UW Whitewater Campus Map

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1Alumni Center (AC)
2Ambrose Health Center (HC)
3Andersen Library (L)
4Arey Hall (AR)
5Baseball Building (BB)
6Benson Hall (BE)
7Berezowitz Student Athletics Complex (SA)
8Bigelow Hall (BG)
9Campus Ministry (CM)
10Clem Hall (CL)
11Connor University Center (UC)
12DLK Kachel Fieldhouse (KF)
13Drumin Hall (DR)
14Esker Hall (EK)
15Fischer Hall (FI)
16Fricker Hall (FR)
17General Services Building (GS)
18Goodhue Hall (GO)
19Greenhill Center of the Arts (CA)
20Heide Hall (HE)
21Hyer Hall (HY)
22Hyland Hall (HH)
23Irvin L. Young Auditorium (YA)
24Knilans Hall (KN)
25Laurentilde Hall (LT)
26Lee Hall (LE)
27McCutcham Hall (MC)
28McGraw Hall (MG)
29Moraine Bookstore (MO)
30Observatory (OB)
31Perkins Stadium (ST)
32Power Plant (PP)
33Roseman Building (RS)
34Starin Hall (SN)
35Tutt Hall (TU)
36Upham Hall (UH)
37Visitor Center (VC)
38Wellers Hall (WR)
39Wells Hall East (WE)
40Wells Hall West (WW)
41White Hall (WT)
42Williams Center (WC)
43Winther Hall (WH)

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