Hochstetter Hall (HOCH) at UB

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1Abbott Hall (ABBOTT)
2Acheson Annex (ACH_A)
3Alfiero Center (ALFIER)
4Allen / Medical Campus Metro Rail Station
5Alumni Arena (ALUMNI)
6Anderson Gallery
7Annex A (ANNX_A)
8Annex B (ANNX_B)
9Baird Hall (BAIRD)
10Baird Point (BRDPT)
11Baird Research Park
12Baker Chilled Water Plant (BAKER)
13Baldy Hall (BALDY)
14Beane Center (BEANE)
15Beck Hall (BECK)
16Bell Hall (BELL)
17Biomedical Education Building (BIOED)
18Biomedical Research Building (BIORES)
19Bissell Hall (BISSEL)
20Bonner Hall (BONNER)
22Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center
23Buffalo Materials Research Center
24Buffalo Medical Group
25Campus Mail Center (MAIL_C)
26Capen Hall (CAPEN)
27Cary Hall (CARY)
28Center for the Arts (CFA)
29Center for Tomorrow (CFT)
30Child Care Center (CHLDCR)
31Clark Hall (CLARK)
32Clemens Hall (CLEMEN)
33Clement Hall (CLEMNT)
34Cleveland BioLabs
35Clinton Hall (CLINTN)
36Commons, The (UBCMNS)
37Computing Center (COMPUT)
38Cooke Hall (COOKE)
39Creekside Village (CRK812)
40Crofts Hall (CROFTS)
41Crosby Hall (CROSBY)
42Davis Hall (DAVIS)
43Dewey Hall (DEWEY)
44Diefendorf Annex (DFN_A)
45Diefendorf Hall (DFN)
46Dorsheimer Laboratory/Greenhouse (DORSHE)
47Doubletree Club Hotel
48Ellicott Complex/Residence Halls
49Employee Parking Garage
50Farber Annex (FARB_A)
51Farber Hall (FARBER)
52Fargo Quadrangle (FARGO)
53Flickinger Court (FLIC01)
54Flint Village (FLT300)
55Foster Hall (FOSTER)
56Fronczak Hall (FRNCZK)
57Furnas Hall (FURNAS)
58Goodyear Hall (GOODYR)
59Governors Complex/Residence Halls
60Greiner Residence Hall (GREIN)
61Hadley Village (HAD090)
62Harriman Hall (HARRIM)
63Harvey Field (NAN)
64Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute
65Hayes A (HAYESA)
66Hayes B (HAYESB)
67Hayes C (HAYESC)
68Hayes D (HAYESD)
69Hayes Hall (HAYES)
70Health Clinic
71Helm Building (HELM)
72Hochstetter Hall (HOCH)
73Howe Building (HOWE)
74HRD Building (HRD)
75Innovation Center
76Jacobs Management Center (JACOBS)
77Jarvis Hall (JARVIS)
78Kaleida Health - Ambulatory Care / Surgery Center - Coming Soon
79Kaleida Health - Buffalo General Medical Center
80Kaleida Health - Community Mental Health Center and Service Response Center
81Kaleida Health - Gates Vascular Institute / UB Clinical and Translational Research Center
82Kaleida Health - HighPointe on Michigan
83Kaleida Health - Women & Children's Hospital of Buffalo - Coming Soon
84Kapoor Hall (KAPOOR)
85Katharine Cornell Theatre
86Ketter Hall (KETTER)
87Kevin Guest House
88Kimball Tower (KIMBAL)
89Knox Lecture Hall (KNOX)
90Kunz Stadium (KUNZ)
91Lehman Hall (LEHMAN)
92Lockwood Memorial Library (LOCKWD)
93MacDonald Hall (MCDNLD)
94Mackay Heating Plant (MACKAY)
95Mathematics Building (MATH)
96Michael Hall (MICHL)
97Millard Fillmore Academic Center (FILMOR)
98National Grid Model Energy Home - Coming Soon
99Natural Sciences Complex (NSC)
100Norton Hall (NORTON)
101O'Brian Hall (OBRIAN)
102Olmsted Center for Sight / Ross Eye Institute
103Park Hall (PARK)
104Parker Hall (PARKER)
105Porter Quadrangle (PORTER)
106Pritchard Hall (PTRCHD)
107Red Jacket Quadrangle (RED_JK)
108Residential and/or Commercial Space
109Reverend Dr. Bennett W. Smith Sr. Family Life Center
110Richmond Quadrangle (RCHMND)
111Roosevelt Hall (ROSVLT)
112Roswell Park - Center for Genetics and Pharmacology
113Roswell Park Cancer Institute
114Rotary Field
115Schoellkopf Hall (SCHKPF)
116Service Building (220WIN)
117Service Center Building (250WIN)
118Sherman Annex (SHRMNA)
119Sherman Hall (SHRMN)
120Slee Hall (SLEE)
122South Lake Village (SOL211)
123Spaulding Quadrangle (SPLDNG)
124Squire Hall (SQUIRE)
125St. John Baptist / Hospice Buffalo House
126St. John Baptist Church
127St. John Towers
128St. Louis RC Church
129Statler Commissary (STATLR)
130Student Union (STUDEN)
131Sy Lecture Hall
132Talbert Hall (TALBRT)
133Townsend Hall (TWNSND)
134UB - Downtown Gateway
135UB - New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences
136UB Educational Opportunity Center - Opening in 2013
137UB Research Institute on Addictions
138UB Stadium (STADIM)
139Visitor Parking Garage
140Wende Hall (WENDE)
141Wilkeson Quadrangle (WILKSN)

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