Softball Stadium (SB) at FAU

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1Administration, Kenneth R. Williams (AD)
2Alexander D. Henderson, Classroom 2 (HS)
3Alexander D. Henderson, Media Center (HS)
4Alexander D. Henderson, Soccer Fields (SF)
5Alexander D. Henderson, University School (HS)
6Arena (GY)
7Arts And Letters (VC)
8Athletic Field House (FH)
9Athletic Field House West (FW)
10B.P.W. Scholarship House (PW)
11Barry Kaye Hall (KH)
12Baseball Stadium (BB)
13Behavioral Sciences Building (BS)
14Bookstore (BK)
15Campus Operations Building (CO)
16Carole & Barry Kaye Auditorium (AU)
17College For Design & Social Inquiry (SO)
18College Of Arts & Letters, Dorothy F. Schmidt (AL)
19College Of Business (BU)
20College Of Education (ED)
21College Of Engineering And Computer Science (EE)
22College Of Medicine, Charles E. Schmidt (BC)
23College Of Nursing, Christine E. Lynn (NU)
24College Of Science, Charles E. Schmidt (SE)
25Computer Center (CM)
26Continuing Education Hall (CE)
27Culture And Society Building (CU)
28Desantis Pavilion (DS)
29Dorothy F. Schmidt Arts & Humanities (AH)
30Dorothy F. Schmidt Performing Arts Center (PA)
31Dorothy F. Schmidt Visual Arts Center (VA)
32Eleanor R. Baldwin House, President'S Residence (PR)
33Engineering East (EE)
34Engineering West (EG)
35Environmental Health Support Facility (EH)
36Fau High School (HS)
37Fau Stadium (FS)
38Fleming Hall (FL)
39Fleming West (FW)
40Friedberg Lifelong Learning Center (LL)
41General Classroom - North (GN)
42General Classroom - South (GS)
43Glades Park Towers (GP)
44Gladys Davis Pavilion - Learning Ally (DP)
45Heritage Park Towers (HP)
46Hillel Jewish Life Center (LY)
47Housing Assistant'S House (Private Residence) (DM)
48Indian River Towers (IR)
49Information Booth (IG)
50Innovation Village Apartments - North (IV)
51Innovation Village Apartments - South (IV)
52Instructional Services (IS)
53Karen Slattery Child Development Center (CC)
54Live Oak Pavilion (LO)
55Living Room Theater In Culture And Society Building (CU)
56Louis & Anne Green Memory & Wellness Center (AZ)
57Marleen & Harold Forkas Alumni Center (FA)
58Office Depot Center For Executive Education (OD)
59Parking Garage I (PK)
60Parking Garage II (PK)
61Parking Garage III (PK)
62Pavilion - Student Services (PV)
63Peter And Nona Gordon Library And Media Center (CC)
64Physical Science Building (PS)
65Plant Growth Complex (PG)
66Property Management Archaeology Geology Labs (TB)
67Recreation And Fitness Center (RC)
68Research Greenhouse (GR)
69Research Support Facility (RS)
70Residence Hall - Algonquin (DM)
71Ritter Art Gallery (AG)
72Ropes Course Pavilion (RC)
74S.E. Wimberly Library (Y)
75Sanson Life Sciences (SC)
76Schmidt Center Gallery In Dorothy F. Schmidt College Of Arts & Letters - Performing Arts (PA)
77Science Building (SE)
78Sean Stein Pavilion In College Of Business (BU)
79Soccer Field Restrooms - Glades Road (SR)
80Social Science Building (SO)
81Softball Stadium (SB)
82Stand Among Friends In C.E. Lynn College Of Nursing (NU)
83Student Activities Center (CR)
84Student Health Services (SS)
85Student Housing Offices (SH)
86Student Services & Cafeteria (SS)
87Student Support Services (SU)
88Student Union (UN)
89Studio One Theatre In Dorothy F. Schmidt College Of Arts & Letters - Performing Arts (PA)
90Tom Oxley Athletic Center (AC)
91University Theatre In Dorothy F. Schmidt College Of Arts & Letters (AL)
92University Village Student Apartments (SA)
93Utilities (UT)
94Wally Sanger Owl Club Center (TC)

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