Kettering Laboratory Complex (KETTERING) at UC

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160 W. Charlton (60WCHARL)
2Alms Building (ALMS)
3Armory Fieldhouse (ARMORY)
4Aronoff Center for Design & Art (ARONOFF)
5BA Annex (SCA-Senior Citizens Annex) (BA ANNEX)
6BA College Relations Office (BA HOUSE)
7BA Flory Center (BA FLORY)
8BA Muntz Hall (BA MUNTZ)
9BA Raymond Walters Hall (BA WALT)
10BA Student Center (BA CENTER)
11BA Veterinary Technology Building (BA VETEC)
12Baldwin Hall (BALDWIN)
13Barrett Center - UC Medical Center (UCMC - BARRETT)
14Blue Ash College (BA)
15BMF Pediatric Building - TLC Lead Study (FINDLAY)
16Calhoun Hall (Undergraduate) (CALHOUN)
17Calhoun Street Garage (CALHONGR)
18Campus Recreation Center (CRC) (RECCENTR)
19Campus Services Garage (SERV GARAGE)
20Cardiovascular Research Center (CVC)
21CARE / Crawley (CARE)
22Carl Blegen Library (BLEGEN)
23Carl H. Lindner Hall (LINDNER)
24Center Hill - Building A, Combustion Research Lab (CENT HILL-A)
25Center Hill - Building B, Large Scale Test Facility (CENT HILL-B)
26Center Hill - Building C, Leather Research Lab (CENT HILL-C)
27Center Hill - Building D, Erosion Test Facility (CENT HILL-D)
28Central Receiving (CENT REC)
29Central Utility Building (CENT UTIL)
30Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC)
31Clermont College (CLERMONT)
32Clermont College Snyder Addition (CLER SNYDER)
33Clermont Edith Peters Jones Building (CLER JONES)
34Clermont James & Kathryn McDonough Hall (CLER MCDONH)
35Clermont Student Activities Center (CLER ACTCTR)
36Clermont Student Services Building (CLER STUSVCS)
37Clermont UC East 1 (CLER UCEAST1)
38Clermont West Woods Academic Center (CLER WWAC)
39College of Law Building (LAW)
40Corbett Center (CORBETT)
41Crosley Tower (CROSLEY)
42Dabney Hall (Undergraduate) (DABNEY)
43Daniels Hall (Undergraduate) (DANIELS)
44Darwin Turner Hall (Undergraduate) (TURNER)
45Design, Architecture, Art and Planning Building (DAAP)
46Dieterle Vocal Arts Center (DVAC)
47Drake Center Inc. (DRAKE)
48Dyer Hall (DYER)
49East Campus Utility Plant (EC UTILITIES)
50Edwin S. Wolfson Center for Environmental Design (WOLFSON)
51Engineering Research Center (ERC)
52Faculty Center (FACULTY)
53Fifth Third Arena, Myrl H. Shoemaker Center (FIFTH THIRD)
54Fishwick Building (FISHWICK)
55French Hall (FRENCH-WEST)
56Gatehouse (GATEHS)
57General Electric (GE)
58Geology - Physics Building (GEO-PHYS)
59George R. Rieveschl Hall (RIEVESCHL)
60Hastings L. & William A. French Building (FRENCH-EAST)
62Health Professions Building (HPB)
63Herman Schneider Hall (Undergraduate) (SCHNEIDR)
64Holmes Hospital - UC Medical Center (UCMC - HOLMES)
65James A. Rhodes Hall (RHODES)
66John R. Braunstein Hall (BRAUNSTEIN)
67Kettering Laboratory Complex (KETTERING)
68Kingsgate Conference Center (KINGSGATE)
69Logan Hall (LOGAN)
70MarketPointe at Siddall (MARKETPT)
71Mary Emery Hall (EMERY)
72McMicken Hall (MCMICKEN)
73Medical Arts Building (MAB)
74Medical Sciences Building (MSB)
75Medical Sciences Services Building (MSB SERV)
76Memorial Hall (MEMORIAL)
77Mont Reid Pavilion - UC Medical Center (UCMC-MT REID)
78Morgens Hall (Graduate) (MORGENS)
79MRI Imaging Center (MRICENTER)
80Myrl H. Shoemaker Multipurpose Center (SHOEMAKER)
81Nippert Stadium (STADIUM)
82Old Chemistry Building (OLD CHEM)
83Pav for Economic Education & Research (PAVECNED)
84Professional Development Center (PDC-OC)
85Radiation Safety Lab (RSL)
86Radiology Business Office (EUCLID)
87Rehab Rollmans Building (Psychiatry) (ROLLMANS)
88Richard E. Lindner Center (LNDNRCTR)
89Schneider Quadrangle
90Schott Stadium (SCHOTT)
91Scioto Hall (Graduate) (SCIOTO)
92Shriners Hospitals for Children (SHRINERS)
93Siddall Hall (Undergraduate) (SIDDALL)
94Steger Student Life Center (STEGER)
95Stetson Building (STETSON)
96Stratford Heights Complex (STRATFORDHTS)
97Surgical Research Unit (SRU)
98Swift Hall (SWIFT)
99Tangeman University Center (TUC)
100Teacher's College Building (TEACHERS)
101The Alumni Center (ALUMNI CTR)
102U Square (USQUARE)
103UC East 2 (UCEAST2)
104UC Health Medical Office Building (UCHEALTH)
105UC Reading Campus (formerly GRI) (RC)
106UC Reading Campus - Annex (RCANNEX)
107UC Reading Campus - Building A (RCA)
108UC Reading Campus - Building B (RCB)
109UC Reading Campus - Building C (RCC)
110UC Reading Campus - Building D (RCD)
111UC Reading Campus - Building E (RCE)
112UC Reading Campus - Building F (RCF)
113UC Reading Campus - Building G (RCG)
114UC Reading Campus - Building J (RCJ)
115UC Research Entrepreneurial Affairs (CINCYTECH)
116UC Temporary Offices (VICTORY PKWY)
117University Hall (UNIV HALL)
118University of Cincinnati Medical Center (UCMC)
119University Park Apartments North (Univ Affiliated) (UNIPKAPTN)
120University Park Apartments South (Univ Affiliated) (UNIPKAPTS)
121University Pavilion (UNIV PAV)
122Van Wormer Hall (VANWORMR)
123Vera C. Edwards Center (EDWARDS 1)
124Vera C. Edwards Center (EDWARDS 2)
125Vera C. Edwards Center (EDWARDS 3)
126Vera C. Edwards Center (EDWARDS 4)
127Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC)
128Victory Parkway Campus (VPC)
129Vontz Center for Molecular Studies (VONTZ)
130VPC Administration Building (VPCADMIN)
131VPC Classroom Building (VPCCLASS)
132VPC Library Building (VPCLIBRY)
133VPC North Laboratory Building (VPCNLAB)
134VPC Science Building (VPCSCIEN)
135Walter C. Langsam Library (LANGSAM)
136William B. Wherry Hall (WHERRY)
137William Cooper Procter Hall (PROCTER)
138Zimmer Hall (ZIMMER)
139Zimmer Roof Garden

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