University of Maryland-Baltimore County Campus Map

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1Academic Services Building
2Administration Building
3Administration Drive Garage
4Admissions, Graduate (2nd floor Administration Building)
5Admissions, Undergraduate
6Albin O. Kuhn Library & Gallery
7Alumni House
8Antietam (ANT)
9Apartment Community Center
10Biological Sciences Building
11Bookstore, The Commons
12Breton (BRE)
13bwtech@UMBC North - Research Park
14bwtech@UMBC South - Incubator and Accelerator
15Casselman (CAS)
16Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture (105 Fine Arts Building)
17Central Plant
18Chesapeake Hall
19Chester (CHS)
20Chincoteague (CHI)
21Choptank (CHO)
22Commons Drive Garage
23Deep Creek (DPC)
24Elk (ELK)
25Engineering Building
26Erickson Hall
27Facilities Management Building
28Fine Arts Building
30Gunpowder (GUN)
31Harbor Hall
32Information Technology / Engineering Building (ITE)
33Lot 7
34Magothy (MAG)
35Manokin (MAN)
36Mathematics & Psychology Building
37Meyerhoff Chemistry Building
38Monocacy (MON)
39Nanticoke (NAN)
40Parking Services
41Patapsco Hall
42Patuxent (PTX)
43Performing Arts and Humanities Building
44Physics Building
45Pocomoke (POC)
46Potomac Hall
47Public Policy Building
48Recital Hall (118 Fine Arts Building)
49Recreation House
50Retriever Activities Center (RAC)
51ROTC House
52Sassafras (SAS)
53Satellite Utility Plant
54Severn (SEV)
55Sherman Hall (Formerly Academic IV Building)
56Sideling (SDL)
57Sondheim Hall
58Student Development & Success Center (SDSC)
59Surge Facility 1
60Susquehanna Hall
61Tangier (TAN)
62Tech 2 Building
63Technology Research Center (TRC)
64The Commons
65Theatre (103 Performing Arts and Humanities Building)
66True Grit's
67Tuckahoe (TUC)
68University Center
69University Center Ballroom
70Walker Avenue Apartments
71Walker Avenue Garage
73Wicomico (WIC)
74Wye (WYE)

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