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1Ablah Library (AL)
2Admissions (Undergraduate)
3Advanced Education in General Dentistry (DB)
4Ahlberg Hall (AH)
5Alumni Association
6Beech (Walter H.) Wind Tunnel
7Blake Hall (KMUW-FM) (BH)
8Board of Trustees
9Bombardier Learjet Practice Facility
11Brennan I, II, III (BR)
12CAC Theater (CA)
14Campus Activities Center (CAC)
15Career Services
16Center for Student Leadership
17Central Services, Purchasing
18Cessna Stadium
19Charles Koch Arena (KA)
20Clinton Hall (CH)
21College of Education
22College of Engineering
23College of Fine Arts
24College of Health Professions
25Computing Center
26Conferences and Non-Credit Programs
27Cooperative Education
28Corbin Education Center (CE)
29Counseling and Testing Center
30Credit Union (CU)
31Devlin Hall (DH)
32Duerksen Fine Arts Center (DA)
33Eck Stadium (Tyler Field) (ES)
34Edwin A. Ulrich Museum of Art
35Elliott Hall (EH)
36Engineering Building (EB)
37Engineering Research Lab (ER)
38Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
39Fairmount Commons (FT)
40Fairmount Towers
41Financial Aid
42Financial Operations
43Fiske Hall (FH)
44Gaddis Physical Plant Complex (PC)
45Geology Building (GE)
46Golf Course, Braeburn
47Grace Memorial Chapel (GM)
48Grace Wilkie Hall (GW)
49Graduate School
50Henrion Hall (HG)
51Heskett Center (HC)
52Honors Program
53Housing and Residence Life
54Hughes Metropolitan Complex (29th and Oliver) (MX)
55Human Resources Center (HR)
56Institutional Research
57Intensive English Language Center Annex (IA)
58Jabara Hall (JB)
59James S. Garvey International Center (GI)
60Jardine Hall (JH)
61KMUW-FM (See Blake Hall)
62Liberal Arts and Sciences Advising Center
63Lindquist Hall (LH)
64Marcus Welcome Center (MR)
65McKinley Hall (MH)
66McKnight Art Center (MK)
67Media Resources Center (ME)
68Memorial '70
69Morrison Hall
70National Institute for Aviation Research (AR)
71Neff Hall (NH)
72Newman Center
73Office of Disability Services
74Police Department
75Post Office
76President's Residence
77President, Vice Presidents
78Printing Services
79R. Dee Hubbard Hall (HH)
81Rhatigan Student Center (RSC)
82School of Art and Design
83School of Music and Miller Concert Hall
84School of Performing Arts
85Sheldon Coleman Tennis Complex
86Small Business Development Center
87South Campus (SC)
88Speech - Language - Hearing Clinic
89Student Affairs
90Student Health Services
91Student Health Services (See Ahlberg Hall)
92Student Support Services
93University Child Development Center (CD)
94University Relations
95Veterans Hospital (5500 E. Kellogg) (VA)
96Visual Communications (VC)
97W. Frank Barton School of Business
98Wallace Hall (WH)
100West Campus (37th and Maize) (WC)
101Wheatshocker Apartments (WS)
102Wichita Radio Reading Service
103Wiedemann Hall (WI)
104Wilner Auditorium (WA)
105Woodman Alumni Center (WC)
106WSU Foundation

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