Marigold Court (MGR) at UIS

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1Bluebell Court (BBL)
2Brookens Library (BRK)
3Business Services Building (BSB)
4Child Care Center (CCR)
5Clover Court (CLV)
6Founders Residence Hall (FRH)
7Foxglove Court (FXG)
9Health & Sciences Building (HSB)
10Homer L. Butler Commons (Housing Office) (HBC)
11Human Resources Building (HRB)
12Kiwanis Stadium
13Larkspur Court (LKR)
14Lincoln Residence Hall (LRH)
15Maintenance Building (MAB)
16Marigold Court (MGR)
17Pennyroyal Court (PRL)
18Police Department (PDB)
19Public Affairs Center including Sangamon Auditorium (PAC)
20Recreation and Athletic Center (REC)
21Shepherd House
22Spencer House (SPH)
23Student Affairs Building (SAB)
24Student Life Building (SLB)
25Sunflower Court (SFL)
26Trillium Court (TRL)
27University Hall (UHB)
28Visual & Performing Arts Building (VPA)
29WUIS / WIPA Radio Station (WUIS)

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