Saint Cloud State University Campus Map

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1801 Building (801B)
2Administrative Services (AS)
3Alumni House (AH)
4American Indian Center (AIC)
5Atwood Memorial Center (AMC)
6Benton Hall (BTH)
7Brown Hall (BH) (BH)
8Business Building (G.R. Herberger College of Business) (BB)
9Carol Hall (CRH)
10Case Hall (CSH)
11Centennial Hall (CH)
12Continuing Studies (in Shoemaker Hall) (CCS)
13Eastman Hall (EH)
14Education Building (EB)
15Engineering & Computing Center (ECC)
16Field (FLD)
17Garvey Commons (GC)
18Halenbeck Hall (HaH)
19Headley Hall (HH)
20Health Center (HiHH)
21Heating Plant (HP)
22Hill Hall (HiH)
23Holes Hall (HoH)
24Husky Hub (Hub)
25Husy Stadium (HS)
26James W. Miller Learning Resource Center (library) (MC)
27Kiehle Visual Arts Center (KVAC)
28Lawrence Hall (LH)
29Maintenance Building (MB)
30Mitchell Hall (MH)
31National Hockey center (NHC)
32North Office Center (NOC)
33NSP Building (NSP)
34Parking Ramp (future Site) (PR)
35Performing Arts Center (PA)
36Public Safety (PS)
37Richard Green House (RGH)
38Ritsche Auditorium (Stewart Hall)
39Riverview (RGH)
40Robert H. Wick Science Building (Planetarium) (WSB)
41Sherburne Hall (SBH)
42Shoemaker Hall (SMH)
43Stateview North (SVN)
44Stateview South (SVS)
45Stearns Hall (STH)
46Stewart Hall (Ritsche Auditorium) (SH)
47Student Recreation Center (SRC)
48Whitney House (WH)
49Women's Center (WC)

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