Stuzin Hall at UF

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1105 Classroom Building
2Academic Advising Center
3Academic Research Building
4Agricultural Engineering Offices
5Agricultural Engineering Shop
6Agronomy Seed Lab
7Alfred A. McKethan Stadium
8Alpha Chi Omega Sorority
9Alpha Delta Pi Sorority
10Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority
11Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity
12Alpha Omicron Pi Sorority
13Alumni Hall
14Anderson Hall
15Animal Facilities Kennel Core Building
16Animal Facilities Kennel No. 1
17Animal Facilities Kennel No. 2
18Animal Facilities Kennel No. 3
19Animal Facilities Kennel No. 4
20Animal Facilities Kennel No. 5
21Animal Facilities Primate Quarantine
22Animal Research
23Animal Research Lab
24Animal Research Lab No. 2
25Animal Research Southside
26Animal Research Southside D
27Animal Research Southside F
28Animal Research Storage
29Animal Research Trailer
30Animal Sciences
31Animal Sciences Building
32Animal Shed
33Apartment Residence Facility
34Apartment Residence Facility Commons
35Aquatic Food Production Pilot Plant
36Aquatic Food Products Pilot Plant Facility
37Aquatic Products Lab
38Architecture Building
39Athletic Maintenance Building
40Baby Gator Nursery (East)
41Bartram Hall
42Bartram Hall (William Bartram Biological Sciences Building)
43Basketball Practice Facility
44Baughman Center
45Beaty Towers
46Beaty Towers Commons
47Beaty Towers Service Building
48Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
49Ben Hill Griffin Stadium at Florida Field
50Benton Hall
51Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
52Bio Control Laboratory
53Bio-Containment Facility
54Bio-Tech Laboratory
55Biomedical Sciences Building
56Black Culture Institute for
57Black Hall
58Bookstore and Welcome Center
59Bookstore Warehouse
60Bostick Golf Clubhouse
61Brain Institute
62Broward Dining Facility
63Broward Hall
64Bruton-Geer Hall
65Bryan Hall
66Bryant Space Science Center
67Buckman Hall
68Building 120 Newell Drive
69Cabinet Shop
70Campus Mail Room
71Cancer and Genetics Research Complex
72Cancer Center
73Carleton Auditorium
74Carpenter Shop
75Carr Hall
76Carse Swimming and Diving Complex
77Carse Swimming Complex
78Centrex - Police
79Century Tower
80Chemical Engineering
81Chemical Storage
82Chemistry Laboratory
83Chemistry Research
84Chi Omega Sorority
85Chi Phi Fraternity
86Chicone Hall
87Communication Science Surge
88Communicore Building
89Computer Science and Engineering
90Computer Science Building
92Constans Theatre
93Cooperative Living Organization
94Corry Memorial Village
95Corry Village
96Corry Village Commons
97Counseling and Wellness Center
98Courtelis Equine Teaching Hospital
99Criser Hall
100Criser Hall (Marshall M. Criser Student Services Center)
101Cytology Lab
102Dauer Hall
103Davis Cancer Pavilion
104Delta Chi Fraternity
105Delta Delta Delta Sorority
106Delta Gamma Sorority
107Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority
108Dental Science Building
109Deriso Hall
110Development and Alumni Affairs Building
111Diamond Village
112Dickinson Hall
113Dickinson Hall (Florida Museum of Natural History)
114East Hall
115Editorial Storage
116Electrical Engineering Laboratory
117Elmore Hall
118Emerging Pathogens Institute
119Emerson Alumni Hall
120Emerson Courtyard
121Engineering Building
122Engineering Sciences
123Entomology Laboratory
124Environmental Health and Safety Administrative Offices
125Equipment Storage
126Farrior Hall
127Fifield Hall
128Fine Arts A Building (Weaver Hall)
129Fine Arts B Building (University Gallery)
130Fine Arts Building A
131Fine Arts Building B
132Fine Arts Building C
133Fine Arts C Building
134Fine Arts D Building
135Fletcher Hall
136Flint Hall
137Florida Field. See Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
138Florida Gymnasium
139Florida Museum of Natural History. See Dickinson Hall
140Florida Pool
141Florida Pool Office
142Food Science and Human Nutrition Building
143Food Sciences Building
144Frazier Rogers Hall
145Furniture Shop
146Gator Band Shell
147Gator Corner Dining Center
148Gator Corner Dining Facility
149General Services Building
150Gerson Hall
151Graham Hall
152Graham Hall Office
153Griffin-Floyd Hall
154Grinter Hall
155Harn Museum of Art
156Harn Museum of Art (Picture)
157Health Center Annex
158Health Profession Nursing Pharmacy Building
159Health Science Center Annex No. 1
160Health Science Center Annex No. 13
161Health Science Center Annex No. 14
162Health Science Center Annex No. 6
163Health Science Center No. 11
164Health Science Center No. 12
165Health Science Center No. 7
166Health Science Center Sheep Barn
167Health Science Center Surge No. 1
168Health Science Center Surge No. 2
169Health Science Center Surge No. 3
170Health Science Center Surge No. 4
171Hispanic and Latino Culture Institute of
172Holland Hall
173Holland Law Center
174Hotel Conference Center
175Hough Hall
176Housing Office
177Human Development Center
178Human Resources Building
179Hume Hall
180IFAS Electrical Shop
181IFAS Facilities OPS
182IFAS Information
183IFAS Laboratory
184IFAS Planning Office
185IFAS Storage
187Infirmary Hall
188Insect Laboratory
189Institute of Black Culture
190Institute of Hispanic/Latino Culture
191James G. Pressly Stadium
192Jennings Hall
193Jennings Hall Office
194Kappa Alpha Fraternity
195Kappa Delta Sorority
196Keys Residential Complex
198Lakeside Residential Complex
199Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
200Larsen Hall
202Law Advocacy Center
203Leigh Hall
204Lemerand Center
205Library East. See Smathers Library
206Library West
207Lightning Research Laboratory
208Linder Tennis Stadium
209Little Hall
210Little Hall Express
211Little Hall Express (Rotunda)
212Maguire Village
213Maguire Village Commons
214Maintenance Shop
215Mallory Hall
216Mark Bostick Golf Clubhouse
217Marston Science Library
218Material Engineering Building
219Matherly Hall
220McCarty Hall A
221McCarty Hall Annex A
222McCarty Hall Annex B
223McCarty Hall B
224McCarty Hall C
225McCarty Hall D
226McGuire Center
227McKethan Stadium
228McKnight Brain Institute
229Mechanical Engineering Building
230Mechanical Engineering Building A
231Mechanical Engineering Building B
232Mechanical Engineering Building C
233Mechanics Shop
234Mehrhof Hall
235Micro Fabritech
236Microbiology and Cell Science Building
237Microbiology/Cell Science Building
238Microkelvin Laboratory
239Murphree Hall
240Murphree Hall Commons
241Music Building
242Mycology Laboratory
243Nanoscale Research Facility
244Neurobiological Surge No. 6
245Newell Hall
246Newins-Ziegler Hall
247Norman Gym
248Norman Hall
249Norman Hall Addition
250Norman Hall Gymnasium
251North Hall
252Nuclear Field
253Nuclear Reactor
254Nuclear Sciences Building
255Nutrition Laboratory
256O'Connell Student Activity Center
258P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School
259Parasite Laboratory
260Parking Garage IX (Performing Arts Center)
261Particle Science Technology Building
262Patient Services Building
263Peabody Hall
264Performing Arts Center for
265Pest Control
266Pesticide Annex
267Pesticide Info
268Pesticides Research
269Phelps Lab
270Phelps Laboratory
271Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity
272Phi Mu Sorority
273Phillips Center
274Physical Plant Division Building Services
275Physical Plant Division Central Stores
276Physical Plant Division Garage
277Physical Plant Division Grounds
278Physical Plant Division Maintenance
279Physical Plant Division Offices
280Physical Plant Division Work Management
281Physical Therapy Education Building
282Physics Building
283Physiology Laboratory
284Pi Beta Phi Sorority
285Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity
286Plant Cell Biology Laboratory
287Plant Pathology Laboratory
288Plant Science Laboratory
289Plaza of the Americas
290Police Department Annex
291Police Department Building (UFPD)
292Powell Hall
293Powell Hall - Hall of Florida Fossils
294President's House
295President's Residence
296Pressly Softball Stadium
297Primate Research FAcility
298Psychology Building
299Pugh Hall
300Rawlings Hall
301Recreation and Fitness Center
302Recreation and Fitness Center Dining
303Recreational Center Dining
304Recreational Tennis
305Reed Laboratory
306Reid Hall
307Reitz Student Union
308Reitz Union
309Renovation Connection to Criser Hall - 1990
310Rhines Hall
311Riker Hall
312Ring Tennis Pavilion
313Ring Varsity Tennis Building
314Rinker Hall
315Rogers Hall
316Rolfs Hall
317Roofing Shed
318Schucht Memorial Village
319Seagle Building
320Security Guard Hut
321Shands Cancer Clinic
322Shands Medical Plaza
323Shands Patient Services
324Shands Teaching Hospital
325Shepard Broad Building
326Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
327Sigma Chi Fraternity
328Sigma Kappa Sorority
329Sigma Nu Fraternity
330Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
331Simpson Hall
332Sisler Hall
333Sledd Hall
334Small Engine Repair
335Smathers Library
336South Hall. See Riker Hall
337Southwest Recreation Center
338Southwest Recreation Center Expansion
339Southwest Student Recreation Fields
340Springs Residential Complex
341Steinbrenner Band Hall
342Stetson Medical Sciences
343Stetson Medical Sciences Building
344Storage Building
345Stress Laboratory
346Student Information Booth
347Stuzin Hall
348Sun Shelter
349Support Services Office
350Tanglewood Village
351Tau Epsilon Phi Fraternity
352Teaching Hospital
354The Hub
355Theta Chi Fraternity
356Thomas Hall
357Tigert Hall
358Tolbert Hall
359Trusler Hall
360Turlington Hall
361UF Hotel and Conference Center
362University Athletic Association Athletic Center
363University Auditorium
364University Foundation Annex
365University Gallery. See Fine Arts B Building.
366University Police Annex
367University Police Building
368University Police. See Police Building
369University Press of Florida
370University Village Laundry
371University Village South
372University Village Storage
373Ustler Hall/Women's Gymnasium
374V. A. Hospital
375Van Fleet Hall (R. O. T. C. Unit)
376Veterinary Education and Clinical Research Center
377Veterinary Medicine
378Veterinary Medicine Academic Building
379Veterinary Medicine Academic Wing
380Veterinary Medicine Basic Science Building
381Veterinary Medicine Food Animal Clinic
382Veterinary Medicine Hay Barn
383Veterinary Medicine Isolation Barn
384Veterinary Medicine Isolation Building
385Veterinary Medicine Metabolic Building
386Veterinary Medicine Teaching Hospital
387Veterinary Science Building
388Veterinary Science Offices
389Veterinary Science Survery
390Walker Hall
391Wallace Building
393Wash and Lube Station
394Waste Management Facility
395Wave Tank
396Weaver Hall
397Webb Livestock Pavilion
398Weed Science Laboratory
399Weil Hall
400Weimer Hall
401Williamson Hall
402Wilmot Gardens Administration Building
403Women's Club
404Yon Hall (Stadium)
405Yulee Hall
406Zeta Beta Gau Fraternity
407Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority

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