Food Science Laboratory at Cornell

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1104 West! (Kosher Dining Hall)
2112 Edgemoor
3116 Maple Ave.
4120 Maple Ave.
5301 College Ave.
6309 College Ave.
7312 College Ave.
8337 Pine Tree Road
9341 Pine Tree Road
10353 Pine Tree Road
11373 Pine Tree Road
12377 Pine Tree Road
13391 Pine Tree Road
14395 Pine Tree Road
154-H Acres
16409 College Ave.
17726 University Ave.
18A-Lot Staff Parking
19A. D. White Gardens
20A. W. Dimock Environmental Control Laboratory
21AAP Downtown Facility
22AAP in Rome
23AAP New York City Center
25Academic Surge Facility A
26Academic Surge Facility B
27Africana Studies and Research Center
28Ag Quad
29Agriculture Waste Management Laboratory
30Albert R. Mann Library
31Alice H Cook House
32Alice Statler Auditorium
33Alpha Chi Omega
34Alpha Delta Phi
35Alpha Epsilon Phi
36Alpha Epsilon Pi
37Alpha Gamma Rho
38Alpha Phi
39Alpha Sigma Phi
40Alpha Xi Delta
41Alpha Zeta
42Alumni Affairs and Development, Ithaca
43Alumni Affairs and Development, NYC
44Alumni House
45American Indian Program House
46Anabel Taylor Hall
47Andrew Dickson White House
48Animal Science Teaching and Research Barns
49Anna Comstock House
50Appel Basketball Courts
51Appel South Fields and Tennis Courts
52Appledore Island, Gulf of Maine
53Aquaculture Building
54Arecibo Observatory
55Arnot Teaching and Research Forest
56Arthropod Research Facility
57Arts Quad
58B-Lot Staff Parking
59B-Lot Visitor Parking
60Bailey Hall
61Baker Institute for Animal Health
62Baker Laboratory
63Baker North
64Baker South
65Baker Tower
66Balch Hall
67Bard Hall
68Barnes Hall
69Bartels Hall
70Barton Hall
71Barton Laboratory
72Bauer Hall
73Beebe Dam
74Beebe Dam Bridge
75Beebe Hall
76Beebe Lake
77Beebe Lake Green
78Belkin Squash Courts
79Berman Soccer Field
80Beta Theta Pi
81Big Red Barn
82Bill and Melinda Gates Hall (Gates Hall)
83Biology Quad
84Biotechnology Building
85Blair Farm Complex
86Blauvelt Laboratory
87Boldt Hall
88Boldt Tower
89Boyce Thompson Institute
90Bradfield Hall
91Brooklane Apartments
92Bruckner Laboratory
93Business and Technology Park
94Buttermilk Falls State Park
95Caldwell Hall
96Carl A. Kroch Library
97Carl Becker House
98Carpenter Hall
99Cascadilla Creek
100Cascadilla Hall
101Catherine Julia Tobin Fieldhouse
102Cayuga Inlet
103Cayuga Medical Center
104Center for Jewish Living
105Central Heating Plant
106Chesterton House
107Chi Phi
108Chi Psi
109Chilled Water Plant
110Clara Dickson Hall
111Clark Hall
112College Avenue Stone Arch Bridge
113Collegetown (Ctown)
114Collyer Boat House
115Companion Animal Hospital
116Computing and Communications Center
117Comstock Hall
118Conference Lot C
119Convenient Care at Ithaca
120Cornell Child Care Center
121Cornell Club of New York City
122Cornell in Washington D.C.
123Cornell Orchards
124Cornell Plantations Brian C. Nevin Welcome Center
125Court Residence Hall
126Creek Farm Cottage, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
127D H Robison Shellhouse
128Dairy Bar
129Dairy Bar Parking Lot
130Dale R. Corson Hall
131Day Hall
132Dean's Garden
133DeFrees Lab
134Delta Chi
135Delta Delta Delta
136Delta Gamma
137Delta Kappa Epsilon
138Delta Phi
139Delta Tau Delta
140Delta Upsilon
141Dilmun Hill Student Organic Farm
142Dolgen Hall
143Downtown Ithaca
144Duffield Hall
145Dyce Laboratory
146East Campus Research Facility
147East Campus Service Center
148East Hill Office Building
149East Hill Plaza
150Ecology and Toxicology Fish Hatchery
151Eddy Gate
152Emerson Hall
153Engineering Quad
154Environmental Health & Safety
155Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals
156Equine Drug Sports Medicine Facility
157Equine Metabolism Unit
158Equine Park
159F. R. Newman Arboretum
160Facilities Services Recycling Center
161Faculty Tennis Club
162Fall Creek
163Fall Creek Studios
164Farm Service Shop
165Federal Nutrition Lab
166Fernow Hall
167Flora Rose House
168Floriculture Buildings
169Food Science Laboratory
170Founders Hall
172Foundry Kiln Shed
173Frank H T Rhodes Hall
174Freese R Liddell Laboratory
175Friedman Strength and Conditioning Center
176Friedman Wrestling Center
177Friends Hall
178Gannett Health Services
179George Jameson Hall
180Goldwin Smith Hall
181Graphic Arts Services Building
182Grossman Pond
183Grounds Operations Facility
184Grumman Hall
185Grumman Squash Courts
186Guterman Bioclimatic Laboratory
187Hangar Theatre
188Hans Bethe House
189Harford Animal Science Teaching and Research Center
190Hartung-Boothroyd Observatory
191Hasbrouck Apartments
192Hasbrouck Community Center
193Hedrick Hall
194Helen Newman Hall
195High Voltage Laboratory
196Ho Plaza
197Hoffman Challenge Course Pavilion
198Hollister Hall
199Horton Lab
200Hot Truck
201Houston Pond
202Hoy Field
203Hughes Hall
204Human Ecology Building
205Humphreys Service Building
206Hurlburt House
207I Barn
208ILR Conference Center
209Imogene Powers Johnson Center for Birds and Biodiversity
210Industrial & Labor Relations Research
211Insectary Complex
212Ithaca Bus Terminal
213Ithaca Campus
214Ithaca College (IC)
215Ithaca Commons
216Ithaca Farmers' Market
217Ithaca High School (IHS)
218Ithaca Police Department
219Ithaca Sciencenter
220Ives Hall
221Ives Hall East
222Ives Hall West
223J Barn
224JAM (Just About Music)
225James Law Auditorium
226Janet L. Swanson Wildlife Health Center
227Japes Lodge
228Jennings Crabapple Collection
229Jerome H. Holland International Living Center
230Jessup Field
231John M. Olin Library
232John T Oxley Equestrian Center
233Johnson Museum of Art
234Jordan Hall
235Judith Eisner Pavilion
236K Barn
237Kahin Center
238Kane Sports Complex
239Kappa Alpha Theta
240Kappa Delta
241Kappa Delta Rho
242Kappa Kappa Gamma
243Kappa Sigma
244Kay Hall
245Kennedy Hall
246Kenneth Post Greenhouses
247Kimball Hall
248King-Shaw Hall
249Kinzelberg Hall
250L Barn
251Lambda Chi Alpha
252Langmuir Lab
253Large Animal Research Teaching Unit
254Leland Laboratory
255Libe Slope
256Library Annex-Storage Facility
257Lincoln Hall
258Little Moose Field Station
259Livestock Pavilion
260Louie's Lunch Truck
261Lynah Rink
262Lyon Hall
263M Barn
264Machine Shop
265Malott Hall
266Maplewood Park
267Maplewood Park Apartments Community Center
268Martha Van Rensselaer East Building
269Martha Van Rensselaer Hall
270Martha Van Rensselaer West Building
271Mary Donlon Hall
272McFadden Hall
273McGraw Hall
274McGraw Tower
275Mennen Hall
276Merrill Family Sailing Center
277Mews Hall
278Micro-Kelvin Laboratory
279Miller-Heller House
280Milstein Hall
281Minn's Garden
282Moakley House Golf Course
283Moore Laboratory
284Morrill Hall
285Morrison Hall
286Muenscher Laboratory
287Museum of the Earth
288Myron Taylor Hall
289Myron Taylor Jane Foster Library Addition
290Nematode Lab
291New York City
292New York State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (Animal Health Diagnostic Center)
293Newman Accelerator Building
294Newman Lab
295North Campus
296North Campus High Rise 5
297North Campus Low Rise 6
298North Campus Low Rise 7
299North Campus Low Rise 9
300North Campus Student Center
301North Campus Townhouse A
302North Campus Townhouse B
303North Campus Townhouse C
304North Campus Townhouse D
305North Campus Townhouse E
306North Campus Townhouse F
307North Campus Townhouse G
308North Campus Townhouse H
309Noyes Community and Recreation Center
310Noyes Lodge
311Oak Avenue
312Olin Chem Lab
313Olin Hall
314Olive Tjaden Hall
315Orchards Parking
316Parking at Alumni House
317Parking at Appel
318Parking at Art Museum
319Parking at Friedman
320Parking at Helen Newman
321Parking at RPCC
322Parking at The Straight
323Parking Garage
324Parrot Hall
325Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
326Peony Gardens
327Peter Plaza
328Peterson Lot
329Peterson Oak Grove
330Phi Delta Theta
331Phi Gamma Delta
332Phi Kappa Psi
333Phi Kappa Tau
334Phi Sigma Sigma
335Phillips Hall
336Physical Sciences Building
337Pi Beta Phi
338Pi Delta Psi
339Pi Kappa Alpha
340Pi Kappa Phi
341Plant Breeding Love Laboratory
342Plant Pathology Greenhouse Complex
343Plant Science Building
344Plant Virology and Nematology Laboratory
346Plantations Parking
347Plantations Ramin Administrative Center
348Post Office
349Poultry Biology Laboratory
350Print Shop
351Prospect of Whitby
352Prudence Risley Residential College
353Psi Upsilon
354Rand Hall
355Rawlings Green
356Reis Tennis Center
357Resource Ecology and Management Laboratory
358Rice Hall
359Richard M Lewis Education Center
360Riley-Robb Hall
361Robert J & Helen Appel Commons
362Robert Purcell Community Center
363Robert Trent Jones Golf Course
364Robert W. Holley Center for Agriculture and Health
365Roberts Hall
366Robison Alumni Fields
367Robison Herb Garden
368Robison Softball Field
369Rockefeller Hall
370Rockwell Azalea Garden
371Ruminant Nutrition Laboratory
372S Barn
373Sackett Foot Bridge
374Sage Chapel
375Sage Hall
376Sage House
377Savage Hall
378Schoellkopf Field
379Schoellkopf House
380Schoellkopf Memorial
381Schurman Hall
382Schwardt Laboratory
383Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
384Sculpture Garden
385Seal and Serpent Society
386Seeley G. Mudd Hall
387Sheldon Court
388Shoals Marine Lab Dock, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
389Sibley Hall
390Sigma Alpha Mu
391Sigma Chi
392Sigma Delta Tau
393Sigma Nu
394Sigma Phi
395Sigma Phi Epsilon
396Sigma Pi
397Simon Track
398Snee Hall
399Space Sciences Building
401State Theatre
402Statler Hall
403Statue of A. D. White
404Statue of Ezra Cornell
405Statue of Hercules
406Stewart Park
407Stimson Hall
408Stocking Hall
409Sturtevant Hall
410Sundial on Engineering Quad
411Surge 3 Facility
412T Barn
413Taughannock Falls State Park
414Teagle Hall
415Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute
416Telluride House
417The Cornell Store
418The Esther Schiff Bondareff '37 and Daniel N. Bondareff '35 Raptor Facility
419The Statler Hotel & J. Willard Marriott Executive Education Center
420Theta Delta Chi
421Thurston Hall
422Toboggan Lodge
423Tompkins Co. Cooperative Extension
424Tompkins County Airport
425Tompkins County Public Library
426Trillium Dining
427Triphammer Road Cooperative
428Trolley Foot Bridge
429Turfgrass Field Research Lab
430Ujamaa Residential College
431Undergraduate Admissions Office
432Upson Hall
433Uris Hall
434Uris Library
435Vet Education Center
436Vet Medical Center
437Vet Research Tower
438Von Cramm Hall
439War Memorial
440Ward Center for Nuclear Studies
441Wari Cooperative
442Warren Hall
444Wee Stinky Glen
445Weill Cornell Medical College
446Weill Cornell Medical College in Doha, Qatar
447Weill Hall
448West Campus
449White Hall
450Willard Straight Hall
451William T Keeton House
452Wilson Synchrotron Lab & Ring
453Wilson Synchrotron Lab Parking
454Wing Hall
455Winter Garden
456Zeta Psi
457Zucker Shrub Collection and Harris Lilac Collection

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