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1All Knight Study (FC-A)
2Alpha Delta Pi - Sorority (ADLT)
3Alpha Tau Omega - Fraternity (ATO)
4Alpha Xi Delta - Sorority (AXD)
6Aquarius Courtyard (SA55)
7Aquarius Courtyard (SA56)
8Aquarius Courtyard (SA57)
9Aquarius Courtyard (SA58)
10Aquarius Courtyard (SA59)
11Arboretum (TR25)
12Art Gallery (VAB)
13Band Storage (LS30)
14Barbara Ying Center (BYC)
15Baseball Field
16Bennett Research II
17Bio Molecular Meeting Portable (LS01)
18Biological Sciences (BL)
19Biological Transgenic Greenhouse (BTG)
20Biology Field Research Center (BFRC)
21Biomolecular Research Annex (BMRA)
22BPW Scholarship House (BPW)
23Brevard Hall (BREV)
24Bright House Networks Stadium (BHNS)
25Burnett Honors College (BHC)
26Burnett House (PRS)
27Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences (COM)
28Business Administration (BA)
29Business Administration II (BA2)
30Career Services and Experiential Learning (CSEL)
31Center for Emerging Media (CEM)
32Center for Humanities and Digital Research (TR41)
33Center for Multilingual Multicultural Studies (MMC)
34CFE Arena (ARNA)
35Challenge Course
36Chemistry (CH)
37Citrus Hall (CIH)
38Classroom Building I (CL1)
39Colbourn Hall (CNH)
40College of Arts & Humanities (CAH)
41College of Sciences (CS)
42Counseling Center (COUN)
43Creative School (CRTR)
44Creative School for Children (CRSC)
46CREOL Gradute Study Office (LS22)
47Delta Delta Delta (TRID)
48Disc Golf Course
49Diversity Initiatives (MO12)
50Early Childhood Center (ECC)
51Education Complex and Gym (ED)
52Emergency Operation Center (EOC)
53Engine Research Lab (ERL)
54Engineering Field Lab (EFL)
55Engineering I (ENGR)
56Engineering II (ENG2)
57Engineering Research Pavilion (ENP)
58Facilities and Safety (FSC)
59Faculty Offices (MOD4)
60Fairwinds Alumni Center (FAC)
61Ferrell Commons - G (FC-G)
62Fire Station (FS65)
63Flagler Hall (FLH)
64Football Practice Field
65Gemini Courtyard (SA66)
66Gemini Courtyard (SA67)
67Gemini Courtyard (SA68)
68Gemini Courtyard (SA69)
69Gemini Courtyard (SA70)
70Harris Corporation Engineering Center (HEC)
71Health & Public Affairs I (HPA)
72Health & Public Affairs II (HPA2)
73Health Center & Pharmacy (HC)
74Hercules 108 (AV08)
75Hercules 109 (AV09)
76Hercules 110 (AV10)
77Hercules 111 (AV11)
78Hercules 112 (AV12)
79Hercules 113 (AV13)
80Hercules 114 (AV14)
81Hercules 115 (AV15)
82Housing Administration (HAB)
83Howard Phillips Hall (PH)
84IN VIVO Research
85Innovative Center (IC)
86Jay Bergman Field - Baseball Stadium (JBF)
87John T. Washington Center (JTWC)
88Kappa Alpha Theta - Sorority
89Kappa Delta Sorority (KDLT)
90Kappa Sigma - Fraternity (KSIG)
91Knight's Circle
92Knight's Pantry
93Knightro's (KTRS)
94Knights Plaza I (KP1)
95Lake Claire Community Office and Center (SA65)
96Lake Claire Recreational Area
97Lake Hall (LAH)
98Leisure Pool Services (LPS)
99Libra Community Center (COMN)
100Library (LR)
101Live Oak Ballroom/Garden Room (FC-A)
102Marketplace Dining Hall (FC-D)
103Mathematical Sciences Building (MSB)
104Medical Education Building (COM)
105Memory Mall
106Millican Hall (MH)
107MMAE Facility (MMAE)
108Morgridge International Reading Center (MIRC)
109Nature Pavilion (NRP)
110Nicholson Fieldhouse (NFH)
111Nicholson School of Communication (COMM)
112Nike 101 (AV1)
113Nike 102 (AV2)
114Nike 103 (AV3)
115Nike 104 (AV4)
116Nike 105 (AV5)
117Nike 106 (AV6)
118Nike 107 (AV7)
119Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities (FC-C)
120Orange County School System (T546)
121Orange Hall (ORNG)
122Orlando Tech Center (OTC3)
123Orlando Tech Center - Bldg. 500 (OTC5)
124Orlando Tech Center - Bldg. 600 (OTC6)
125Osceola Hall (OSH)
126Parking & Transportation Services
127Partnership I (CPS)
128Partnership II (P2)
129Partnership III (P3)
130Pegasus Courtyard (SA60)
131Pegasus Courtyard (SA61)
132Pegasus Courtyard (SA62)
133Pegasus Courtyard (SA63)
134Pegasus Courtyard (SA64)
135Performing Arts Center (PAC)
136Performing Arts Center Music (PAC)
137Performing Arts Center Theatre (PAC)
138Physical Education Support (PESP)
139Physical Sciences (PSB)
140Pi Beta Phi - Sorority (PIBP)
141Polk Hall (POH)
142Print Shop (PRNT)
143Progress Energy Welcome Center (UWC)
144Psychology Building (PSY)
145Public Safety Building (Police) (UPD)
146Rec Field Maintenance (RFM)
147Rec Serv Field Restroom (RSFR)
148Rec Serv Pavilion (RSP)
149Rec Serv Soccer Field Pavilion (RSSP)
150Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC)
151Recycling Center (RC)
152Reflecting Pond
153Reflections Kiosk (KSK)
154Rehearsal Hall (RH)
155Research Pavilion (PVL)
156Retirement Planning & Investments / Athletics (LS23)
157Robinson Observatory (OBSV)
158Rosen College Apartments
160ROTC 2
161ROTC 3
162ROTC 4
163RWC Park
164SDES Information Technology (FC-B)
165Seminole Hall (SEMN)
166Sigma Alpha Epsilon - Fraternity (SAEP)
167Sigma Chi - Fraternity (SCHI)
168Simulation, Training and Technology Center (STTC)
169Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
170Soccer Practice Field
171Softball Stadium (SBS)
172SRC Auditorium (FC-E)
173Storm Water Research Lab (SWRL)
174Student Disability Services (FC-F)
175Student Union (STUN)
176Sumter Hall (SUH)
177Teaching Academy (TA)
178Technology Commons I (CC1)
179Technology Commons II (CC2)
180Technology Incubator (IRIF)
181The Pointe at Central
182The Venue
183Theatre (TH)
184Tower I (T1)
185Tower II (T2)
186Tower III (T3)
187Tower IV (T4)
188Track & Soccer Field (TS)
189UCF House (UCFH)
190UCF Wild Animal Facility (WAF)
191University Tech Center (UTC)
192University Tower (UTWR)
193Utility Plant / HVAC (UTI)
194Veterans Commemorative Site
195Visitor and Parking Information Center (VPI)
196Visual Arts Building (VAB)
197Volusia Hall (VOH)
198Water Tower (WT)
199Wayne Densch Center I (WD1)
200Wayne Densch Center II (WD2)
201Wayne Densch Sports Center (WDSC)
202Zeta Tau Alpha - Sorority (ZETA)

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