University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Campus Map

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1Alumni House (AH)
2Architecture and Urban Planning (AUP)
3Art Building (ART)
4Arts Center (AC)
5Arts Center Lecture Hall (ACL)
6Aurora Sinai Medical Center (ASMC)
7Bolton Hall (BOL)
8Cambridge Commons (CAMB)
9Chapman Hall (CHA)
10Chemistry Building (CHM)
11Community Audiology Services (CMAS)
12Continuing Education Plankinton Building (CEP)
13Cozzens and Cudahy Research Center (CCRC)
14Cunningham Hall (CUN)
15Curtin Hall (CRT)
16Downer Woods (DW)
17Eastlake Towers (ELTR)
18Enderis Hall (END)
19Engelmann Hall (ENG)
20Engelmann Stadium (ENS)
21Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS)
22Garland Hall (GAR)
23Global Water Center (GLWC)
24Golda Meir Library (GML)
25Great Lakes Research Facility (GLRF)
26Greene Hall (GRH)
27Greene Museum (GRM)
28Grounds Building (GRD)
29Heating Plant (HP)
30Hefter Conference Center (HCC)
31Holton Hall (HLT)
32Honors House (HON)
33Johnston Hall (JOH)
34Kenilworth Square Apartments (KSA)
35Kenilworth Square East (KSE)
36Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex (KEN)
37Klotsche Center (KC)
38Kunkle Center (KUN)
39Lapham Hall (LAP)
40Lubar Hall (LUB)
41Mellencamp Hall (MEL)
42Merrill Hall (MER)
43Mitchell Hall (MIT)
44Moynihan Field (MOY)
45Music Building (MUS)
46Norris Health Center (NHC)
47Northwest Quadrant (NWQ)
48Northwest Quadrant A (NWQ A)
49Northwest Quadrant B (NWQ B)
50Northwest Quadrant C (NWQ C)
51Northwest Quadrant D (NWQ D)
52Northwest Quadrant E (NWQ E)
53Northwest Quadrant Garage (NWQ G)
54Pavilion (PAV)
55Pearse Hall (PER)
56Physics Building (PHY)
57Purin Hall (PUR)
58Ring Building (RING)
59RiverView Residence Hall (RVW)
60Sabin Hall (SAB)
61Sandburg Residence Hall (SAN)
62Saukville Field Station (SFS)
63Spaights Plaza (SP)
64Student Union (UN)
65Theatre Building (THR)
66University Services and Research Building (USR)
67Vogel Hall (VOG)
68WUWM Chase Tower (WUWM)
69Zelazo Center For The Performing Arts (ZEL)
70Zilber School of Public Health (ZSPH)

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