Seattle University Campus Map

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11001 Broadway Building (BDWY)
210th & East Columbia Lot (P2)
310th & East Jefferson Lot (P1)
41313 East Columbia Building (CLMB)
513th & East Cherry Lot (P6)
614th & East Jefferson Lot (P7)
7Administration Building (ADMN)
8Admissions & Alumni Building (ADAL)
9Archbishop Murphy Apartments (ATMA)
10Arrupe Jesuit Residence (ARRP)
11Bannan Engineering Building (ENGR)
12Bannan Science Building (BANN)
13Bellarmine Residence Hall (BELL)
14Broadway Garage (P3)
15Campion Residence Hall (CAMP)
16Casey Building (CASY)
17Championship Field (CHAF)
18Chapel of St. Ignatius (CHAP)
19Connolly Complex (CONN)
20Fine Arts Building (FINR)
21Garrand Building (GARR)
22Hunthausen Hall (HUNT)
23James C. Pigott Pavilion for Leadership (PAVL)
24James Tower (JMTW)
25Kolvenbach Residence 1217 (KV17)
26Kolvenbach Residence 1220 (KV20)
27Lee Center for the Arts (CNFA)
28Lemieux Library & McGoldrick Learning Commons (LEML)
29Logan Court 819 A,B,C (L19)
30Logan Court 821 B,C (L21)
31Loyola Hall (LOYA)
32Lynn Building (LYNN)
33Main Parking / Visitor Parking (P5)
34Murphy Garage (P4)
35O'Brien Center (OBRN)
36Pigott Building (PIGT)
37Rianna Building (RINA)
38School of Law Annex (LSAX)
39Seattle University Park (SUPK)
40Student Center (STCN)
41Sullivan Hall (SLLH)
42Teilhard de Chardin Hall (CHDN)
43The Douglas (DOUG)
44The Quad
45University Services Building (USVC)
46Xavier Residence Hall (XAVR)

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