Honors Hall at Cal U

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1Ascent of Humanity
2Azorsky Hall (AZO)
3Basketball / Tennis Courts
4Bookers Tower
5Carter Hall (CAR)
6Ceramics Lab (CER)
7Coover Hall (COO)
8Dixon Hall (DIX)
9Downey-Garafolo Health and Fitness Center
10Duda Hall (DUA)
11Eberly Hall (EBE)
12Emeriti Fountain
13Frich Hall (FRI)
14Future Convocation Center
15Future Site of Manderino Parking Garage
16Gallagher Hall (GAL)
17Hamer Hall (HAM)
18Heating Plant (HPL)
19Helsel Hall (HSL)
20Herron Hall (HER)
21Honors Hall
22Johnson Hall (JOH)
23Kara Alumni House (KAR)
24Keystone Hall (KEY)
25Maintenance Annex C (MAC)
26Maintenancen Annex A (MAA)
27Manderino Library (MAN)
28Morgan Hall (MOR)
29Multicultural Center
30Natali Student Center (NAT)
31New Science Hall (NSC)
32Noss Hall (NOS)
33Old Main (OMN)
34Pollock Building (POL)
35Pool and Gymnasium
36Residence Hall A (RHA)
37Residence Hall B (RHB)
38Residence Hall C (RHC)
39Residence Hall E (RHE)
40Residence Life Offices
41South Hall (SOU)
42Steele Hall (STE)
43The Quad
44Vulcan Hall (VUL)
45Watkins Hall (WAT)

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