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15th Ave. Parking Garage Facility (FPF)
2Barnes and Noble College Booksellers (B&N)
3Bayboro Hall (BAY)
4Center for Ocean Technology (COT)
5Central Utility Plant (CUP)
6Children's Research Institute (CRI)
7Coquina Hall (COQ)
8Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
9Haney Landing - Sailing Center (HNY)
10Harbor Hall (HBR)
11ISFSP Research Lab (URL)
12Knight Oceanographic Research Center (KRC)
13Lowell E. Davis Memorial Hall (DAV)
14Marine Science Laboratory (MSL)
15Marine Shop and Warehouse (MSW)
16National Oceanic & Atmospheric ADM
17Nelson Poynter Memorial Library (POY)
18One Fifth Avenue South Building (ONE)
19Peter Rudy Wallace FL Center for Teachers (PRW)
20Pianoman Building (PNM)
21Plant Operations / Receiving (POR)
23Poynter Institute for Media Studies
24Recreation Field
25Residence Hall One (RHO)
26Science Technology (STG)
27Snell House (SNL)
28Special Services Building (SVB)
29Student Life Center (SLC)
30The Grind / Tavern At Bayboro
31The Terrace (TER)
32U.S. Geological Survey
33University Police Services (POL)
34University Student Center (USC)
35USF Federal Credit Union
36Welcome Center (WEL)
37Williams House (WMS)
38YWCA/USF Family Village

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