Student Parking M at NKU

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1Albright Health Center (HC)
2Alumni Programs
3Baptist Student Union (BSU)
4Business Academic Center (BC)
5Callahan Hall (CH)
6Campbell Hall (CA)
7Catholic Newman Center
8Center for Applied Ecology
9Center for Economic Analysis and Development
10Central Receiving
11Ceramics & Sculpture (CS)
12Christian Student Fellowship
13Commonwealth Hall (CW)
14Corbett Theatre
15Dorothy Westerman Herrmann Natural Science Center (SC)
16Economic Initiatives Center
17Eva G. Farris Auditorium (MP 200)
18Eva G. Farris Special Collections
19Faculty / Staff Parking C
20Faculty / Staff Parking D
21Faculty / Staff Parking E
22Faculty / Staff Parking J
23Faculty / Staff Parking V
24Fine Arts Center (FA)
25Founders Hall (FH)
26Greaves Concert Hall
27Griffin Hall (GH)
28Haile / US Bank College of Business
29Herrmann Natural Science Center (SC)
30Honors House (HR)
31Kenton Drive Parking Garage
32Kentucky Cancer Program
33Kentucky Hall (KY)
34Landrum Academic Center (LA)
35Lucas Administrative Center (AC)
36Main Art Gallery
37Mathematics - Education - Psychology Center (MP)
38N. Ky. Traineeship Program for Special Education
39Norse Commons (NC)
40Norse Hall (NH)
41Nunn Hall (NH)
42Open / VIP Parking O
43Open Parking A
44Open Parking G
45Open Parking K
46Open Parking L
47Open Parking S
48Open Parking T
49Open Parking X
50Open Parking Z
51Otto M. Budig Theater
52Parking Services
53Power Plant
54Regents Hall (RH)
55Reserved Parking N
56Rieveschl Digitorium
57Salmon P. Chase College of Law
58Schlachter Archive
59Small Business Development Center
60Soccer Stadium
61Stauss Theatre
62Steely Library (SL)
63Student Parking F
64Student Parking I
65Student Parking M
66Student Parking P
67Student Parking Q
68Student Parking R
69Student Parking U
70Student Parking W
71Student Parking Y
72Student Union (SU)
73Talent Search
74The Bank of Kentucky Center (BK)
75University Center (UC)
76University Drive Parking Garage
77University Housing Office
78University Police
79University Police Parking H
80University Suites (US)
81Upward Bound
82Votruba Student Union (SU)
83Welcome Center (WC)
84Welcome Center Parking Garage
85Woodcrest Apartments (WA)

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