Central Plant (CP) at Texas State University

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11401 Thorpe Lane (1401)
2400 West Hopkins (400)
3Academic Services Building North (ASBN)
4Academic Services Building South (ASBS)
5Academy Street Garage (ASG)
6Adamson ROTC (ADAM)
7Administration (JCK)
8Agriculture (AG)
9Agriculture Greenhouse (AGGH)
10Alkek Garage (ALKG)
11Alkek Library (ALK)
12Alumni Association (JCK)
13Aqua Sports Center (ASC)
14Arnold Hall A (AA)
15Arnold Hall Admin (AAD)
16Arnold Hall B (AB)
17Arnold Hall C (AC)
18Athletics (DBC)
19Baseball Field (BFD)
20Beretta Hall (BER)
21Bexar Hall (BEX)
22Blanco Hall (BLN)
23Blanco Hall Garage (BHG)
24Bobcat Stadium (STAD)
25Bobcat Village Apartments (BVIL)
26Bookstore (LBJ)
27Brazos (BRAZ)
28Brogdon Hall (BRG)
29Budget Office (JCK)
30Burleson Hall (BUR)
31Butler Hall (BUTL)
32Career Services (LBJ)
33Centennial Hall (CENT)
34Center for Retention Management (CRM)
35Central Plant (CP)
36Chautauqua Hall (CHAU)
37Chemistry (CHEM)
38Child Development Center (CDC)
39College Inn (CI)
40College of Applied Arts (AG)
41College of Business Administration (MCOY)
42College of Education (ED)
43College of Fine Arts and Communication (OM)
44College of Health Professions (HPB)
45College of Liberal Arts (FH)
46College of Science and Engineering (CENT)
47Colorado (COLO)
48Comal (CMAL)
49Commons Hall (COM)
50Continuing Education (ASBN)
51Counseling Center (LBJ)
52Darren B. Casey Athletic Administration (DBC)
53Department of Housing & Residential Life (DHRL)
54Derrick Hall (DERR)
55Disability Services (LBJ)
56Distance & Extended Learning Office (ASBN)
57Edward Gary Street Garage (EGSG)
58Elliott Hall A (EA)
59Elliott Hall Admin (EAD)
60Elliott Hall B (EB)
61End Zone Complex (EZON)
62Enrollment Management (JCK)
63Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (SMIT)
64Equity and Access Office (JCK)
65Evans Liberal Arts (ELA)
66Facilities (PPA)
67Falls Sayers Housing Complex B4 (FSHC)
68Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)
69Fan Shop (STAD)
70Financial Aid (JCK)
71Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (JCK)
72Fire Station Studio (FIRE)
73Flowers Hall (FH)
74Freeman Aquatic Biology (FAB)
75Gaillardia Hall (GAIL)
76General Accounting Office (JCK)
77Glade Outdoor Theatre (GLA)
78Graduate Admissions (JCK)
79Graduate College (JCK)
80Harris Dining Hall (HDH)
81Health Professions (HPB)
82Hill House (HILL)
83Hines Academic Center (HINE)
84Honors College (LAMP)
85Hornsby Hall (HORN)
86Human Resources (JCK)
87Information Technology (JCK)
88International Office (THOR)
90Ivey-Moore House (MOOR)
91J.C. Kellam Administration (JCK)
92Jackson Hall (JAK)
93Joann Cole Mitte (JCM)
94Jones Dining Complex (JON)
95Jowers Center (JOW)
96Lampasas Hall (LAMP)
97Lantana Hall (LNA)
98Laurel Hall (LAU)
99LBJ Student Center (LBJ)
100LBJ Student Center Garage (LBJG)
101Library (ALK)
102Math Computer Science (MCS)
103Matthews Street Garage (MSG)
104McCoy Hall (MCOY)
105Meadows Center Ticket Kiosk (MCTK)
106Medina (MED)
107Moeller House (MOEL)
108Music (MUS)
109North Housing Community (NHCB)
110Nueces (NUEC)
111Office of Academic Affairs (JCK)
112Old Main (OM)
113Parking Services (MSG)
114Pecos (PECO)
115Pedernales (PED)
116Performing Arts Center (PERF)
117Physical Plant Administration (PPA)
118Pleasant Street Garage (PSG)
119Power Plant (PWP)
120President's House (PRES)
121Pro Shop and Golf Course (PRO)
122Recycling Center (RECY)
123Registrar (JCK)
124Research Greenhouse (RESG)
125Retama Hall (RET)
126River House (RIVR)
127Riverside Apts A (RVA)
128Riverside Apts B (RVB)
129Riverside Apts C (RVC)
130Roy F. Mitte (RFM)
131Sabinal (SABN)
132Saltgrass Steakhouse (SGSH)
133San Jacinto Hall (SJH)
134San Marcos Garage
135San Marcos Hall (SMH)
136School of Art & Design Galleries (JCM)
137Science Greenhouse (SCIG)
138Sewell Park Outdoor Center (OUTC)
139Smith Hall 1 (SM1)
140Smith Hall 2 (SM2)
141Smith Hall 3 (SM3)
142Smith House (SMIT)
143Softball Field (SFD)
144Speck Street Garage (SSG)
145Spring Lake Hall (SLH)
146Sterry Hall (STY)
147Strahan Coliseum (STRA)
148Strahan House (STRH)
149Strutters Gallery (STAD)
150Student Activities Office (LBJ)
151Student Business Services (JCK)
152Student Center (LBJ)
153Student Health Center (SHC)
154Student Recreation Center (SRC)
155Supple Science (SUPP)
156Swinney Guest House (SWGN)
157Swinney House (SWIN)
158Taylor-Murphy History (TMH)
159Technology Resources (JCK)
160Tennis Center (TC)
161Testing Center (COM)
162The Tower (TOWR)
163Theatre Center (THEA)
164Thornton International House (THOR)
165Tower Garage (TG)
166Track & Field Facility (TRAC)
167Transportation Services (COM)
168Trinity (TRIN)
169Undergraduate Academic Center (UAC)
170Undergraduate Admissions Annex (ADA)
171Undergraduate Admissions Center (ADC)
172University College (UAC)
173University Marketing (JCK)
174University News (JCK)
175University Police (NUEC)
176University Star (TRIN)
177Veterans Affairs Office (JCK)
178Welcome Center (LBJ)
179West Campus Fields (WCF)
180Wittliff Collections (ALK)
181Woods Street Garage (WSG)

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