Angelo State University Campus Map

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1Academic / Cavness Science Emergency Call Box
2Academic Building
3Administrative Support Center
4ASU Lake House and Facility
5Baptist Student Center
6Business Resource Center
7Campus Green
8Carr Education-Fine Arts Building
10Carr Hall Emergency Call box
11Carr Residence Hall
12Cavness Science Building
13Centennial Village
14Centennial Village East Emergency Call Box
15Center for Community Wellness, Engagement and Development
16Center for Human Performance
17Center for Human Performance AED (East)
18Center for Human Performance AED (North)
19Center for Human Performance AED (West)
20Central Plant AED
21Christian Campus Center
22Concho Hall
23Concho Hall Emergency Call Box
24East Annex
25EFA/Academic Emergency Call Box
26Facilities Management
27Facilities Management AED
28Food Service Center and Snack Bar
29Foster Field
30General Services Building
31Hardeman Student Services Center
32Herrington House
33Home of Champions Monument
34Houston Harte University Center
35Intramural Field Emergency Call Box
36Intramural Fields
37Junell Center AED
38Junell Center/Stephens Arena
39Lake House AED
40LDS Institute of Religion
41LeGrand Alumni and Visitors Center
42LeGrand Sports Complex
43Mall Area at CHP Emergency Call Box
44Management, Instruction and Research Center
45Mary Massie Residence Hall
46Mathematics-Computer Science Building
47Mayer Administration Building
48Memorial Oak Grove
50Newman Center
51Norris Baseball Clubhouse
52Parking Lot 1 Emergency Call Box
54Pavilion Emergency Call Box
55Plaza Verde
56Plaza Verde Emergency Call Box
57Porter Henderson Library
58Porter Henderson Library AED
59Rassman Building
60Reidy Building
61Robert Massie Residence Hall
62Robert Massie Residence Hall Emergency Call Box
63Roscoe's Den
64San Angelo Stadium
65Sand Volleyball Court
66SAY Baseball Complex
67Science III
68Soccer/Softball Fields Emergency Call Box
69Softball Field AED
70Student Gathering Area (East)
71Student Gathering Area (West)
72Super Slab
73Super Slab Emergency Call Box
74Tennis Courts (North)
75Tennis Courts (South)
76Texan Hall
77Texan Residence Hall Emergency Call Box
78The Quest
79Tippett House
80United Campus Ministries
81University Center AED
82University Center North Emergency Call Box
83University Clinic
84University Clinic AED
85University Police
86Vanderventer Apartments
87Vanderventer Emergency Call Box
88Varsity Football Practice Field
89Varsity Soccer Field
90Varsity Softball Complex
91Vincent Nursing-Physical Science Building
92Vincent Nursing-Physical Science Building AED
93West Annex
94World Famous Gum Tree

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