Prairie View A & M University Campus Map

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1A. I. Thomas Administration Building
2A. N. Poindexter Veterinary Clinic
3Alumni Hall
4Anderson Hall
5Athletics Administration Building
6Austin Greaux Chemical Engineering Building
7Baseball Field
8Basketball Court
9Blackshear Stadium
10Burleson-Ware Hall (BURL)
11C.W. Luckie Hall
12Campus Retail Park
13Carden-Waller Cooperative Extension Building (COOP)
14Community Center
15D. L. Brewer Naval ROTC Building (NROTC)
16Don K. Clark Building (JJPY)
17E. B. Evans Building
18E. E. O'Banion Science Building (NSCI)
19Electrical Engineering Building (NENR)
20Evans Hall
21Farm Manager Office
22Farrell Hall (Laundromat)
23Fry-Thomas Power Plant
24G. R. Woolfolk Political Science Building (WOOL)
25Gilchrist / C. L. Wilson Engineering Building (GILC / WILS)
26Governor Bill & Vera Daniels Farm and Ranch Entrance
28Harrington Science Building (HSCI)
29Hilliard Hall Communication Building (HILL)
30Hobart Thomas Taylor Sr. Building (HOBT)
31Holley Hall
32International Goat Research Building
33Jesse M. Drew Complex
34Jessie & Mary Gibbs Jones Agriculture Research Building
35John B. Coleman Library
36Johnson-Phillip All Faiths Chapel
37Jones Elementary
38L. O. Evans Faculty and Staff Dormitory
39Leroy G. Moore Jr. Intramural Gymnasium
40May Hall Home Economics Building (HMEC)
41Nathelyne Archie Kennedy Architecture Building (ARCH)
42New Academic Building (scheduled for 2015)
43New Student Park
44Owens-Franklin Health Center
45Physical Plant
46Police Station / Central Receiving
47Poultry Complex
48S. R. Collins Engineering Building (SRCO)
49Soccer Field
50Solar Observatory
51Student Park and Pavilion
52Swimming Pool
53Swine Complex
54Tennis Courts
55The First Administration Building
56The Prairie View Hospital
57The Prairie View Training School / Rosenwald School
58The President's House
59Thomas E. Gray Visitors Information Center
60Transportation Building
61University College
62University Village North
63University Village Phase 1 & 2
64US Post Office
65W. R. Banks Building (BNKS)
66Waste Water Treatment Plant
68Wilhelmina R. F. Delco Building (DELC)
69William Billy J. Nicks Field House (Baby Dome)
70Willie A. Tempton, Sr. Memorial Student Center

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