Center for Academic Success at UDel

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11 Innovation Way
2108 East Main Street
312 West Delaware Avenue
4120-122 East Delaware Avenue
5121 East Delaware Avenue
6125 East Delaware Avenue
7148-150 South College Avenue
8164 South College Avenue
9180 South College Avenue
10186 South College Avenue
11196 South College Avenue
12200 Academy Street
13231 South College Avenue
1424 Kent Way
15258 East Main Street
1628 West Delaware Avenue
1730 West Delaware Avenue
1831 Amstel Avenue
19314 Wyoming Road
20318 South College Avenue
2132 New London Road
2234 West Delaware Avenue
234 Kent Way
24401 Academy Street
25413 Academy Street
2642 East Delaware Avenue
2744 Kent Way
28459-461 Wyoming Road
295 Courtney Street
30541 South College Avenue
3177 East Main Street
3283 East Main Street
33850 Library Avenue
349 Innovation Way
35Academy Building
36Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics
37Alfred Lerner Hall (LEH)
38Alison Hall (ALS)
39Alison Hall West (ALW)
40Allen Biotechnology Laboratory
41Alpha Gamma Rho
42Alpha Phi
43Alpha Sigma Alpha
44Alpha Xi Delta
45Alumni Hall
46American Philosophical Association
47Amy du Pont Music Building (AED)
48Amy Rextrew House
49Animal Management Teaching Facility
50Animal Research Barn
51Animal Science Teaching Pavilion
52Baptist Student Ministry
53Bayard Sharp Hall (BSH)
54Belmont Hall
55Bob Carpenter Sports (BCC)
56Bob Hannah Stadium
57Broiler House
58Brown Hall
59Brown Laboratory (BRL)
60Building 1-10
61Cannon Hall
62Career Services Center
63Carpenter Sports Building (CSB)
64Catholic Campus Ministry
65Center for Academic Success
66Center for Black Culture
67Chabad House
68Christiana East Tower
69Christiana Towers Apartments
70Christiana West Tower
71Clayton Hall (JMC)
72Colburn Laboratory (CLB)
73College of Arts and Sciences
74Composites Manufacturing Science Lab (CCM)
75Computing Center
76Conover Apartments East
77Conover Apartments West
78Convocation Center
79Courtyard Newark at UD (CMU)
80Dairy Farm
81Dairy Residence Apartment
82Dairy Unit
83David M. Nelson Athletic Complex
84Delaware Biotechnology Institute
85Delaware Field House (DFH)
86Delaware Geological Survey
87Delaware Geological Survey Annex
88Delaware Stadium
89Delaware Stadium Building
90Delaware Technology Park
91Drake Hall (QDH)
92Du Pont Hall (DUP)
93Early Learning Center
94East Campus Utility Plant
95East Hall (EST)
96Ed Fine Building
97Eliphalet Gilbert Hall
98Elliott Hall (ELT)
99English Language Institute
100Environmental Poultry Building
101Episcopal Campus Ministry
102Equipment Storage Building
103Equipment Storage Shed
104Evans Hall (EVN)
105Ewing Hall (EWG)
106Feed Shed
107Fischer Greenhouse Laboratory (FGL)
108Frank and Yetta Chaiken Center for Jewish Studies
109Fraunhofer USA Center for Molecular Biotechnology
110Frazer Field
111Fred P. Rullo Stadium
112Fred Rust Ice Arena (SSC)
113Gamma Phi Beta House
114General Services Building
115George Evans House
116George Read Hall
117George Wilson Community Center
118Gore Hall (GOR)
119Graduate House
120Graham Hall (GRM)
121Guernsey Yearling Barn
122Harringon Hall E
123Harrington Complex Dining Hall
124Harrington Hall A
125Harrington Hall B
126Harrington Hall C
127Harrington Hall D
128Harrington Turf
129Harter Hall
130Hartshorn Hall (HGY)
131Head House and Greenhouses (GRH)
132Health Sciences Complex
133High Performance Figure Skating Center
134Hillel Student Center
135Honor's Program
136Housing Operations Center
137Hullihen Hall (HUL)
138Ice Arena Gold (ICE)
139Incubation Lab
140Independence Hall (IHE)
141Insectary Building
142Institute for Financial Service Analytics
143Institute of Energy Conversion
144Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Laboratory (ISE)
145James Smith Hall
146Jastak-Burgess Hall
147John Dickinson Residence Hall A
148John Dickinson Residence Hall A/B
149John Dickinson Residence Hall B
150John Dickinson Residence Hall C
151John Dickinson Residence Hall C/D
152John Dickinson Residence Hall D
153John Dickinson Residence Hall E
154John Dickinson Residence Hall E/F
155John Dickinson Residence Hall F
156Kappa Alpha
157Kappa Alpha Theta
158Kappa Delta Rho
159Kappa Sigma
160Kent Dining Hall
161Kent Hall
162Kirkbride Hall (KRB)
163Laird Utility Plant
164Lambda Chi Alpha
165Lammot du Pont Laboratory (LDL)
166Lane Hall
167Laurel Hall
168Layer House
169Library Annex Building
170Library Annex Mechanical Building
171Life Science Research Facility (CBI)
172Linguistics (LIN)
173Little Bob Turf Fields
174Loafing Barn
175Loafing Shed
176Louis Redding Hall
177Lutheran Student Association
178Machinery Storage Building
179Main Storage Building
181Manure Storage Building
182Materials Management Facility
183McDowell Hall (MDH)
184McKinly Lab (MKL)
185Mechanical Hall (MEH)
186Memorial Hall (MEM)
187Milking Parlor and Room
188Milking Parlor Facility
189Mitchell Hall (MTH)
190Morris Library (MLB)
191Munroe Hall (JMH)
192New Castle Hall
193Newton Poultry Building (PBG)
194North Block House
195Ocean Engineering Lab (OEL)
196Old College Hall (OCL)
197Old Insectary
198One South Main Street (OSM)
199Outdoor Pool
200Pearson Hall (PRS)
201Pencader Dining Hall
202Penny Hall (PNY)
203Perkins Student Center (STC)
204Philosophy Faculty Office
205Plastic Greenhouse 1
206Plastic Greenhouse 2
207Plastic Greenhouse 3
208Poultry Isolation Unit
209Practice Field
210Presbyterian Campus Ministry
211President's House
212Print Studio
213Professional and Continuing Studies
214Professional and Continuing Studies ACCESS Center
215PTTP Scene Shop (SCN)
216Purnell Hall (PRN)
217Raub Hall (RBH)
218Ray Street A
219Ray Street B
220Ray Street C
221Ray Street Residence Hall Complex
222Recitation Hall (REC)
223Recitation Hall Annex
224Resource Center
225Robinson Hall (ROB)
226Rodney Commons
227Rodney Dining Hall
228Rodney Hall A
229Rodney Hall B
230Rodney Hall C
231Roselle Center for the Arts (CFA)
233Ruminant Nutrition Center
234Russel Complex Dining Hall
235Russel Hall A
236Russel Hall B
237Russel Hall C
238Russel Hall D
239Russel Hall E
240Sharp Hall
241Sharp Lab (SHL)
242Sigma Kappa
243Smith Hall (SMI)
244Smyth Hall
245Sociology Faculty Office
246Softball Field
247Solar House
248South Block House
249Spencer Laboratory (SPL)
250Squire Hall
251Stadium Grandstand E
252Stadium Grandstand N
253Stadium Grandstand S
254Stadium Grandstand W
255Stearns Annex
256Stearns Lab
257Stroud Farmhouse
258Student Services Building (STS)
259Studio Arts Building (ART)
260Sussex Hall
261Sypherd Hall
262Taylor Hall (TYG)
263Taylor Hall Annex (MIL)
264Tennis Court
265The College School and Laboratory Preschool (TCS)
266Thomas McKean Hall
267Thompson Hall
268Townsend Hall (TNS)
269Trabant University Center (TUC)
270Track/Soccer Stadium
271UD Emergency Care Unit Garage
272UDairy Creamery
273University Farmhouse
274University Visitors Center
275Warner Hall
276Webb Equine Center
277Webb Farm (WFM)
278Wellspring Student Wellness Program
279Wesley Foundation Campus Ministry
280Willard Hall Education Building (WHL)
281Wolf Hall (WLF)
282Worrilow Hall (WOR)
283Wyoming Road Complex

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