Eastern Eateries (First Year Center) (EEAT) at EMU

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1611 W. Cross (611)
29 / 11 Memorial (9 / 11)
3Alexander (ALEX)
4Best Hall (BEST)
5Boone Hall (BOON)
6Bowen Field House (BOW)
7Briggs Hall (BRIG)
8Brown Apartments (BRWN)
9Buell Hall (BUELL)
10Central Receiving (CENR)
11Coatings Research Institute (CRI)
12Convocation Center (CONV)
13Cornell Court Apartments (CORN)
14Crossroads Market Place (CROSS)
15Darrell H. Cooper Building (COOP)
16Department of Public Safety (DPS)
17Dining Commons 1 (DC1)
18Downing Hall (DOWN)
19Eastern Eateries (First Year Center) (EEAT)
20Fletcher School / Autism Center (FLET)
21Ford Hall (FORD)
22Goddard Hall (GODD)
23Halle Library (HALLE)
24Heating Plant (HP)
25Hill Hall (HILL)
26Hover Building (HOVR)
27Hoyt Hall (HOYT)
28Indoor Practice Facility (IPF)
29Jones Hall (JONES)
30Jones Pool (JPOOL)
31King Hall (KING)
32Lakehouse (LAKE)
33Mark Jefferson Science Complex (MARK)
34Marshall Building (MARS)
35Martin Luther King Gardens (MLKG)
36McKenny Hall (McK)
37Munson Apartments (MUNS)
38Oestrike Stadium (OEST)
39Olds / Marshall Track (OLDS)
40Parking Structure (PARK)
41Paul Siccluna Soccer Field (SICC)
42Pease Auditorium (PEASE)
43Phelps Hall (PHLP)
44Physical Plant (PHYS)
45Pierce Hall (PIER)
46Pittman Hall (PITT)
47Porter Building (PORT)
48Pray-Harrold (PRAY)
49Putnam Hall (PUTN)
50Quirk Sponberg Theatres (QRKS)
51Rackham (RACK)
52REC / IM Building (REC / IM)
53Roosevelt Hall (ROOS)
54Rynearson Stadium (RYNS)
55Sculpture Studio (SCUL)
56Sellers Hall (SELL)
57Sherzer Hall (SHER)
58Sill Hall (SILL)
59Snow Health Center (SNOW)
60Softball Complex (SBC)
61Starkweather Hall (STRK)
62Strong Hall (STRG)
63Student Center (STUD)
64Terrestrial and Aquatics Ecology Research Facility (TAER)
65The Village (VARS)
66Town Hall School (TOWN)
67University House (UNIV)
68University Park (UPRK)
69Varsity Field (VARS)
70Walton Hall (WALT)
71Warner Gymnasium (WGYM)
72Welch Hall (Administrative Building) (WLCH)
73Westview Apartments (WEST)
74Wise Hall (WISE)

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