Campbell Field at Princeton

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111 Dickinson Street
211 University Place
3114 Nassau Street
4115 Prospect Avenue
5116 Prospect Avenue
6120 Prospect Avenue
715 Dickinson Street
816 Dickinson Street
9169 Nassau Street
10171 Broadmead
11179 Nassau Street
12185 Nassau Street
131879 Hall
141895 Field
151901 Hall
161903 Hall
171912 Pavilion
181915 Hall
191927-Clapp Hall
201937 Hall
211938 Hall
221939 Hall
23194 Nassau Street
241952 Stadium
251967 Hall
261976 Hall
271981 Hall
28199 Nassau Street
292 Dickinson Street
3020 Washington Road
31200 Elm Drive
32201 Nassau Street
3322 Chambers Street
34221 Nassau Street
35228 Alexander Street
3623 University Place
3724 Dickinson Street
3826 College Road West
39262 Alexander Street
4027 Edwards Place
4129 Edwards Place
42294 Alexander Street (ROTC)
43306 Alexander Street
4431 Edwards Place
4535 University Place
4636 University Place
474 Mercer Street
4841 University Place
4945 University Place
5048 University Place
515 Ivy Lane
5258 Prospect Avenue
53701 Carnegie Center, North of Route 1
5471 University Place
5583 Prospect Avenue
5687 Prospect Avenue
5791 Prospect Avenue
58Admission, Clio Hall
59Alexander Hall
60Alumni Association, Maclean House
61Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment (under construction)
62Architecture Laboratory
63Architecture School
64Art Museum
65Athletic Ticket Office, Jadwin Gymnasium
66Baker Rink
67Bedford Field
68Bendheim Center for Finance
69Bendheim Hall
70Berlind Theatre
71Betts (Architecture School)
72Blair Hall
73Bloomberg Hall
74Bobst Hall
75Bogle Hall
76Bowen Hall
77Broadcast Center, Lewis Library
78Brown Hall
79Burr Hall
80Butler Tract East of Broadmead
81Buyers Hall
82Caldwell Fieldhouse
83Campbell Field
84Campbell Hall
85Campus Club
86Cannon Dial Elm Club
87Cannon Green
88Cap & Gown Club
89Career Services, 36 University Place Chapel
90Center for Jewish Life
91Chancellor Green
92Chapel H3
93Charter Club
94Chilled Water Plant
95Clarke Field
96Class of 1887 Boathouse
97Class of 1967 Hall
98Cleveland Tower
99Clio Hall
100Cloister Inn
101Cogeneration Plant
102College Road Apartments
103Colonial Club
104Communications, 22 Chambers Street
105Community Hall
106Computer Science Building
107Cooling Towers
108Cordish Family Pavilion
109Corwin Hall
110Cottage Club
111Cuyler Hall
112Dean for Research, 91 Prospect Avenue
113Dean of the College, West College
114Dean of the Faculty, Nassau Hall
115Dean of the Graduate School, Clio Hall
116Dean of Undergraduate Students, West College
117DeNunzio Pool
118Development, Helm Building
119Dickinson Hall
120Dillon Court East
121Dillon Court West
122Dillon Gymnasium
123Dod Hall
124Dodds, Robertson Hall
125Dodge Hall
126Dodge-Osborn Hall
127East Pyne Hall
128Edwards Hall
129Elementary Particle Laboratory East
130Elementary Particle Laboratory West
131Employment, Human Resources, New South Building
132Engineering Quadrangle
133Engineering Quadrangle A Wing
134Engineering Quadrangle B Wing
135Engineering Quadrangle C Wing
136Engineering Quadrangle D Wing
137Engineering Quadrangle E Wing
138Engineering Quadrangle F Wing
139Engineering Quadrangle G Wing
140Engineering Quadrangle H Wing
141Eno Hall
142Feinberg Hall
143Ferris Thompson Apartments
144Fields Center
145Financial Aid (Undergraduate), West College
146Fine Hall
147Finney Field
148Firestone Library
149Fisher Hall (Whitman)
150FitzRandolph Observatory
151Forbes College
152Foulke Hall
153Frelinghuysen Field
154Frick Chemistry Laboratory
155Friend Center
156Frist Campus Center
157Garden Theatre
158Gauss Hall
159Graduate College
160Graduate Housing
161Green Hall
162Grinder Lab
163Gulick Pavilion
164Guyot Hall
165Hamilton Hall
166Hargadon Hall
167Health Services, McCosh Health Center
168Helm Building
169Helm, 50 McCosh Hall
170Henry Hall
171Henry House
172Holder Hall
173Housing Office, New South Building
174Hoyt Laboratory
175Icahn Laboratory
176Information, Frist Campus Center
177Ivy Club
178Jadwin Gymnasium
179Jadwin Hall
180Joline Hall
181Jones Hall
182Labyrinth Books
183Labyrinth Books, 122 Nassau Street
184Laughlin Hall
185Lauritzen Hall
186Lawrence Apartments
187Lenz Tennis Center
188Lewis Center for the Arts, 185 Nassau Street
189Lewis Library
190Little Hall
191Lockhart Hall
192Lost and Found, 200 Elm Drive
193Lot 21
194Lourie-Love Pavilion
195Lowrie House
196Maclean House
197MacMillan Building
198Madison Hall
199Marx Hall
200Mathey College
201McCarter Theatre
202McCormick Hall
203McCosh Hall
204McCosh Health Center
205McDonnell Hall
206Moffett Laboratory
207Mudd Library
208Murley-Pivirotto Family Tower
209Murray Theater
210Myslik Field
211Nassau Hall
212Neuroscience Institute
213New South Building
214North Garage
215Palmer House
216Pardee Field
217Patton Hall
218Peretsman-Scully Hall
219Peyton Hall
220Plummer Field
221Poe Field
222Princeton Stadium
223Princeton Station (Dinky)
224Princeton University Press
225Princeton University Store, 114 Nassau Street
226Procter Hall
227Prospect Apartments
228Prospect Gardens
229Prospect House
230Public Safety, 200 Elm Drive
231Pyne Hall
232Quadrangle Club
233Registrar, West College
234Restrooms, Frist Campus Center
235Richardson, Alexander Hall
236Roberts Stadium
237Robertson Hall
238Rock Magnetism Laboratory
239Rockefeller College
240Scheide Caldwell House
241Schultz Laboratory
242Scully Hall
243Sexton Field
244Shea Rowing Center
245Sherrerd Hall
246Shuttle Bus to Newark Airport, Nassau Inn (Palmer Square)
247South Baker Hall
248Spelman Halls
249Springdale Golf Course
250Stanhope Hall
251Stanworth Apartments
252Stephens Fitness Center
253Strubing Field
254Taplin, Fine Hall second floor
255Taxi, Nassau Street
256Tennis Pavilion
257Terrace Club
258Theatre Intime, Murray Theater
259Thomas Laboratory
260Tiger Inn
261Tower Club
262Train, Princeton Station (Dinky)
263U-Store, 36 University Place
264Upper Strubing Field
265Visitor Parking Lot 23
266Von Neumann Hall
267Walker Hall
268Wallace Hall
269Weaver Track Stadium
270Wendell Hall
271West College
272West Garage
273West Lodge
274West Pavilion
275Whig Hall
276Whitman College
277Wilcox Hall
278Wilf Hall
279Wilson College
280Witherspoon Hall
281Wood, 10 McCosh Hall
282Woodrow Wilson School, Robertson Hall
283Woolworth Center for Musical Studies
284Wright Hall
285Wu Hall
286Wyman Cottage
287Wyman House
288Yoseloff Hall

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