Pharmacy at Belmont

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1Barbara Neely Dining Room
2Baskin Center
3Beaman Student Life Center
4Bear House
5Bell Tower
6Belmont Commons
7Belmont Mansion (BELMAN)
8Bernard Cooperative Center for Study Abroad
9Bruin Hills
10Bunch Library
11Campus Security
12Campus Security Operations Center
13Campus Store
14Career Services (2nd Floor)
15Center for Social Entrepreneurship, 1513 Compton
17Corner Court (dining)
18Counseling Services (2nd Floor)
19Curb Cafe (dining)
20Curb Event Center
21Curb Garage (P)
22Curb Music Business Center
23Department of Sport Science
24Dickens Hall (P)
25Dynamo Room
27Facilities Management Services
28Fidelity Hall (FID)
29Foutch Alumni House
30Freeman Hall (FRHALL)
31Gabhart Student Center Cafeteria(dining) (GCMSC)
32Gordon E. (P)
33Hail Hall (HAHALL)
34Harton Hall (HRH)
35Health Services
36Heron Hall (HRHALL)
38Hitch Building (HSB)
39Honors House
40Horrell Hall
41Inman Center
42Jack C. Copy Center
43Kennedy Hall
44Kitty B. West Amphitheatre (KBWAMP)
45Leu Art Gallery (LEU)
46Leu Center for the Visual Arts (LCVA)
47Lila D. Bruin Grounds (dining)
48Little Theatre
49Maddox Grand Atrium
50Maddox Hall
51Mail Services - Central Receiving
52Massey Business Center (MC)
53Massey Hall (MCH)
54Massey Performing Arts Center (MPA)
55Max Kade House
56McAfee Concert Hall
57McAlister's Deli (dining)
58McWhorter Hall (P)
59North Garage (P)
60Patton Hall
61Pembroke Hall (PMHALL)
63Potter Hall
64Sandella's Flatbread Cafe (dining)
66The Randall and Sadie (P)
67Thrailkill Garage (P)
68Thrailkill Hall
69TN Arts Academy
70Troutt / Blackbox Theater Complex
71Two Oaks Hall
72University Ministries
73We Proudly Brew (dining)
74Wedgewood Academic Center (P)
75What's Bruin (dining)
76Wheeler Building (WHB)
77Wilson Music Building (WMB)
78Wright Hall, Residence Life

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