hall (BH)
50Biological Sciences Building (BI)
51Biological Sciences Greenhouses
52Biomedical Research Tower (BT)
53Blackburn House
54Blackwell Inn at Fisher College
55Blankenship Hall
56Bloch Cancer Survivors Plaza
57Bolz Hall (BO)
58Bradley Hall
59Bricker Hall (BK)
60Browning Amphitheater
61Buckeye Field
62Buckeye Village Community Center
63Buckeye Village Student Housing Administration Building
64Buckeye Village Student Housing Recreation Hall
65Buckeye Village Student Housing Unit A
66Caldwell Laboratory (CL)
67Campbell Hall
68Campus Gateway Barnes & Noble
69Campus Shop Building
70Canfield Hall
71Celeste Laboratory of Chemistry (CE)
72Center for Integrative Medicine
73Center of Science and Industry (COSI)
74Central Service Building
75Chadwick Arboretum
76Chemical Abstracts Service
77Chemical and Bio Engineering
78Chemistry Building
79Child Care Center
80Cockins Hall (CH)
81Community Extension Center (CX)
82Comprehensive Cancer Center
83Converse Hall (CV)
84Cryogenic Laboratory
85Cunz Hall (CZ)
86Dairy Calf Barn
87Dairy Loose Housing Barn
88Dairy Research Barn
89Davis Baseball Stadium
90Davis Heart and Lung Research Inst (HR)
91Davis Medical Research Center (DV)
92Denney Hall (DE)
93Derby Hall (DB)
94Doan Hall (DN)
95Dodd Hall (DO)
96Dodridge St. (250 W)
97Drackett Tower
98Drake Performance and Event Center (DR)
99Dreese Laboratories (DL)
100Drinko Hall (DI)
101Dulles Hall (DU)
102Edison Joining Technology Center (ED)
103Electroscience Laboratory
104Enarson Classrooms Building (CC)
105Evans Hall
106Evans Laboratory (EL)
107Faculty Club
108Fawcett Center (CT)
109Fechko Alumnae Scholarship House
110Fisher Commons
111Fisher Hall (FI)
112Fontana Laboratories (FL)
113Fred Beekman Park
114French Field House (FF)
115Fry Hall (FR)
116Galbreath Equine Center
117Gateway Building B
118Gateway Building C
119Gerlach Graduate Programs Bldg (GE)
120German House
121Goss Laboratory (GL)
122Graves Hall (GR)
123Hagerty Hall (HH)
124Hale Hall (HL)
125Halloran House
126Hamilton Hall (HM)
127Hanley Alumnae Scholarship House
128Harding Hospital
129Haskett Hall (HK)
130Haverfield House
131Hayes Hall
132Heffner Wetland Research & Education Building (HW)
133Heifer Barn
134Herrick Dr, 393
135Hitchcock Hall (HI)
136Hopkins Hall (HC)
137Houck House
138Howlett Greenhouses (HG)
139Howlett Hall (HT)
140Hughes Hall (HU)
141Ice Rink (IR)
142Independence Hall (IH)
143Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research (BR)
144James Cancer Hospital & Solove Research Institute (JA)
145Jennings Hall (JE)
146Jesse Owens Memorial Stadium (JO)
147Jesse Owens Recreation Center North (NR)
148Jesse Owens Recreation Center South (SR)
149Jesse Owens West Park
150Jesse Owens West Tennis Center (WR)
151Johnston Laboratory
152Jones Tower
153Journalism Building (JR)
154Kennedy Commons
155Kinnear Road Center-Building A
156Kinnear Road Center-Building B
157Kinnear Road Center-Building C
158Kinnear Road Center-Building D
159Kinnear Road Center-Building E
160Knowlton Hall (KN)
161Koffolt Laboratories (KL)
162Kottman Hall (KH)
163Kuhn Honors & Scholars House (HN)
164Lane Avenue Residence Hall
165Laundry Building
166Lazenby Hall (LZ)
167Library Book Depository
168Lincoln Tower (LT)
169Lincoln Tower Park
170Longaberger Alumni House
171Mack Hall
172Macquigg Laboratory (MQ)
173Main Dairy Barn
174Maintenance Building
175Mason Hall (MH)
176Mathematics Building (MA)
177Mathematics Tower (MW)
178McCampbell Hall (MC)
179McCorkle Aquatic Pavilion (MK)
181McPherson Chemical Lab (MP)
182Meiling Hall (ME)
183Mendenhall Laboratory (ML)
184Mershon Auditorium (MM)
185Mershon Center (MN)
186Mirror Lake
187Moody-Hall Neighborhood Policing Center
188Morehouse Medical Plaza-Concourse
189Morehouse Medical Plaza-Pavilion
190Morehouse Medical Plaza-Tower
191Morrill Tower (MT)
192Morrison Tower
193Mount Hall (MO)
194Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center (FO)
195Neil Building
196Neilwood Gables
197Newman & Wolfrom Lab of Chemistry
198Newton Hall (NH)
199Nicklaus Museum (NK)
200North Commons
201Northwood-High Building (NO)
202Norton House
203Nosker House
204Ohio Stadium (ST)
205Ohio Union (OU)
206Original Storage Building
207Ornamental Plant Germplasm Center
208Orton Hall (OR)
209OSU Electric Substation
210OSU Family Practice on South High
211Oxley Hall (OX)
212Page Hall (PA)
213Park-Stradley Hall
214Parker Food Science and Technology (FS)
215Parking Garage - 11th Avenue
216Parking Garage - 12th Avenue
217Parking Garage - 9th Avenue East
218Parking Garage - 9th Avenue West
219Parking Garage - Cannon Dr. North and South
220Parking Garage - Gateway
221Parking Garage - Hospitals
222Parking Garage - Lane Avenue
223Parking Garage - Morehouse Medical Plaza
224Parking Garage - Neil Avenue
225Parking Garage - Northwest
226Parking Garage - Ohio Union North
227Parking Garage - Ohio Union South
228Parking Garage - Tuttle Park Place
229Parking Garage - West Lane
230Parking Garage B - Arps
231Parks Hall (PK)
232Paterson Hall
233Pennsylvania Place (PN)
234Pfahl Executive Education Building (PF)
235Physical Activities & Education Services (PAES / PE)
236Physics Research Building (PY)
237Plumb Hall (PL)
238Pomerene Alumnae Scholarship House
239Pomerene Hall (PO)
240Postle Hall (PH)
241Poultry Breeding House 3
242Poultry Brooding House 2
243Pressey Hall (PR)
244Printing Facility
245Prior Hall (Health Sciences Library) (HS)
246Psychology Building (PS)
247Radiation Dosimetry Calibration Facility
248Ramseyer Hall (RA)
249Raney Commons
250Recreation Field Support/Utility Building
251Recreation Service Building
252Research Center (RC)
253Residences on Tenth
254Rhodes Hall-University Hospital (RD)
255Riffe Building (RF)
256Rightmire Hall (RH)
257Riverwatch Tower
258Ross Heart Hospital (RO)
259Rothenbuhler Honey Bee Research Lab
260Royer Student Activities Center (RY)
261RPAC - Recreation & Physical Activity Center (RP)
262Sandefur Wetland Pavilion
263Schoenbaum Family Center
264Schoenbaum Hall
265Scholars House East
266Scholars House West
267Schottenstein Center
268Science Village
269Scott Hall (SC)
270Scott House
271Scott Laboratory (SO)
272Service Building Annex
273Sherman Studio Art Center (SA)
274Siebert Hall
275Sisson Hall (SI)
276Smith Laboratory (SM)
277Smith-Steeb Hall
278St. John Arena (SJ)
279Starling Loving Hall (SL)
280State of Ohio Computer Center (N)
281Stillman Hall (SH)
282Stores and Receiving Building
283Student Academic Services Building (SAS)
284Sullivant Hall (SU)
286Taylor Tower (TT)
287The Oval
288Thompson Library, William Oxley Memorial (LI)
290Townshend Hall (TO)
291Turfgrass Foundation Research & Education Facility
292Tzagournis Medical Research Facility
293University Development
294University Hall
295University Plaza Hotel
296Urban Arts Space
297Van De Graaff Laboratory (VG)
298Veterinary Medical Center (VE)
299Veterinary Medicine Academic Building
300Waterman Laboratory Headquarters
301Watts Hall (WA)
302Weigel Hall (WH)
303Wexner Center for the Arts (WX)
304Wilce Student Health Center (WS)
305Wiseman Hall (WI)
306Women's Field House (WO)
307Woody Hayes Athletic Center (WD)
308Worthington Building
309Younkin Success Center (YN)

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