Agricultural Science & Industries (ASI) at PSU

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1Academic Activities (ACA)
2Academic Projects (ACP)
3Agricultural Administration (AAD)
4Agricultural Analytical Services Lab (ASL)
5Agricultural Engineering (AGE)
6Agricultural Science & Industries (ASI)
7All-Sports Museum (ASM)
8Almquist Research Center (ARC)
9Althouse Lab (ALT)
10Animal Diagnostic Lab (ADL)
11Animal Maintenance Facility (AMC)
12Applied Research Lab (ARL)
13Applied Science (ASB)
14Arboretum (ARB)
15Armsby (ARM)
16Arthropod Research Building (APD)
17Arts Cottage (ACG)
18Atherton Hall (S1)
19Baghouse (BAG)
20Bank of America Career Services (BCS)
21Beam Hall (N1)
22Beard Field (Nittany Lion Softball Park) (BRD)
23Beaver Hall (P1)
24Beaver Stadium (BVR)
25Beecher-Dock House (BDK)
26Beef and Sheep Center and Barns (BSB)
27Benedict House (BND)
28Bennett Family Center (BFC)
29Berkey Creamery (BCR)
30Bernreuter Hall (A1)
31Bigler Hall (E1)
32Biobehavioral Health (BBH)
33Biomechanics Teaching Lab (BTL)
34Blue Band (BLB)
35Bookstore (BKS)
36Borland (BRL)
37Boucke (BKE)
38Breazeale Nuclear Reactor (BNR)
39Brill Hall (ET1)
40Brumbaugh Hall (E2)
41Bryce Jordan Center (BJC)
42Buckhout Lab (BKH)
43Burrowes (BUR)
44Bus Station (BST)
45Business (BUS)
46Butler (Agricultural Engineering) (BUT)
47Butler Farm (BFM)
48Calder Square II (CSQ)
49Carnegie (CRG)
50Carpenter (CRP)
52Center for Sustainability Greenhouse (CFS)
53Central Milk Testing Lab (CMT)
54Centralized Biological Lab (CBL)
55Centre County-Penn State Visitors Center (CPV)
56Chace Hall (S2)
57Chambers (CHB)
58Chandlee Lab (CHN)
59Chemical Ecology Lab (CEL)
60Chemistry (CHM)
61Coal Utilization Lab (CUL)
62Computer Building (CMP)
63Cooper Hall (S3)
64Corn Breeding Lab (CRN)
65Cross Hall (S4)
66Cunningham Hall (A2)
67Curry Hall (ET2)
68Curtin Hall (E3)
69Dairy Complex (DCX)
70Davey Lab (DVL)
71Daybridge Child Development Center (DBG)
72Deike (DKE)
73Donkin Hall (A3)
74Dunham Hall (A4)
75Earth-Engineering Sciences (EES)
76East Area Locker Room (ELR)
77East Campus Heating Plant (EHP)
78East Parking Deck (EAP)
79Eisenhower Auditorium (EIS)
80Eisenhower Chapel (ECH)
81Eisenhower Parking Deck (EPD)
82Electrical Engineering East (EEE)
83Electrical Engineering West (EEW)
84Elliott (ELT)
85Engineering Services (ENG)
86Engineering Units (A-C) (EUN)
87Eva Pell Lab (EPL)
88Ewing Hall (S5)
89Executive Education (EXE)
90Farms Department (FMD)
91Farrell Hall (A5)
92Fenske Lab (FNK)
93Ferguson (FRG)
94Ferguson Hall (A6)
95Findlay Commons (E4)
96Fisher Hall (E5)
97Fleet Operations (FLT)
98Food Science (FDS)
99Ford (FRD)
100Forest Resource Lab (FRL)
101Forest Resources (FRR)
102Forum (FRM)
103Fraternity House (FRH)
104Frear North (FRN)
105Frear South (FRS)
106Garban Hall (A7)
107Gardner House (GRD)
108Geary Hall (E6)
109General Stores (GNS)
110Golf Course (White) (GLF)
111Grange (GRN)
112Greenberg (Ice Pavilion) (GIP)
113Grubb Hall (A8)
114Haffner Hall (A9)
115Haller Hall (S6)
116Hallowell (HWL)
117Hamilton Hall (W1)
118Hammond (HMD)
119Harris Hall (ET3)
120Hartranft Hall (P2)
121Hastings Hall (E7)
122HazMat Building (HZM)
123Headhouse I (HI)
124Headhouse II (HII)
125Headhouse III (HIII)
126Health & Human Development (HHD)
127Henderson (HND)
128Henderson South (HNS)
129Henning (HNG)
130Hetzel Union Building (HUB)
131Hibbs Hall (S7)
132Hiester Hall (P3)
133High Pressure Combustion Laboratory (HPC)
134Hintz Family Alumni Center (HNZ)
135Holderman Hall (A10)
136Holmes Hall (N2)
137Holuba Hall (HLB)
138Horse Barn (HRS)
139Hosler (HSL)
140Hostetter (Business Services) (HBS)
141Housing & Food Services (HFS)
142Hoyt Hall (S8)
143HUB Parking Deck (HPD)
144Huck Life Sciences (HLS)
145Ihlseng (IHL)
146Ikenberry Hall (A11)
147Information Sciences & Technology (IST)
148Insectary (INS)
149Intramural (IM)
150Intramural Fields (IMF)
151Irvin Hall (W2)
152James (JMS)
153Jeffrey Field (JFF)
154Johnston Commons (E8)
155Jordan Hall (W3)
156Katz (KTZ)
157Keller (KLR)
158Kern (KRN)
159Land & Water Research (LWR)
160Lasch Football Building (LFB)
161Laundry (LDY)
162Leete Hall (N3)
163Leonhard (LND)
164Life Sciences (LFS)
165Livestock Testing Lab (LTL)
166Lovejoy Hall (A12)
167Lubert (LBT)
168Lyons Hall (S9)
169Maintenance I (Pollock) (MNT)
170Mateer (MTR)
171Materials Research Institute (MRI)
172Materials Research Lab (MRL)
173McAllister (MCL)
174McCoy Natatorium (NAT)
175McElwain Hall (S10)
176McKean Hall (E9)
177McKee Hall (W4)
178Meats Lab (MTL)
179Medlar Field at Lubrano Park (MED)
180Merkle (MRK)
181Mifflin Hall (P4)
182Millennium Science Complex (MSC)
183Miller Hall (ET4)
184Moore (MOR)
185Mueller Lab (MLR)
186Multi-Sport Indoor Facility (MIF)
187Mushroom Research Center (MRC)
188Mushroom Test Demo Facility (MTD)
189Music (MUS)
190Music II (MII)
191Nelson Hall (ET5)
192Nittany Apartments (NT1)
193Nittany Community Center (NT2)
194Nittany Hall (NT3)
195Nittany Lion Inn (NLI)
196Nittany Lion Shrine (NLS)
197Nittany Parking Deck (NPD)
198Noll Lab (NLL)
199Oak Building (OAK)
200Obelisk (OBK)
201Old Botany (OBT)
202Old Main (OMN)
203Osborn Hall (A13)
204Osmond Lab (OSM)
205Oswald Tower (OSW)
206Outreach Innovation (OUT)
207Packer Hall (E10)
208Palladino Hall (A14)
209Palmer Museum of Art (PMA)
210Panofsky Hall (ET6)
211Pasquerilla Spiritual Center (PSQ)
212Pasture Research Lab (PRL)
213Paterno Library (PNL)
214Pattee Library (PTL)
215Patterson (PTN)
216Patterson Hall (A15)
217Pavilion Theatre (PVN)
218Pegula Ice Arena (PEG)
219Penn State Downtown Theatre Center (PDT)
220Penn Stater Conference Center Hotel (PSC)
221Pennypacker Hall (E11)
222Physical Plant (OPP)
223Pinchot Hall (E12)
224Pine Cottage (PCG)
225Pollock (PLK)
226Pollock Commons (P5)
227Pond Lab (PND)
228Porter Hall (P6)
229Post Office (POS)
230Poultry Research and Education Center (PLT)
231Power Plant (PWR)
232Procurement Services (PRO)
233Rackley (RKL)
234Ray Hall (A16)
235Reber (RBR)
236Recreation (Rec Hall) (REC)
237Redifer Commons (S11)
238Research Center (RSC)
239Research Center A (RSCA)
240Research Center B (RSCB)
241Research Center C (RSCC)
242Research Center D (RSCD)
243Research East (RSE)
244Research West (RSW)
245Rider (RDR)
246Rider House (RDH)
247Ritenour (RTR)
248Ritner Hall (P7)
249Robeson Cultural Center (ROB)
250Runkle Hall (N4)
251Sackett (SKT)
252Salvage Warehouse (SVG)
253Sarni Tennis Facility (STF)
254Scent Mediated Ecology Laboratory (SEL)
255Schreyer Honors College (SHC)
256Schreyer House (SCH)
257Schultz Child Care Center (SCC)
258Schwab Auditorium (SCB)
259Shields (SHD)
260Shulze Hall (P8)
261Shunk Hall (P9)
262Simmons Hall (S12)
263Snider Agricultural Arena (AGR/SAA)
264Snyder Hall (E13)
265Sparks (SPK)
266Sproul Hall (E14)
267Spruce Cottage (SCG)
268Steidle (SDL)
269Stephens Hall (S13)
270Stone Hall (E15)
271Stuart Hall (E16)
272Stuckeman Family Building (SFB)
273Student Health Center (STH)
274Swimming Pool (outdoor) (SWM)
275Swine Research Center (SWI)
276Technology Center (TCH)
277Telecommunications (TCM)
278Tener Hall (E17)
279Tennis Center (TNS)
280The 103 Building (103)
281The 230 Building (230)
282The 300 Building (300)
283The 328 Building (328)
284The 329 Building (329)
285The 330 Building (330)
286Theatre (THR)
287Thomas (TMS)
288Thompson Hall (W5)
289Tower Road Landscape Facility (TLF)
290Track & Field Stadium (TFS)
291Transportation Research (TRN)
292Turfgrass Museum (TRF)
293Tyson (TSN)
294University Club (UB)
295University Support I (USI)
296University Support II (USII)
297USDA Greenhouse (UGR)
298Valentine Turfgrass Research Center (VTC)
299Veterinary Research (VET)
300Visual Arts (VIS)
301Wagner (WGR)
302Walker (WKR)
303Waring Commons (W6)
304Warnock Commons (N5)
305Wartik Lab (WTK)
306Water Tunnel (G. Thomas) (WTN)
307Watts Hall (W7)
308Weaver (WVR)
309West Campus Chiller (WCR)
310Weston Community Center (A17)
311White (WHT)
312Whitmore Lab (WML)
313Wiley Lab (WLY)
314Willard (WLD)
315Wolf Hall (P10)
316Young Hall (ET7)

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