Mudd Computer Science Building at Rice University

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1Abe and Annie Seibel Servery
2Abercrombie Engineering Laboratory
3Alice Pratt Brown Hall Lot (APB) (Parking Lot)
4Allen Business Center
5Anderson Biological Laboratories, M.D.
6Anderson Hall, M.D.
7Anderson-Clarke Center
8Baker College
9Baker College Masters House
10Baker College-Housing & Dining Lot (B) (Parking Lot)
11Baker Hall, James A. III
12Biology-Geology Lot (BG) (Parking Lot)
13BioScience Research Collaborative
14BioScience Research Collaborative Garage (BRC) (Parking Lot)
15Booth Centennial Pavilion, Suzanne Deal
16Brochstein Pavilion, Raymond and Susan
17Brockman Hall for Physics
18Brown College Masters House
19Brown College, Margarett Root
20Brown Hall for Mathematical Sciences, Herman
21Brown Hall, Alice Pratt
22Brown Hall, George R.
23Butcher Hall, Dell
24Campanile Lot (C) (Parking Lot)
25Central Campus Garage (CG) (Parking Lot)
26Cohen House, Robert and Agnes
27Continuing Studies Auditorium
28Cox Fitness Center, John L.
29Duncan College
30Duncan College Masters House
31Duncan Hall, Anne and Charles
32East Servery
33Facilities Engineering and Planning Building
34Facilities, Engineering and Planning Lot (FE) (Parking Lot)
35Fondren Library
36Gibbs Recreation and Wellness Center, Barbara and David
37Greenbriar Annex (GA) (Parking Lot)
38Greenbriar Building
39Greenbriar Lot (G) (Parking Lot)
41Hamman Hall
42Hanszen College
43Hanszen College Masters House
44Herring Hall, Robert R.
45Herzstein Hall
46Hess Court Lot (H) (Parking Lot)
47Hess Tennis Stadium, Jake.
48Holloway Field
49Housing and Dining
50Huff House, Peter and Nancy
51Humanities Building
52John and Anne Grove
53Jones College Masters House
54Jones College, Mary Gibbs
55Keck Hall
56Keck Lot (K) (Parking Lot)
57Keith-Wiess Geological Laboratories
58Ley Student Center
59Lovett College Masters House
60Lovett College, Edgar Odell
61Lovett Hall
62Lovett Lot (L) (Parking Lot)
63Martel Center for Continuing Studies
64Martel College
65Martel College Masters House
66McMurtry College Masters House
67McMurtry College, Burton and Deedee
68McNair Hall, Janice and Robert
69Mechanical Engineering Building
70Mechanical Laboratory
71Media Center
72Miller Lab
73Mudd Computer Science Building
74North Annex Lot (NA) (Parking Lot)
75North Colleges Residents Lot (NC) (Parking Lot)
76North Lot (N) (Parking Lot)
77North Servery
78Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
79Rayzor Hall
80Reckling Park at Cameron Field
81Rice Children's Campus
82Rice Graduate Apartments
83Rice Memorial Center
84Rice Memorial Chapel
85Rice Stadium
86Rice University Police Department
87Rice Village Apartments
88Rich Student Health Center, Morton L.
89Richardson College Masters House
90Richardson College, Sid W.
91Ryon Engineering Laboratory
92Sewall Hall
93South Colleges Residents Lot (SC) (Parking Lot)
94South Plant
95South Servery
96South Stadium Lot (SS) (Parking Lot)
97Space Science and Technology Building
98Tudor Fieldhouse
99West Lot (W) (Parking Lot)
100West Servery
101Wiess College, Harry C.
102Wiess President's House
103Will Rice College
104Will Rice College Masters House
105Wilson House
106Youngkin Center

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